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Live Coverage of Apple's October 14th 2008 Special Event - Notebooks

Hosted by Pair1:00 PM EDT, October 14th, 2008 - Digg This!
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[1:57 PM] Steve said the motherboards are developed entirely in-house. He was quite proud of that work in his answer.

That's it. Show's over. 

[1:55 PM] Second question was about HDMI and Steve and Phil said that Mini Display Port was the way the computing industry was moving.

Next question was about Blu-ray, and Steve called it a "Bag of hurt." Said that they were letting the market continue to shake out. Phil then pimped iTunes as a place to get your movies. That's just silly.

The (older-style) 17" MacBook Pro is still available. 

[1:55 PM] The new MacBook Pro weighs 5.5 lbs and the MacBook is 4.5 lbs.

Shannon Cross is asking about manufacturing costs. Tim Cook is deferring to the earnings call for more on that. Steve added that the more you do something, the cheaper it gets.

Steve said that it's all glass screen from now on, i.e. glossy screens. He and Phil said it's what customers want. 

[1:52 PM] Phil, Steve, and Tim Cook are all on stage. First question is a good one: Does Apple have first dibs on the new Nvidia chip. Steve was coy, said they'd be using lots of Nvidia's chips. 

[1:50 PM] Steve is back on stage. He said that the video will be online today. He's bringing Phil Schiller on stage with him to answer journalist questions.

OMG, Steve posted his blood pressure as 110/70, stipulating that this was it for questions about his health today. The audience laughed. He said if we wanted to see it go higher, we could ask more about his health. More laughter. 

[1:50 PM] The video is still going. 

[1:49 PM] The entire trackpad moves when you want to click, BTW. 

[1:46 PM] The LED backlighting ues 30% less energy than the old backlighting. 

[1:45 PM] Now we're in the factory seeing a Unibody being made. A couple of VPs are also touting the process as being the most advanced in the market. 

[1:44 PM] In the video, Jon Ives is talking about the manufacturing process. 

[1:44 PM] He's wearing a t-shirt and needs a shave. That's funny. 

[1:43 PM] Steve is recapping now. He's going to show us a video. 

[1:38 PM] The metal MacBook is $1299. The $999 one is the old plastic one.

At $1299: 13.3" display, 2 GHz processor, 2GB RAM, etc.

At $1599 you get a 2.4GHz processor, a bigger drive, a backlit keyboard (a first for the MacBook line). 

[1:38 PM] Steve said users want metal enclosure, faster graphics. It's thinner. Very nice looking. Corner to corner glass. Glossy screen. LED backlighting. Uses the same unibody construction. Uses 42% of the parts of the old one. Again, that's AMAZING! Using the 9400M graphics card, has the new glass track pad, and all of the same environmental checks as the MacBook Pro. 

[1:36 PM] The Cinema Display will have a 1920 x 1200 resolution, built-in iSight and mic. Speakers built in, MagSafe charging connector (for your Mac laptops). Priced at $899, due in November. 

[1:36 PM] Now we're on to MacBooks, which Steve said is the best selling Mac ever. New entry level price of $999. 

[1:36 PM] Bew 24" Cinema Display! LED backlighting! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! 

[1:34 PM] New MacBook Air, too. 120 GB drive, and a 128 GB solid state drive. It will even have a Mini Display Port.

Bah, I just realized we are going to see new displays, too.

The MacBook Air is cheaper. Look to our full coverage for more details. 

[1:30 PM] Steve is moving on to the environment. Said he thinks Apple is leading the industry on this. Arsenic free, BFR-free, Mercury-free, PVC-free, highly recyclable, and 37% smaller packaging. Got the "EPEAT GOLD" rating for 2008, an environmental rating of some sort. 

[1:27 PM] Ah, Steve says the Mini Display Port is an industry standard. Let's hope the whole industry runs with is. Drive and battery are accessible from a cover in the bottom!!!! Yay! WiFi, of course.

It's .95 inches tall. Starts at US$1999 with a 15.4" display, 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo. 2 GB RAM, 250 GB drive, slot loading Superdrive.

Second config is 2.53 GHz with double the L2 cache, more RAM, bigger drive, etc. Shipping today. Available in stores tomorrow. Priced at $2499. 

[1:26 PM] The new video card is called the Nvidia 9400M. There's also a 9600M GT with 32 parallel cores and 256 MB of RAM instead of the integrated graphics. This is an option on the new units. With the 9400M, you get 5 hours of battery. With the 9600M GT, it's 4 hours.

FireWire 800, Gigabit Ethernet. Mini Display Port (...), audio in and out, battery indicator on the side. 

[1:26 PM] Steve had to hurry along some of the folks who were ogling their palmrests. 

[1:26 PM] Steve called it a "tour de force of engineering." 

[1:22 PM] Ah, the display is indeed glossy, only. 

[1:22 PM] The new process uses 50% fewer parts in construction. That's freakin' amazing. He's showing it to us, now. Apple dudes at the end of the aisles had them waiting, and they passed them around. This is the palm rest I am talking about. 

[1:21 PM] Showing the new MacBook Pro in profile. Thinner, no seam on the bottom due to the new manufacturing process. LED backlit, new body, new graphics, new trackpad, and a new port that is going on all new Macs. On no, not another new proprietary port... 

[1:20 PM] SHowing us the old one finger and two-finger gestures. And three finger gestures, to.. One opens Expose, one opens the app switcher. Interesting. 

[1:20 PM] 39% bigger, multi-touch for gestures, it's made of glass, the entire trackpad is the button. Multibutton via software. New four-fingered gestures. He's showing us some now. 

[1:17 PM] It's a chipset + GPU. It has 16 parallel cores. It is substantially faster than the previous generation of cards in MacBook Pros. Said that this offers Mac notebooks 5x faster graphics that are 55% as fast on 3D as Apple's fastest desktop card and 92% as fast on 2D functions.

There's a new trackpad, too. 

[1:17 PM] So, Apple's been working very hard to find a new way to build unibody Mac notebooks. Steve Jobs is back on stage with a new graphics card from Nvidia. 

[1:13 PM] You know, he seems like he's talkng slowly, but I am typing a million miles an hour here... 

[1:13 PM] He's showing us the MacBook Air. Said that if they started with a thick piece of aluminum ("aluminium"). The palm rest, for instance, starts with a single pice of extruded almunium. They laser holes through it, do all sorts of rough carving, and then bead blast it to make it smooth and finish it. All the aluminum discarded in the process is recycled. Calls it a "remarkably precise part." 

[1:12 PM] Jon Ives: "For years, we've been looking for a better way to build a notebook, and we think we've found it." 

[1:11 PM] He's showing us how the shell gets welded to strengthening structural plates, and how there's gaskets and whatnot involved. 

[1:11 PM] Jon Ives is on stage now talking about design. He's talking about how Apple builds notebooks today, which must mean the rumors that "Brick" was a manufacturing process are on the mark. 

[1:05 PM] Tim said that Apple is the #1 notebook vendor to education, and claims Apple has 47% of a "Major University." Not sure if that is presence or market share. He showed a picture of a lecture hall with several hundred students, all with Macs on their laps.

Tim said that 7.1 million Macs were sold in all of 2007, and that the company has already sold that many in just the first 3 quarters of 2008. 

[1:05 PM] Said that 400,000 people a day go to Apple's retail stores, which are another reason for Mac market share gains. He also cited Apple's marketing as part of the company's gains. The Mac has outgrown the market 14 of the last 15 quarters. That's amazing.

The only quarter where that wasn't the case was during the transition to Intel when the company had a pause in its product lines. Tim said that Apple has 17.6% market share, though this is in retail sales one. That's 31.3% of retail dollars going to Apple, too. These are numbers we reported late last month. 

[1:05 PM] Tim is saying basically that Macs rock and Vista sucks, and that has lead to Apple gaining significant market share. 

[1:02 PM] OK, Verizon card decided to stop working. Using NetShare now. Tim Cook is on stage giving us an update on the State of the Mac. Place is full. 

[1:00 PM] Seated. Waiting for the event to start. 

[12:37 PM] Going to shut my MacBook Pro down to conserve battery, as they're likely to let us in shortly. See you inside! 

[12:33 PM] Verizon EVDO card suddenly being flaky. I have a backup plan, though I'd hate to have to resort to it. 

[12:26 PM] Feel free to follow me on Twiter @TMOBryan. 

[12:23 PM] It's a lovely day, here, BTW. Mid-60s. Everyone seems to be in a cheery mood, including both the Apple folks and attending media. 

[12:22 PM] Apple isn't letting us in the Town Hall yet, but they've put out a nice spread of biscuits and coffee. Hoorah! 

[12:20 PM] As Dave noted, I am at the event. It's being held in Apple's "Town Hall" auditorium in building 4 of the main campus on Infinite Loop, here in Cupertino. 

[12:12 PM] Arrived outside... and now let inside... to line up! 

[11:57 AM] Bryan just parked in front of building 4 and is joining the growing crowd. 

[10:35 AM] You're a little early, but don't fret! We will be providing live coverage of "The Spotlight Turns to Notebooks", the October 14th, 2008 Apple Event at 10am PDT (1pm EDT). When the time comes, TMO will be there... and you'll be here, reading everything we know. Until then, enjoy reading about the previous years of Steve Jobs keynote coverage and how we pulled it off