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Live Coverage of the Macworld Expo Keynote Address by Phil Schiller on January 6th 2009

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[1:37 PM] Bryan: Phil is back on stage. He's thanking everyone for being there. That wraps it up here for us. Thanks for joining us in our live coverage, and stay tuned to TMO and for full coverage of the show for the rest of the week. 

[1:37 PM] Jeff Gamet: That wraps it up for the keynote. Phil is doing the thankyou thing. 

[1:36 PM] Jeff Gamet: Tony just sang "I Left My Heart in San Francisco," and now he's getting a standing ovation. 

[1:33 PM] Bryan: $1.29 a download? Phil stressed that most songs would be at the lower prices, what he left unsaid is that the labels have been drooling to charge $1.29 for new songs, for new hit songs in particular. My kneejerk best guess is that Apple gave in on this in order to get the library moved over to DRM-free files. I'd further guess that this is why the labels have been shafting Apple so long by letting every other service out there go DRM-free for the last two years, while holding Apple to DRM-crippled files. The labels knew Apple would be under increasing pressure from EU countries, and used that pressure and time to get what they've wanted all along, and that's music downloads at more than a buck a pop. It's highway robbery. In the meanwhile, Tony played I Left My Heart in San Francisco. 

[1:33 PM] Jeff Gamet: Tony is getting big applause. 

[1:31 PM] Jeff Gamet: Tony Bennett is singing "The Best is Yet to Come" Yes, the real Tony Bennett. 

[1:30 PM] Bryan: Phil is ending the keynote with a performance from a Jazz dude...waiting for the name...15 Grammys...Ah, Tony Bennett. Oh, and Phil said Tony would play a song that was appropriate for "this last Macworld." Macworld 2010 will be here with or without Apple, Phil. Just saying... In any event, Tony is playing "The Best is Yet to Come." He has a four piece band backing him. Drums, bass, guitar, piano. 

[1:29 PM] Bryan: Bah, back to new features. WiFi +3G network support for iTunes. All of those DRM-free songs will be 256k songs, too. 

[1:28 PM] Jeff Gamet: iTunes Music Store on the iPhone to support Wi-Fi and 3G. 

[1:28 PM] Bryan: I am so steamed about multitier pricing. $1.29 for a song? They should all be $.69. The labels are run by a bunch of numbnutted jackass idiots. 

[1:27 PM] Bryan: 8 million of those 10 million will be DRM-free, and by the end of this quarter, all of iTunes will be DRM-free. That's at least a good thing. Now shut up, Norway Ombudsman. 

[1:27 PM] Jeff Gamet: iTunes music goes DRM free today. 8 million songs now, 2 million more by the end of the quarter. That means all iTunes songs will be DRM free this year. 

[1:25 PM] Jeff Gamet: iTunes will get 3 price levels on April 1: $0.69, $0.99 and $1.29 

[1:25 PM] Bryan: 6 billion songs sold. 10 million songs available. 75 million accounts with credit cards. #1 music retailer in the U.S. What's new? Three things. First, there's price. Apple bloody well gave in to the idiot labels who want multitier pricing. This is frakking stupid. Those tiers are $.69, $.99, and $1.29 a song. 

[1:24 PM] Bryan: Showing us a commercial for the 17" MacBook Pro that emphasizes the battery life and its greenness. "One last thing" (not "one more thing"), and that's iTunes. Starting with recap. 

[1:24 PM] Jeff Gamet: Phil said "one last thing," and now he's talking about iTunes. 

[1:23 PM] Jeff Gamet: Now they are showing the new 17-inch MacBook Pro commercial. 

[1:22 PM] Jeff Gamet: $2799 for the new 17-incher, and it ships at the end of the month. 

[1:21 PM] Bryan: Starts shipping in late January for US$2799 (same price as before). Includes 4GB RAM, 320 GB hard drive, both integrated and discreet video chipsets, etc. 

[1:20 PM] Bryan: Huh, AAPL's up $.46 as of this writing. During a keynote, even! 

[1:18 PM] Jeff Gamet: We are watching a mini documentary on how Apple makes its MBPro batteries. 

[1:17 PM] Bryan: Cool video. It's almost a How It's Made kind of thing on batteries. 

[1:17 PM] Jeff Gamet: Non removable battery, but it is 40% bigger. Not sure how happy people will be about the trapped battery thing. 

[1:16 PM] Bryan: Lasts up to 8 hours, can be recharged up to 1,000 times. 

[1:15 PM] Bryan: Phil said it's the longest lasting batter yet. He's showing a film of the engineers talking about this. 

[1:14 PM] Jeff Gamet: 2.93GHz, up to 8GB RAM, 320GB HD, 60% greater color gamut, and a new battery that lasts up to eight hours. 

[1:14 PM] Bryan: Can have up to 8GB of RAM... Comes standard with a 320 GB drive or a 256MB SSD drive. 

[1:13 PM] Bryan: Includes FireWire 800, three USB 2.0 ports, minidisplay connector. It has the new trackpad. 

[1:12 PM] Jeff Gamet: The new 17-inch MBPro is .98 inches thick, weighs 6.6 pounds. 700:1 contrast ratio, and you can get an anti-glare option as a $50 updgrade instead of a glossy display. 

[1:11 PM] Dave: New 17" MacBook Pro! 

[1:10 PM] Bryan: Phil touting the Unibody build process, and noted that the MacBook has been the best selling individual laptop for the last several months. The new 17" is a 1920 x 1200 display, 700:1 contrast ratio, 60% better greater color gamut. Comes with a $50 anti-glare option. 

[1:10 PM] Jeff Gamet: Now for the new 17-inch MacBook Pro 

[1:08 PM] Bryan: Done with iWork 09. is a free beta. It will eventually be a for-fee service. Phil is saying that there may be other uses for the service that will be found as people use it. His main example was the idea of how to share large files. Oh, and there's a new 17" MacBook Pro. 

[1:06 PM] Jeff Gamet: Customers can sign up for the beta for free, but the final version will be fee-based. You can try it today at 

[1:06 PM] Dave: Finding quite a few r's dropped on the floor. For me, there's something very comforting and homey about Phil's Boston accent. :-) 

[1:05 PM] Bryan: Phil is demoing this sharing feature. He opened a document in Pages, clicked share, and pulled up a recipient (Tia) in his address book. He added a subject line and a message body, and clicked "share" again. That e-mailed Tia, and she gets a link to where she can pull up the document and make comments on it directly in her browser, on a Mac or PC. If she wants to work on it, she can download it to her Mac. 

[1:04 PM] Jeff Gamet: Phil is talking about It's an online collaborative tool for sharing and working with iWork documents. It's going to be available as a public beta for a while. 

[1:04 PM] Bryan: In other words, multiple people can work on the same spreadsheet or newsletter (etc.), all accessible through 

[1:02 PM] Bryan: iWork 09 requires Leopard. You can get a Mac Boxed Set for $169 that includes iLife 09, iWork 09, and Leopard. Moving on to, a new service for sharing your documents with other people (people you've invited). 

[1:02 PM] Jeff Gamet: Mac Box Set: $169 gets you Leopard, iWork 09 and iLife 09. It will ship when iLife 09 ships at the end of January. 

[1:02 PM] Dave: New iLife requires Leopard. You can get iLife, Leopard, and iWork in "Mac Box Set" for $169 in late January 

[1:01 PM] Bryan: $79 for iWork 09, $99 for the Family Pack. $49 with a new Mac. Ships today. 

[1:01 PM] Jeff Gamet: iWork: $79, or $99 for a family pack. $49 when you buy a new Mac. It's shipping today. 

[12:59 PM] Jeff Gamet: Tables now includes categories and easier to use function tool for building formulas. 

[12:58 PM] Bryan: Numbers 09 is getting beefed up. Added table categories -- this allows you to reorganize your tables according to a particular field. There also new formulas and functions. New chart types. Pages and Numbers documents can now be linked. 

[12:57 PM] Bryan: Mathtype and Endnote integration for those working on those kinds of documents. New Pages templates. 

[12:56 PM] Jeff Gamet: Pages now includes an Outline View. People have been asking for this feature for a long time. You can rearrange outline elements on the fly. Pages now sports a real mailmerge feature... and it has MathType and EndNote support. That means there are tons of scientific people that can dump Word for Pages. This is a big feature. 

[12:55 PM] Jeff Gamet: Now on to Pages. It includes a full screen view. It hides everything on your screen except for your document layout. Mouse to the top of your display and the menu bar appears. 

[12:53 PM] Jeff Gamet: Keynote includes several new themes. As expected, they look very nice. There's a new iPhone app called Keynote Remote. It works over Wi-Fi. You can see your slides, and flick to advance. It's going to cost 99 cents. It looks frakking cool. 

[12:52 PM] Bryan: Text transitions have been added, too, along with chart animations. New themes, too. 

[12:51 PM] Jeff Gamet: The object transitions in the new Keynote are amazingly slick, and new text transitions looks really nice. Phil used "Obama" in one of the transitions and then said "Read into that what you want." 

[12:50 PM] Bryan: Some animation/transitions have been added that do "Magic Moves" of objects in your individual slides. These include several specific moves and other transitions. 

[12:50 PM] Jeff Gamet: Magic Move: Keynote can automatically move slide elements for you. Very smooth animations. 

[12:49 PM] Bryan: There's a Full Screen view in Pages for all those Windows switchers who can't do a damned thing unless an app monopolizes their display. 

[12:49 PM] Bryan: You can view slides on your iPhone with a new keynote iPhone app. It's called Keynote Remote, and will be priced at US$.99. Phil quipped that Apple had already given it five stars. 

[12:49 PM] Jeff Gamet: And now Phil is talking about iWork 09. He's starting with the new Keynote. 

[12:49 PM] Bryan: iLife 09 will ship at the end of this month. Moving on to iWork 09, Keynote 09 to be specific. 

[12:48 PM] Jeff Gamet: Phil is done showing off iLife 09 apps. It costs $79, or $99 for a family pack. It ships at the end of January. 

[12:46 PM] Jeff Gamet: The artist lessons cost US$4.99 each. You download them from Apple. 

[12:45 PM] Bryan: Some lessons include how-tos from folks like Sting (!!), Phil Whatever from Fallout Boy, John Foggerty...How cool! Piano lessons from Norah Jones, and others. 

[12:43 PM] Jeff Gamet: The new GarageBand includes nine basic guitar and keyboard lessons for free. It also includes "artist lessons" that teach you how to play songs. Did I mention that the teachers are all popular artists? Sting, John Fogerty, Nora Jones, and more. 

[12:42 PM] Bryan: Phil is moving right to a new featured called Learn to Play. This is, basically, exactly what it sounds like. It includes lessons for playing various instruments. The one we are being shown is for guitar. It featured a dude talking to us playing the guitar, with the notes appearing on a photorealistic guitar neck. Very slick. Same with piano -- video of dude playing and explaining, and keyboard showing the notes being played. GB 09 will have 9 lessons included. 

[12:42 PM] Dave: W00t! GarageBand '09 has a "Learn to Play" feature, for both keyboard and guitar. 

[12:41 PM] Bryan: John Foggerty's lesson includes some background stories on how he wrote Proud Mary. 

[12:41 PM] Jeff Gamet: Now we are moving on to GarageBand 09. Lots of new features, but Phil wants to focus on only one: Learn to Play. It teaches you how to play instruments. 

[12:40 PM] Bryan: Randy is done. It was a good demo. By the by, there are a bunch of empty seats in the auditorium. Folks are missing out. 

[12:39 PM] Bryan: One of the things the Places feature includes is that great old-fashioned travel-across-the-globe-line-thingy that many of you might be more familiar with from the Indiana Jones movies. This is useful for movies compiled from multiple locations. 

[12:39 PM] Jeff Gamet: Nice. iMovie 09 can make animated Indiana Jones-style maps to show where you went on trips. It uses the geotagging info from your photos. 

[12:37 PM] Dave: For those of you who don't know, Randy Ubillos is not just "some employee." He was the original creator of Adobe Premiere and then Macromedia's KeyGrip on his path that eventually lead to Apple. He's got video editing software creation cred. 

[12:37 PM] Stephen: iPhoto 09 now has a precision editor that lets you edit all of the components in your movies -- video, audio and transitions -- easier. 

[12:37 PM] Stephen: Phil is talking about how they rebooted iMovie last year. He's acknowledging that iMovie 08 didn't have all the features earlier versions featured. Phil said that this is going to change with the new version, and that iMovie 09 will be the best movie editing solution for consumers. 

[12:36 PM] Bryan: Moving on to GarageBand 09. 

[12:36 PM] Bryan: Randy is showing us some video stabilization features. It works well (in the demo), and is very easy to do. That could really make some interminable home movies be way, way better. He also showed some new easy-to-apply special effects. Moving on to the Places/geo tagging features. BTW, Randy *clearly* loves his product. He is so enthusiastic about the things he is showing us, it's hard to describe. 

[12:36 PM] Jeff Gamet: iMovie includes clip stabilization. The recurring theme for the new iMovie is easy, easy, easy. 

[12:36 PM] Stephen: The Apple WiFi is working *so* well that I actually just put the EVDO card away. Have I tempted fate too much? ;-) 

[12:35 PM] Dave: (posts labeled Stephen are actually catchups due to a minor tech glitch that caused some posts to get missed initially). 

[12:35 PM] Stephen: Places demonstration was also very cool. 

[12:35 PM] Stephen: The pins and tags in iPhoto's Places feature look just like their counterparts in the iPhone's Maps app. Looks like Apple is working to unify its Mac and iPhone interfaces. 

[12:34 PM] Bryan: Seems like Method for Posting Live Coverage #1™ just dropped. We've moved to Method #2™. Thanks team of awesomeness keeping us running! 

[12:34 PM] Jeff Gamet: iMovie's new audio editing features are really powerful, but easy to use. I think they figured out how to fix the complaints people had about iMovie 08. 

[12:34 PM] Bryan: Randy Ubillos is building a movie for us. He's the engineer who first re-imagined iMovie to begin with. He was able to grab some audio from one clip and lay it over some other clips using some new popup contextual menus. He also did some nifty and easy-to-do video edits. (For those keeping score at home, my wrists are killing me -- typing on your lap is so not ergonomic. For you, gentle reader, for you!) 

[12:33 PM] Stephen: Phil is showing us slide show stuff, Face Detection stuff, automagic smart photo album creation, Geo tagging use...It's all very solid and they're cool new features. iPhoto is definitely more awesome a tool, IMNHO. 

[12:33 PM] Jeff Gamet: The new iMovie interface looks a lot like iMovie 08 but includes new pop-up menus. You can also add just the audio from a clip to your movies. Easy to do, and all based on the new pop-up menus. 

[12:32 PM] Dave: iMovie '09 demo happening now 

[12:24 PM] Dave: The crowd is attendant and clearly enthused, but this room is NOT full. Maybe 75% based on my vantage point. 

[12:24 PM] Jeff Gamet: Phil is giving us an iPhoto 09 demo. It's a pretty responsive app, but the Mac he's running it isn't visible so I don't know how much horse power it has. 

[12:23 PM] Bryan: All of the people in Phil's iPhoto library are attractive. I am convinced this must be real, and not just something staged.


[12:22 PM] Bryan: New themes for photobooks, too. Using the Geo tag info, you can add maps of the locations you shot the pics in your book. That's really slick! It looks very cool.

Phil is going to demo iPhoto personally now.

And, BTW, he's doing a fine job of presenting this keynote. It's interesting to me that his demeanor is different from his role as Steve's sidekick/foil in a Stevenote. He's more...professional maybe? More confident, even though he was obviously nervous at first. Now he's in his groove. 

[12:20 PM] Jeff Gamet: Geotagging works with books so you can auto-add maps to show where you were. 

[12:19 PM] Jeff Gamet: You can sync your slideshows to your iPhone, too. I expect this means we have a new iPhone and iPod touch software update on the way, too. 

[12:19 PM] Bryan: For slide shows, iPhoto will use Face Detection to auto-center your pics in the slide show. Another theme called Shattered (I think) has some nifty 3D effects. You can view these slide shows on your iPhone (including the 3D effects). 

[12:19 PM] Jeff Gamet: Nice. The slideshow feature uses face recognition to center people. There are also some crazy cool new transitions. 

[12:18 PM] Jeff Gamet: iPhoto 09 includes a bunch of new themes for slideshows. 

[12:18 PM] Bryan: There's a new panel for adding music and other such things to a slide show. This includes premade themes that ship with iLife 09. 

[12:17 PM] Bryan: iPhoto will send pics to FaceBook for you. And, if someone tags a face for you in one of your photos, it will be snced back to your Mac! NICE!

Flickr integration also added. 

[12:17 PM] Dave: If you send pic to Facebook (from iPhoto -- directly!) and a friend tags/names someone in a photo you sent up, it syncs *back* down and "teaches" iPhoto! 

[12:16 PM] Jeff Gamet: You can use Facebook to tag people's faces, and that data gets synced back to iPhoto 09. That looks pretty cool. 

[12:15 PM] Jeff Gamet: iPhoto now includes Facebook and Flikr support. 

[12:15 PM] Jeff Gamet: Places also includes street maps and satellite images to show where each photo was taken. 

[12:15 PM] Bryan: Using Google Maps in iPhoto, you can zoom in to the exact location you took your pic. Pretty cool, though perhaps not something people will use a lot. 

[12:14 PM] Bryan: For older images, you can add a location via a new field.

These are some cool new features so far. Great organization tools, IMO. 

[12:13 PM] Bryan: Another new iPhoto feature called "Places." It will allow you to organize your photos according to geographical location. This uses Geo tagging if your camera has a built-in GPS (like the iPhone). That tag has coordinates and checks to see where those coordinates belong in more human terms (Eiffel Tower, Manhattan, etc.) 

[12:13 PM] Jeff Gamet: iPhoto 09 can reverse look up latitude and longitude data and tell you in human terms where you were. 

[12:12 PM] Jeff Gamet: Another new iPhoto 09 feature: Places. It lets you see where all of your photos were taken. It relies on GPS Geotagging. 

[12:12 PM] Bryan: Phil suggested that Apple got the technologies from third parties, saying, "it's the best technology we found." 

[12:11 PM] Bryan: New Faces feature in iPhoto. This allows you to organize your pictures according to people, via their face. It will utilize "Face Detection." It will ask you to identify someone you wish to track, identifying their face.

Then it will find other photos of that person using "Face Recognition." It will learn from your error correction on the way. 

[12:11 PM] Jeff Gamet: Faces can check across all of your photos to find just the person you are looking for. Looks pretty cool. 

[12:10 PM] Dave: Face recognition: "Find the same person across multiple photos!" 

[12:10 PM] Jeff Gamet: Includes "face detection" technology. Lets you name the person for easy identification and tracking. 

[12:09 PM] Jeff Gamet: Phil is showing off iPhoto 09. New feature: faces 

[12:08 PM] Bryan: Took a swipe at Microsoft saying "there's a few people up North" who think they have something good, but that nothing compared to iLife. Preach on Brother Phil! 

[12:08 PM] Bryan: Phil just announced iLife '09. 

[12:07 PM] Bryan: He's noting Apple's Mac market share growth. Said the product line is the best it's ever been.

Oh, and he said he has three new products to show! 

[12:07 PM] Bryan: He pointed out that Apple gets 3.4 million visitors a week, and he said, "And I have to point out that's the same as a 100 Macworlds" happening around the world every week. The crowd gave that a rather tepid reception. 

[12:07 PM] Dave: Phil says, "I think it's appropriate that at Macworld we talk about the Mac." W00t! 

[12:06 PM] Bryan: Phil is saying how happy he is to be able to deliver this keynote. He's standing in front of a slide show with pictures from Apple Stores around the world (Beijing, Munich, Sydney).

"When I look at that photo with the lines of people and that great big beautiful glowing Apple in the front, and I ask myself what other company's logo could be there." 

[12:04 PM] Bryan: Phil is on stage, and unlike the the ridiculous's plan, he's getting a warm round of applause. Just saying. 

[12:03 PM] Bryan: Lights are dimming. 

[12:02 PM] Jeff Gamet: ... 

[12:02 PM] Bryan: Check out the pics being posted right here in the live coverage. Stephen Swift deserves a huge pat on the back for making that possible. 

[12:00 PM] Bryan: Al Gore was back on the big screen, and he got a cheer from the crowd. 

[12:00 PM] Bryan: (Not really...) 

[12:00 PM] Bryan: Don Pardo is asking us to turn our cell phones off (mine's on mute, in case I need to NetShare my way through this thing). Al Gore is in the front row. He gave everyone at TMO a shoutout. 

[11:59 AM] Dave: Silence your ringers! 

[11:59 AM] Bryan: Plenty of seats left, and those seats will go to the general admittance-level Macworld attendees. Hey look, it's Jimmy D the heavy metal dude (and our friend) at MacWorld magazine. :) 

[11:51 AM] Dave: We're in. People are filing in, and both EVDO and WiFi are behaving well enough. 

[11:49 AM] Bryan: I'm here with Dave Hamilton, John F. Braun, Jeff Gamet, John Martellaro, and Bob LeVitus. We have great seats with a great view of the large projection screens. 

[11:48 AM] Bryan: Greetings from the keynote hall for our first (and last) Macworld Philnote! 

[11:40 AM] Dave: Heading up the third and final set of elevators 

[11:05 AM] Dave: The general conference attendees arrive, and it looks like many of them will make it into the keynote this year, as well! 

[10:43 AM] Dave: Speakers have been moved, seems press and Platinum pass holders have been let inside to warm-up. 

[10:10 AM] Dave: Lines have formed, but still look reasonable! 

[9:10 AM] Dave: Just gearing up here at the hotel and will be heading over to the
Moscone shortly. Weather looks dry so far, which is certainly welcome! 

[8:00 AM] Stephen: You can also receive updates by following our TMO at Macworld twitter account (A caution to sms subscribers: It will be very busy Tuesday, so set your follow notifications accordingly). 

[7:00 AM] Stephen: You're a little early, but don't fret! We will be providing live coverage of the Macworld Expo Keynote Address by Phil Schiller.
It's scheduled to start at 9 am PST (12 pm EST).
Check what time it starts in your time zone here.
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