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Paris 2004 - Live Coverage of Steve Jobs Keynote

3:00AM CDT, August 31st, 2004

[4:44 AM] We aren't sure that the unit shown on stage was an actual working unit. It may have been a body with a paper display covering it. We aren't sure, of course, but we wanted to make note of that. - posted by Bryan

[4:41 AM] We are seeing a video for the new iMac now. Apple is comparing it to the iPod, the way the music player sits in the Dock. Also, the video says "From the creator of the iPod," showing that Apple is trying to leverage the success of the music player. Jonathan Ive says it is "quiet and utterly serene" in the video. - posted by Bryan

[4:38 AM] US$1299 - 17" 256 MB RAM, Combo Drive, 80 GB drive, 64 MB video card. This compares to US$1799 for the old starting iMac.

US$1499 - 17", with 1.8 GHz.

US$1899 - 20" display (1680 x 1050), 2.2" thick, 1.8 GHz G5, 256 MB RAM, 160 GB drive, SuperDrive, and same 64 MB video card.

They will begin shipping in mid-September! - posted by Bryan

[4:37 AM] You can unscrew three screws, and the entire back comes off. The crowd loves it!

The G5 module, when looking at the back, is on the right side. There are three fans in the unit, and it is "quiet as a whisper." - posted by Bryan

[4:35 AM] SuperDrive. 1.8 GHz G5. 600 MHz frontside bus. 400 MHz DDR RAM, up to 2 GB. Serial ATA hard drives, AGP 8X graphic slots. The speakers are mounted on the bottom, so they reflect off the desk, up to the user. The keyboard will slide underneath the display when you are not using it.

There are three 5 USB (3 2.0, 2 1.1), two FireWire, a modem slot, Ethernet (10/100 Base-T), audio-in, audio-out, both headphone and optical), power button on the bottom. - posted by Bryan

[4:34 AM] "Everyone is ging to be asking "where does the computer go?"

All of the connectors are on the left side, all in a row. Again, the crowd is going wild. - posted by Bryan

[4:33 AM] It's white in color, and the crowd is going wild. It has a grey Apple logo on front. Everyhting fits together right behind the display. - posted by Bryan

[4:32 AM] It looks like just a Cinema Display with a DVD slot loader on right side towards the top. Aluminum foot. It's the world's thinest desktop computer, at less than 2" thick. - posted by Bryan

[4:31 AM] The iMac G5 demonstration has begun. - posted by Bryan

[4:31 AM] Apple has sold 7.5 million iMacs, which works out to2.38 per minute over six years. - posted by Bryan

[4:29 AM] The iChat demo ended with Bertrand Serlet video conferencing in. The crowd loved his brief conversation in French. - posted by Bryan

[4:20 AM] We're on to iChat now. The last time we saw such a demo, it included lots of people from around the world in Apple's very cool iChat AV update in Tiger. That does, of course, bring to mind the idea that perhaps will see a certain iCEO who is in northern California, and if we do, we might even see some new hardware... - posted by Bryan

[4:19 AM] Mr. Schiller has moved on to demonstrating the iLife suite. This is the same demo that we have seen before... - posted by Bryan

[4:09 AM] We've moved on to Dashboard, Apple's implementation of a Widget engine. - posted by Bryan

[4:05 AM] For those keeping score at home, the US Apple Store is now, and finally, offline. - posted by Bryan

[4:02 AM] Well, Mr. Schiller went on to a H.264 demo instead of the iMac. Go figure. Interestingly, he specifically did not mention any release dates for this new digital video technology.

From H.264, we are moving on to a demonstration of Safari RSS. - posted by Bryan

[3:54 AM] During Mr. Schiller's Spotlight demonstration, he "found" a document on his demo Mac called "New Products Demo." This will, undoubtedly, be the new iMac everyone is waiting to see. :-) - posted by Bryan

[3:43 AM] Mr. Schiller has moved on discussing Tiger, Mac OS X 10.4. He notes that Spotlight, Apple's search technology built into Tiger, is "years ahead of Longhorn." Timing is everything, because on Monday, Microsoft announced that it was scrapping its spiffy new WinFS file system for Longhorn, a file system that would have made Longhorn's searching capabilities quite powerful. Apple will definitely be ahead in this area for some time to come. - posted by Bryan

[3:41 AM] We've begun receiving notes from all over that various Apple Stores are not available. Japan, Switzerland, Australia...Several others are down, but the US store is still available as of this writing. Apple usually takes the Stores off line in order to update them with major new product releases. - posted by Bryan

[3:31 AM] Phil Schiller is back on stage demonstrating Motion, Apple's character generation app. - posted by Bryan

[3:23 AM] Mr. Schiller is now trotting up execs from various software companies ons stage to offer excellent Mac OS X application demos. By way of introduction, Mr. Schiller announced that there were more than 12,000 such apps on the market. - posted by Bryan

[3:20 AM] Apple has sold some 5 million songs in first eight weeks in Europe, and Rm. Schiller pointed out that Apple was the first online music store to cross the 100 million mark. That last bit was reported several weeks ago, but a bit of bragging never hurt. - posted by Bryan

[3:15 AM] A quick note to point out that our live coverage is going better than we originally thought. Our updates are being phoned in from Brad Gibson from the keynote floor in short bursts (at an outrageous transatlantic cost, but that's another story). That means that our coverage won't be as smooth or as fast as we are normally able to offer it, but we do have the facts for you. - posted by Bryan

[3:11 AM] Phil has moved on to the new iPod ad we reported on Monday. The commercial features "Walkie Talkie Man" by Steriogram. - posted by Bryan

[3:06 AM] Phil Schiller says that the iPod has 58% market share in the US.

He also says that Steve Jobs is doing well, and that he will return to the job in September. He had a follow up of "September can't come soon enough." - posted by Bryan

[3:01 AM] The keynote has begun. There are more than 7,000 people attending the event. - posted by Bryan

[6:59 PM] As of this writing, Apple has had the WiFi network that we scouted out in the Apple Expo building turned off. That means that we aren't going to have live coverage of the keynote, but we will be the first to post Apple's announcements, including pics and a movie as soon as we can get it posted.

We will be posting the news as soon as it happens, and we will post very short blurbs here for those looking for them.

Our apologies for the technical difficulties. - posted by Bryan

[6:52 PM] Welcome to TMO's live coverage of the Apple Expo keynote. This space will include our live coverage from the event, barring any technical or other unforeseen problems. Stay tuned here for more information as it develops.

The keynote begins at 10:00 AM, Paris time, 4:00 AM, Easter, and 1:00 AM, Pacific. - posted by Bryan