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San Francisco - Live Coverage of Steve Jobs Keynote

12:00PM EST, January 10th, 2006

[9:22 AM]

Dashboard; 1500 widgats

[9:19 AM]

Steve is recognizing all workers. 30 year ann this april

[9:11 AM]

Intel ad is great - Intel in mac

[9:06 AM]

Mac book pro - apple remote and new power adapter mag safe to keep mac from folder - ;1999

[8:50 AM]

Pro app native in march - $49 cross grade

[8:45 AM]

79$ Ilife 06

[8:29 AM]

Aperature demo now. Great for post production

[8:28 AM]

Now he is showing imovie with export to ipod

[8:27 AM]

Showing new sports videos

[8:26 AM]

Ilife 06; new release. iphoto scrolls like butter

[8:13 AM]

New tiger all Intel native

[8:03 AM]

Garage band pod cast studio

[7:47 AM]

Iphoto demo; photocasting publish with .mac

[7:34 AM]

14 mil sales ipod

[7:26 AM]

Imac- same features and price with Intel. Two times fast

[7:07 AM]

Test post

[6:22 AM]

Rosetta demo on office

[6:22 AM]

without subject?

[6:19 AM]

Imac ships today - all macs by end of year

[1:40 PM] Steve closed on note that this April 1st will be Apple's 30th anniversary.

[1:38 PM] Thinnest notebook yet from Apple. It's as bright as the Cinema Display. Has a built in iSight camera at the top. Now that's nice. Looks fairly similar to current PowerBooks. Steve and Phil Schiller demonstrated an iSight conversation, with Phil standing in the aisle.

IR remote built in, which means Front Row. There's a new connector for power, too, that works through magnetism. That way, if you trip on the cord, it just comes out.

New ExpressCard Slot. Very nice specs. We'll have all of them in our full coverage of the product. Should be shipping in February, and Apple is accepting orders now.

That's it. We're off to work on the press releases from Apple, and to get you some pics of the new products.

[1:31 PM] On more thing...PowerBooks. Steve is talking about performance per watt, saying that the Duo Core offers what Apple needs.

New PowerBook is called MacBook Pro. "We're done with Power," and we want Mac in the name of our products.

It's 4-5 times faster than a PowerBook G4.

[1:27 PM] Moving on to something new....A new app that allows us to share our digital photos, movies, podcasts,...It's called iWeb, and it allows you to easily grab all the media you might have on your Mac, and then quickly publish it to your .Mac HomePage,

It's super easy, and is intended to make it quick and easy to make an attractive Web site. In effect, this brings HomePage back to your desktop, where you can locally manage all your files.

It can do blogs, podcasts, video podcasts...It;s all very nice.

Note, please, that we're experiencing some connectivity problems. Hopefully they will clear up.

iLife '06 will still be only $79, and it's available today. A $99 Family Pack works on five Macs.

1 million .Mac subscribers now.

New iWork. New features in Pages, but no mention of "Numbers," as expected by Shaw Wu. There are some simple tables built in, however, that allow for simple calculations.

Moving on to Macs! Intel CEO Paul Otellini walked out in a bunny suit! He was carrying a wafer, and told Steve that "Intel is ready." Steve said that Apple is ready, too, and they both patted each other on the back.

Apple is announcing the first Mac with an Intel processor. The first of a new generation of Macs.

And...It's the iMac! Note that Shaw Wu said the iMac would not be first. Win some, lose some.

Same form factor as iMac G5, at the samen price. Steve is making a point that it's all the same, but he said that it's 2-3 times faster than the iMac G5.

It's built on the Duo Core chip that Mr. Otellini talked about at his CES keynote.

On the SPECint test are 10.2 for the G5 and 32.6 on the Intel processor. SPECfp is 13.0 for the 27.0 or the Intel processor.

Mac OS 10.4.4 is running entirely natively on Intel. All apps included from Apple are also native.

iWork and iLife '06 are Universal Binaries, too, and Steve was showing them to us on Intel Macs, most likely iMacs, but possibly Power Macs. (Actually, it's an iMac, for sure).

Apple is offering crossgrades for its own pro apps for $49. Trade in your PPC CDs, get Universal Binary CDs back.

QuarkXpress will be Universal, including the beta.

Microsoft is on track to deliver Universal Binaries for Office and MSN Messenger. The company has worked hard to make sure that Office runs well in Rosetta as they work on the Universal Binary version. This is all according to Roz Ho, head of the MBU at MS, who is on stage.

Microsoft and Apple in official agreement to ship Office for Mac for five years, similar to the Five Year Plan announced in 1997 by Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

Oh, and he new iMacs are shipping today. All Macs to transition in calendar 2006.

New Intel commercial kicks butt.

[12:51 PM] New Jampacks for GarageBand, too. World Jams, and three others I didn't catch.

[12:49 PM] The hottest rumor is that "the next iPod will be huge! An 8 pounder, with a 10 inch screen!"

The crowd loved this.

As for the tools themselves, you see each feed in its own track, and it's easy to drrag and drop information or images to the podcast for an EASY AAC Enhanced podcast. This is great.

[12:46 PM] GarageBand has a new podcasting feature! In other words, Apple has built in to GarageBand the ability to make a podcast, with all the tools most people would need to do so.

One can use iChat to do remote interviews, for instance.

"Hi, I'm Steve Jobs, and welcome to my weekly podcast, Super Secret Apple Rumors, featuring all the latest news from our favorite company."

Now that's comedy!

[12:44 PM] Next up is iDVD. Once can now make wide screen DVDs! w00t!

There's a new feature called "Magic iDVD," which allows for super quick creation of a DVD. It's all drag and drop and burn. Very slick.

[12:42 PM] In case that didn't make sense: We saw, for instance, a brick wall that places for you to drag movie clips. Once you do, your movie clip shows on that wall, and it looks super professional.

[12:37 PM] Apple has built in video podcasting tools into iMovie. This should be a popular feature. We're also being shown some cool new Animated Themes for iMovie that allows users to make incredible looking home movies with all kinds of cool effects built around a theme. Super cool.

[12:34 PM] iPhoto can also make greeting cards now. This is another great feature. All of the imagery we're seeing in his presentation makes these products seem to be of very high quality.

[12:33 PM] You may have noticed some redundant posts, but hopefully Stephen Swift, who is not sitting with me, will see this and realize I have it covered... Until then, I apologize for any redundancy.

[12:31 PM] So, it allows people to subscribe to an album, and get whatever photos you added to that album automatically. That is a GREAT service for a lot of people. Any RSS reader will work for a subscription, but you have to be a .Mac member to publish.

[12:29 PM] "Photocasting. This is podcasting for photos." This appears to be a way of sharing photos, perhaps similar to FilmLoop, which was brought to the Mac by Guy Kawasaki yesterday.

[12:27 PM] New controls, new interface. Full screen ediing. One-click effects that allow you easy access to effects. New books, and the quality is enhanced. New calendars can be made, too. Very cool. That's a nice prooduct.

[12:25 PM] Covering Dashboard. New release of Tiger, 10.4.4, which includes some Dashboard updates.

iLife '06. "Giant new release." Steve said that it will propel Apple even further ahead of the competition.

iPhoto: Incredibly fast. Up to 250,000 photos can be stored in iPhoto!

[12:19 PM] Looking at Aperture now. We're seeing a movie of a photographer who uses it in his business. One thing he does is use it to make presentations to his Wedding clients, which is super smart. He actually shows them their wedding from within Aperture.

[12:16 PM] Apple has made an itunes commercial from the very killer Winon Marsellis (please note I don't have time to look up the spelling of his name) performance from the last major media event at Apple. It's very cool.

[12:16 PM] Steve said the rest of the day is about the Mac. Very interesting, especially considering the fact that I've heard this will be a long keynote.

[12:15 PM] New content from SNL. Steve said that he's personally wanted this stuff for a long time. It appears to be a variety of skits going back a long way. We're seeing Samurai, Blues Brothers, Conehead skits.

FM tuner for iPod! It's a remote for the iPod that includes a tuner. This has LONG been asked for, and is a great feature o finally bring to the iPod platform. When you tune in a station, it's displayed on the iPod's screen. The device is quite small.

[12:09 PM] Retail Update: 26 million visitors. More people than in any state other than California. 1 Billion quarter. The first such!

Steve announced that some 42 million iPods have been sold, and 850 million songs have been downloaded. In addition, iTunes has 83% market share.