January 6, 2004

[January 6, 2004] MWSF - Live Coverage of Steve Jobs Keynote
by Staff

Welcome to our live coverage of the Keynote presentation by Steve Jobs, held at MACWORLD Expo, San Francisco, 2004.

[11:04:08 AM] Yep, that's it. Thanks for tuning in, and make sure you register your thoughts in the TMO forums! - posted by Bryan

[11:01:47 AM] The crowd likes it, but Apple is going to get slammed for the price.

Oops, and one more thing...It comes in color. There are five colors, anotized aluminum. - posted by Bryan

[11:01:14 AM] They will ship next month in the US, and in April worldwide.

Steve is recapping. Looks like we are winding down. - posted by Bryan

[10:59:21 AM] It's a prety small unit with a round track "wheel." I was hoping for US$99 - US$149, but it *is* a good product for US$249. As Apple has proven, people will pay money for the iPod.

That said, it's only US$50 less than the larger 15 GB iPod. For my money, Apple would sell FAR more of the minis at US$199. - posted by Bryan

[10:57:34 AM] "We are going to intriduce the second member of the iPod family to go after this market." It's called the iPod Mini, which is close to the advance rumors. It's a 4 MB device, holds 1000 songs. 1/2" thick, for US$249. Wow. That's expensive. - posted by Bryan

[10:56:42 AM] Steve is breaking down the market share in terms of types of other players. iPod has 31%, high-end Flash market, and low-end Flash market. Steve says Apple wants a chunk of that high-end Flash memory-based market. - posted by Bryan

[10:56:22 AM] Steve is saying they don't hold much music, and sell for US$199, which isn't exactly true. There are much cheaper devices that hold 256-512 MB of memory. - posted by Bryan

[10:55:53 AM] The new ad is interesting. More of the same style, of course. Don't know the song. - posted by Bryan

[10:55:14 AM] Getting closer... - posted by Bryan

[10:54:18 AM] Moving the 10 GB unit to 15 GB, and shipping them with a pair of in-ear headphones. Also showing a new ad.

BTW, have you noted that Andy's column was eerily prescient... :-)

Go Andy! - posted by Bryan

[10:51:02 AM] Looking at the sales curve for the iPod. It's a pretty steep curve going upward. It will be interesting to see if Apple can continue that momentum. Steve is saying what we told you last week, that the iPod is the #1 MP3 player. - posted by Bryan

[10:49:59 AM] Crwod likes the movie. Definitely take the opportunity to watch it when Apple posts it.

Steve says it's time to talk about the iPod...Asked for a show of hands on who doesn't have one. "Not a lot of you, fortunately," says Steve.

HOLY CRAP! Apple sold 730,000 iPods in the December quarter. That makes more than 2 million total. Wowza. - posted by Bryan

[10:49:13 AM] OK, the video included some shots of Elijah Wood talking about how great iPhoto is, Tony Hawk pimping iMovie, and Cheryl Crow extolling the virtues of Garage Band. - posted by Bryan

[10:49:12 AM] Interestingly, when I went to change my battery, my TiBook took the opportunity to shut down. It's never done that before, but then I haven't changed this battery in a clutch situation like covering a Stevenote... - posted by Bryan

[10:43:27 AM] We're running out of time for new iPods...I bet Steve will find time, though. :-) - posted by Bryan

[10:38:34 AM] Showing a video now. The host is Ian Robinson. The video will likely be available at Apple's site shortly. - posted by Bryan

[10:38:14 AM] Steve is talking costs. Looking at how much the software would cost in the Windows world.

MusicMatch Plus - US$29
Adobe Photoshop Album - US$49
Pinnacle Studio 9 - US$99
Missed the others.

iLife '04 is going to retail for US$49. That's remarkable. Remarkable. I am not even going to bitch about the lack of an upgrade price, because that price is just awesome.

All new Macs will come with iLife '-4, too. Steve noted it requires "Jagwire," but really, that's another issue. :-) - posted by Bryan

[10:36:06 AM] Steve says there is a third party companion app that includes 100 more instruments, 2,000 more loops (Garage Band comes with 1000 loops), and a couple of other things.

Apple is going to be reselling a USB keyboard, too, for US$99. That works. - posted by Bryan

[10:34:07 AM] Garage Band is goiong to sell some Macs to musicians.

Steve was about to say he going to do one more thing, and someone in the audience yelled "Sing it!" That got a nice laugh.

Steve, however, was actually showing how easy it was to export the track direct to iTunes. Very very cool. - posted by Bryan

[10:33:12 AM] Interestingly, as the pre-song faded out, so did John's lead. John got a kick out of that, but it's interesting that you can tie the tracks together like that, even tracks you are laying down live. - posted by Bryan

[10:33:09 AM] John is laying down a live lead to some tracks recorded earlier. Lots of cameras going off. That's pretty funny.

John's grooving away. The audience is enthralled. - posted by Bryan

[10:32:20 AM] Steve says that some of the Motown drum loops were recorded by the original Motown drummers. w00t! John is talking what a great practice tool Garage Band is. That is no exaggeration. - posted by Bryan

[10:30:00 AM] Now playing through a little song recorded by John through Garage Band. Sounds like a band. Very impressive. Very very impressive. - posted by Bryan

[10:26:23 AM] "This is the one when the Apple guys came out, I said 'no, keep this here for a minute,'" said John. It was a Stevie Ray Vaughn sound. Very nice, and the crowd like his quip. - posted by Bryan

[10:26:23 AM] Moving on to the vintage amps built into Garage Band. John Mayer is going to demo. Playing his guitar through the Mac, unprocessed at first. Then with the "British Invasion" amp, which sounded a lot like Clapton's 60's sound. I can't see the other amp names, but they all sound great. Speaking as a guitarist, these seriously sound good.

Did I mention that I am stoked? - posted by Bryan

[10:24:21 AM] Garage Band is freakin' impressive. - posted by Bryan

[10:24:01 AM] Wow, Steve just took a loop in the library and "stretched it out," and Garage Band literally re-timed the loop on the fly. Wowza. The loops he put together are pretty cool, too, but that's another issue. :-) - posted by Bryan

[10:18:05 AM] John says that Garage Band's guitar effect actually work, and that he hasn't seen that before. He's demonstrating a bended note, and points out the string noise in the sample, too.

John is now recording something that Steve is mixing.

Folks, this is huge, at least for musicians. I, for instance, have had this great idea for a cover for "My Generation" that I have wanted to do for the last, oh, I don't know, 10 years. Garage Band is going to bring out a lot of closet musicians, and if you look ahead to the day when independents can get distribution through the iTMS... It's a revolution waiting to happen.

Yes, there are other mixing apps out there, but this one is aimed at the rest of us, so to speak. - posted by Bryan

[10:13:32 AM] Steve is done with iDVD.

Moving on to a 5th app in iLife. It's called Garage Band, and it allows you to use your Mac as a "a pro-quality musical instrument and mixing studio." Wow. That's huge. Steve is citing a Gallup survey that says half of all US households have a musician.

Digitally mix up to 64 tracks
Play over 50 software instruments
Use over 1,000 pro audio loops
Record live audio performances
over 200 pr audio effects
Includes built in vintage amps!!!!! Very cool! - posted by Bryan

[10:12:57 AM] John is playing a keyboard for the demo. Aha, this is what that boom camera was for, as it is looking over his shoulder. Playing the keyboard into Steve's Mac...Steve's not recording it, or anything, but the crowd likes the demo. Basically, the sound of the keyboard is being controlled from the Mac, which means that just about any USB keyboard will work. - posted by Bryan

[10:10:44 AM] You can also have an iDVD project built on one machine, and burned on another. Unfortunately, Apple is still not supporting third party drives. We've always thought that was a lame tactic, since it is an artificial block, but whatever.

Steve is running through an iDVD demo...Menus look good...blah blah blah. - posted by Bryan

[10:10:35 AM] This is big big big.

Says that one of the software instruments is a US$50,000 grand piano. :-)

Getting a demo from...John Mayer. Steve's pulling out the iTMS big guns. :-) - posted by Bryan

[10:05:47 AM] That's iMovie. Moving on to iDVD 4. 20 new Hollywood themes, enhanced menus, enhanced slide shows, DVD navigation map, pro-encoding - 2 hours at higher quality. - posted by Bryan

[10:05:33 AM] I say it's a boring demo. Don't get me wrong, there are cool new features in iMovie, and it's a very important application for Apple and the Mac platform. It's just that when you have seen one iMovie demo, you've seen 'em all. - posted by Bryan

[10:02:57 AM] Recapping. Blah blah blah.

Whoa, says that iPhoto books are coming to Japan shortly, and to Europe in March! That's good news for at least some of you outside the US! "Sorry it took so long," said Steve. - posted by Bryan

[10:02:36 AM] New iMovie features. I missed most of them, but we'll have the PR up shortly after the keynote. - posted by Bryan

[9:55:03 AM] Did I mention that the T616 is a great phone? It fixes all the problems with the T68is, and generally rocks. Batterly life is pretty tight, too. I've been connected for more than an hour, an the battery indicator has moved but a bit...

I am telling you this during an iMovie demo. It was VERY boring until Steve got to the Star Wars title effect. That got a lot of applause from this geek audience. :-) - posted by Bryan

[9:55:02 AM] Now going through some of the other features. Slide shows look nice, and are fast. It's all easy to use...Brought out the product manager for iPhoto and showing photo sharing. ("There's no copyright issues with sharing photos," he quipped earlier).

All easy to use. - posted by Bryan

[9:53:59 AM] Steve is running through iPhoto scrolling, which is fast...At least on his dual processor G5. Still, it seems that Apple has improved the speed of iPhoto. Showing a new Sepia effect, which looks good. Says that performance for effects has been improved "dramatically." - posted by Bryan

[9:52:04 AM] The Smart Album feature basically allows for fast sorting by time, ratings, etc. Easy to use, and should be popular with users. - posted by Bryan

[9:51:25 AM] Says that everything is integrated.

The #1 feature is that iPhoto supports up to 25,000 photos. Zoinks! - posted by Bryan

[9:51:24 AM] Time based organization, smart albums, fast preview & ratings, enhanced slide shows, Rendezvous photo sharing. That's pretty cool. - posted by Bryan

[9:49:36 AM] Steve says he is gratified that people are embracing the iTMS. - posted by Bryan

[9:49:22 AM] Moving on to iLife. "We're introducing iLife '04." Says that it's the Microsoft Office for the rest of your life. That's pretty funny, and it got a chuckle from the crowd. - posted by Bryan

[9:47:53 AM] There are now 500,000 songs available at the iTMS. Says that it's the largest online library *available for download* in the world. Says that the other company saying they have 500,000 songs aren't quite telling the truth in that many of those songs are available only for subscription. Marketing speak, but the important thing is that Apple has a big library.

Also mentioned the big Pepsi promotion. - posted by Bryan

[9:46:51 AM] Also adding 12,000 classical music tracks. Lots of requests for that, says Steve. - posted by Bryan

[9:44:28 AM] Just going over the AOL/iTunes deal, iTunes Essentials...

Adding "Billboard Charts." Apple is listing Billboard's Top 40 from 1946 to present. Apple will be adding other genres, too. That's very cool. Very cool indeed. - posted by Bryan

[9:43:06 AM] Sold over 100,000 gift certificates, too. That's also very impressive. - posted by Bryan

[9:40:04 AM] Apple is announcing that 30 million songs have been sold through the iTMS. 1.4 million, 1.45million, 1.6 million, 1.87 million...that's the weekly figured for December. Impressive.

Steve says that Nielsen says that iTMS has 70% market share. "It feels great to get above that 5%, right?" Big laughs.

The top spender has so far spent some US$29,500. Holy crap! That's a lot of money. He wouldn't say who it is.

Apple is also adding more audio books, says that there are some 5,000 of them. Wow, Apple has sold 50,000 audio books. That's big. - posted by Bryan

[9:39:25 AM] Steve: "Let's get into some new territory. iTunes." - posted by Bryan

[9:38:07 AM] Basic server for US$2999.
Dual processor for US$3999.
Compute Node with dual processors (for use as a node) for US$2999.

Xserve RAID also being updated. New features included 3.5 TB of storage. Moved to SFP connectors for dual 2 Gb fibre channel (three people knew what that was, it seems). RAID set slicing, and on-the-fly RAID set expansion. That's big.

Apple has also qualified a bunch of switches and whatnot. Certified Xserve RAID for Windows 2003 Server, Linux, and a couple of other OSes. That's pretty big, too. Apple is obviously seeing business for this unit. Steve says that Apple's Xserve RAID is cheaper than any competing product. - posted by Bryan

[9:37:28 AM] S1u form facto, single and dual 2 GHz. ECC memory (applause from one corner of the floor), dual FW 800... Missed the other features. - posted by Bryan

[9:35:05 AM] Lots of applause for the video. Steve says that VT "looked at everything," listing Sparc, AMD, Intel, etc. - posted by Bryan

[9:33:48 AM] The head of the Big Mac project says he was surprised that they were able to get the #3 ranking. "what this shows is that for US$5.2 million, anyone can build a super computer." That got a laugh, too. - posted by Bryan

[9:33:44 AM] Moving onto Xserve. Says there is a new G5 Xserve! Applause. - posted by Bryan

[9:31:19 AM] Talking about how Big Mac is the third fastest super computer or super computer cluster. Talked about how #1 cost US$350 million, #2 cost US$200 million, and the Big Mac cost but US$5 million. "As you might imagine, this is sending out ripples in the super computer world." (laugh)

Showing a video made in Virginia. - posted by Bryan

[9:30:08 AM] Steve is trotting out Virginia Tech's awesome Big Mac project. Steve is talking about how they called Apple and asked for the first 1,100 units, and how Apple had to "piss off some of our other customers." That got a laugh. - posted by Bryan

[9:26:04 AM] Moving on to Entourage. Aha, apparently, the MBU has added in a project manager into Entourage. That might make the folks at DayLite a tad tense.

These are some cool new features coming to Mac Office, and we think that is great news. Roz (the head of the MBU) is saying that there are many other new features, too. The company is also offering a free upgrade to Office 2004 for those who buy Office v.X from today on. That's a great incentive. - posted by Bryan

[9:26:01 AM] Steve is back on stage. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Steve says there are 10,000 OS X apps on the market now.

Steve is moving on to the G5. - posted by Bryan

[9:24:46 AM] New page layout view in Excel. this allows you to see what your file will look like, but you can still edit it, live. Very cool. These features should go over well in the business sector. - posted by Bryan

[9:22:47 AM] HJe says that all of the features he is showing will be coming to the Mac before Windows. That's always cool.

He's showing a Notebook feature. It's a way of taking notes in Word. Includes all sorts of formatting tools and whatnot, and a Notebook file can be turned into Word file. There is integration between Word and Entourage. Unfortunately, Address Book and iCal weren't mentioned.

He also showed that palettes that aren't being used fade into the background. - posted by Bryan

[9:22:32 AM] You can also make audio notes that attached to your Notebook file. That's very, very cool, and very handy. Think about it for a second. - posted by Bryan

[9:21:19 AM] She says that she has been working on Mac software at Microsoft for 12 years. w00t!

She is announcing Mac Office 2004. That's pretty big. Note that there has been a lot of concern over whether or not Microsoft would continue to support the Mac.

She's brought out someone to run through a demo. - posted by Bryan

[9:19:57 AM] After ripping on Microsoft, Steve is bringing out the head of the Mac Business Unit of Microsoft. She is looking back at "20 years of making great Mac software." - posted by Bryan

[9:17:09 AM] Steve is back on stage, says that Apple is the #1 DV company. US$299, or US$99 for an upgrade. Available today. (applause) - posted by Bryan

[9:17:07 AM] The real time effects are impressive, of course, but then this demo is most likely being done on a dual 2 GHz G5, at the very least. - posted by Bryan

[9:15:50 AM] Looking at effects, focusing on the real time things. - posted by Bryan

[9:12:02 AM] 9.3 million Mac OS X users, which is 40% of the installed base. Says that Apple will cross the 10 million user mark this quarter. Says that Apple has pulled off the transition to Mac OS X (sorry, HOM) in three years.

He then made a crack at how long it will take Microsoft to release Longhorn. Laughs. Also showing Binocle, a Lego app, I believe, new Macromedia, MYOB, an enterprise backup app, and some other app I missed.

Also announcing Final Cut Express 2. Based on FCP 4, bringing real time tools to FCP Express. Optimized for Panther and the G5. Richard KErris is coming up for an FCP Express demo. - posted by Bryan

[9:11:18 AM] Free 1984 posters for attendees of the keynote. w00t! Wish you could be here, seriously. Looks to be an interesting keynote. - posted by Bryan

[9:11:14 AM] Steve says that Microsoft is copying Apple again, referring to Panther. It was delivered fairly casually, but it's a ballsy statement coming from the CEO. It will be interesting to see if any of the majors pick it up. - posted by Bryan

[9:10:17 AM] Lots of applause for the 1984 commercial. Note, BTW, that this presentation is so far similar to the look back at Apple's advertising at the AppleLore event. - posted by Bryan

[9:09:23 AM] BTW, we are coming to you from the magic of Bluetooth and a T616. It can actually get a connection in the keynote hall, as opposed to the T68is, which could not. - posted by Bryan

[9:07:44 AM] Showing the original 1984 ad. Crowd cheered when Steve announced this. - posted by Bryan

[9:07:20 AM] Talking about computer history. Looking back at 20 years, including the first Mac ad. Talking about how Apple had to train people on how to use a mouse. Says that folks got used to it pretty fast...pause..."even some developers we know." At this moment, the slide show showed Bill Gates and the Microsoft team members in that first advertising spread. Big applause.

Very funny. - posted by Bryan

[9:03:36 AM] There's a dandy boom camera that just came sweeping over the media section. It's part of the show, it would seem, and not a news camera. Mind you, this is hardly important, but we *are* waiting, so I thought...Ah, the lights are going down. - posted by Bryan

[9:00:20 AM] The keynote is about to begin, but the lights are still on, and people are still milling around. In other words, it's a bit late. - posted by Bryan

[8:59:48 AM] Steve has come out on stage to applause. Big surprise, that. Says there are 60,000 viewers connected to Apple's stream of the keynote. - posted by Bryan

[8:58:11 AM] Testing from show floor. - posted by Bryan

[1:02:03 AM] Test from Bluetooth - posted by Bryan

[12:01:16 AM] Welcome to TMO's live coverage of the MWSF 2004 keynote! Barring technical difficulties, we will be covering the event from the floor of the keynote, which begins at 9:00 AM PDT (11:00 AM CDT). - posted by Bryan

[12:00:02 AM] Test - posted by Bryan

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