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San Francisco - Live Coverage of Apple Special Event

1:00PM EDT, September 7th, 2005

[2:09 PM] That ends the event, folks. Head on over to The Mac Observer for follow-up news.

[2:06 PM] Note: the iPod nano does *not* have a camera in it.

[2:01 PM] This likely the same way he will be performing it on the TV circuit in coming weeks.

[2:00 PM] Shockingly, we're going to hear "Gold Digger," which includes the lyrics "I'm not saying she's a gold digger, but she ain't messing with no broke niggers," but Kanye skipped the offending word. Jamie Foxx has a backing track on this song, but Mr. Foxx isn't here with us today.

[1:59 PM] Kanye is performing with a DJ, for those curious.

[1:57 PM] "I remember when we had tapes..." he said, looking over at Steve and laughing. The audience laughed with him.

[1:56 PM] Will it be "Gold Digger" he performs? It entered the charts at #1, and Steve said it is #1 at iTunes, too. Actually, he didn't name the song, but that is Kanye West's current hit.

[1:56 PM] He thanked Steve Jobs for making his life easier with the iPod

[1:55 PM] Kanye West is here to perform

[1:53 PM] There is also an armband for $29. Apple is also launchning "nano Tubes," silicon covers for the nano that look very much like other silicon cases on the market for other iPods. A box of Tubes comes with five different colors.

[1:51 PM] The boxes are black, and they look very nice.

Apple is also launching some accessories. First up is a dock for $29. Next is a lanyard headphone that combines the two functions for keeping your cables less in the way. It's $39

[1:51 PM] Those price points are super competitive, and they are shipping today

[1:50 PM] It will come in a white unit to match other iPods, as well as a black. Two models: 4GB for US$249. 2GB for $199

[1:49 PM] It weighs 1.5 ounces, or 42 grams. That's less than the weight of eight U.S. quarters.

[1:48 PM] Steve is now comparing it to the RAZR phone from Motorola, saying it is 1/3 the size of the phone

[1:48 PM] It uses the same docking port used by other iPods. The color screen appears to look great, but this is not a hands-on opinion. It includes breakout, and it supports a calendar, and it has a stop watch function. Also new is a screen lock

[1:46 PM] It truly is insanely thin.

[1:46 PM] It is 80% smaller in volume to the original 5GB iPod. It's a little narrower than the iPod mini, and half the thickness. It's not quite 1/3 the size of the mini.

[1:45 PM] It does include a color display, as rumors have had it recently. It's thinner than a #2 pencil.

[1:43 PM] Apple is replacing the Mini with "something new." This is clearly going to be the flagship product for this event

[1:43 PM] It will be called iPod nano, as broken on the Internet within the last few days. The device fits in a watch pocket in your pants. The device is incredibly thin, and little bigger than a shuffle, perhaps 50% wider, maybe a little more.

[1:41 PM] "iPod mini is the most popular MP3 player in the world."

[1:41 PM] Steve is now focusing on automotive addons for iPod

[1:40 PM] Acura, Audi, Volkswagen, Scion, Nissan, BMW, Mercedez Benz...All these brands support iPod on some models, and Steve says that 30% of all cars sold in the US will have an iPod options

[1:39 PM] iPod has 74% market share, according to Steve Jobs

[1:38 PM] "Elvis may have left the building, but now you can get him on the phone." That's another stationary ad.

[1:37 PM] They effectively demonstrate the concept

[1:37 PM] The ads show people walking along with headphones on, while their reflection bops around, dancing. Then the phone rings and the dancing stops while the person answers.

[1:36 PM] He also noted that the company is going to be blasting these adverts, including the commercials we are seeing, everywhere they can. The implication is that Cingular is going to push this hard.

[1:36 PM] "The world's first phone...with iTunes."

[1:36 PM] These are all billboard and other stationary ad concepts

[1:35 PM] "Smashblabbermouth"

[1:35 PM] "Matthew Sweet talk"

[1:34 PM] Modeled around the slogan: "Kiss and Tell" referring to the band, Kiss

[1:33 PM] The phone includes an airplane mode so that you can listen to music while leaving the cellular function turned off

[1:33 PM] And he said he flew coast to coast listening to music, with a one hour conference call the next day, and the battery still registered as full the next morning

[1:30 PM] Mr. de la Vega is pushing hard the idea that partnering with iTunes brings "a new level of choice" to consumers

[1:30 PM] He also is touting the stereo output the phone offers, saying it will offer the best sounding call you've ever heard.

[1:28 PM] As expected the phone will be offered through Cingular, at least initially. Ralph de la Vega, Chief Operating Officer for Cingular is on stage talking about convergence.

[1:28 PM] It features a ton of artists packing themselves into a phone booth, and closes with a guy listening to those same artists on his phone

[1:27 PM] Mr. Garriques is showing the add for the ROKR that will be running in 48 hours.

[1:26 PM] Ron Garriques, President, Mobile Devices, of Motorola is on stage. He thanked Steve for gushing about a Motorola phone, and is touting the idea of music on phones

[1:26 PM] Apple introduces iTunes 5.0, and the new iTunes cell phone, as expected. It allows users to load songs through iTunes, and to download them through the phone itself

[1:26 PM] The phone, the ROKR, is largely as described for months on the Internet

[1:20 PM] After overcoming a technical hurdle, we can now begin our live coverage of the Apple event.

[5:57 PM] Check here on Wednesday for coverage of the Apple Special Event, technology-permitting.