June 23, 2003

[June 23, 2003] WWDC - Live Coverage of Steve Jobs Keynote
by Staff

Welcome to our live coverage of the Keynote presentation by Steve Jobs, held at WWDC, San Francisco, 2003.

[12:19 PM] And that is it folks! - posted by Schuyler

[12:07 PM] Reviewing what happened this year: the PowerBooks(12in and 17in), Safari, iLife, Keynote, Final Cut Pro 4, third generation iPod, iTunes4, iTMS, Panther (10.3), iSight, Xcode, G5. Jobs: "And its only the first 6 months." - posted by Schuyler

[12:06 PM] Jobs: "Kick ass job." - posted by Schuyler

[12:05 PM] Steve is thanking everyone at Apple that worked on all the things showed. - posted by Bryan

[12:05 PM] Steve is back on stage. - posted by Bryan

[12:04 PM] In the video, Thedore Gray said: "The real question is, why would you buy anything else?" - posted by Bryan

[12:04 PM] The video includes many of the programs just demoed in the Keynote. - posted by Schuyler

[12:03 PM] The video is the usual sort of video that Apple puts together. When the company posts it at the Web site, we recommend watching it. Very informative. - posted by Bryan

[12:02 PM] Four distinct thermal zones in the new G5 case. - posted by Schuyler

[12:00 PM] Talking about the speed, the partnership between Apple and IBM. - posted by Schuyler

[11:59 AM] Now playing a video ad demoing the new G5s. - posted by Schuyler

[11:58 AM] Promising 3Ghz within 12 months! - posted by Schuyler

[11:58 AM] Recap:
Adobe Photoshop: G5 is 2.1x faster
Luxology: G5 is 2.3X
Mathmatica: G5 is 2.1X
- posted by Schuyler

[11:57 AM] Now the Mac: the sound is clean, no skips, no static, and plays the entire clip with ease. - posted by Schuyler

[11:56 AM] It locked up near the end, it did not have the power to play the audio. - posted by Schuyler

[11:55 AM] You can hear static and skips in the PC playing. - posted by Schuyler

[11:55 AM] Giving the PC the first shot. - posted by Schuyler

[11:54 AM] Using music created for The Matrix. - posted by Schuyler

[11:54 AM] The G5 vs. the PC again. Cubase on the windows machine. - posted by Schuyler

[11:52 AM] More than 1000 voices can be played at the same time on the G5. All are stereo 24-bit. - posted by Schuyler

[11:51 AM] Did we mention that Mr. Gray is a very funny man? Not enough time to relay all his jokes, but his demo was great. - posted by Bryan

[11:51 AM] Now demoing emagic. - posted by Schuyler

[11:50 AM] 192M digits per sec vs. 74M digits per sec. - posted by Schuyler

[11:50 AM] These results really are remarkably impressive. - posted by Bryan

[11:49 AM] Averaging about 2.5x faster than the PC. - posted by Schuyler

[11:49 AM] The PC finished in twice the time that Apple's machine did. - posted by Bryan

[11:49 AM] G5 easily outrunning the Xeon. - posted by Schuyler

[11:48 AM] Demoing Mathematic on the G5 and the Xeon. - posted by Schuyler

[11:48 AM] Speaking about Mathematica. - posted by Schuyler

[11:47 AM] Theodore Grey of Wolfram Research is on stage. - posted by Schuyler

[11:47 AM] Demonstrating more apps side by side, showing that the G5 truly outperforms the Xeons. - posted by Schuyler

[11:43 AM] The PC finished in twice the time that Apple's machine did.
- posted by Bryan

[11:43 AM] And now we are waiting for the P4 to finish while the G5 is alread done. Mac is 2.1x as fast as the PC. - posted by Schuyler

[11:43 AM] Phil Schiller is now onstage to do a bake off. Comparing a dual xeon against a dual G5. Using a Finding Nemo poster in the kind of Photoshop tests we haven't seen in more than a year. - posted by Bryan

[11:42 AM] G5 is moving along while the Xeon appears frozen. - posted by Schuyler

[11:42 AM] Brought out Dr,. John E. Kelly, II, Senior Vice President, technology Group for IBM. He's going over the G5's pedigree. Speaking of which, the plant cost US$3 billion, and is about as state-of-the-art as can be, according to Steve.
- posted by Bryan

[11:42 AM] Using Photoshop tests: Dual G5's at 2.0GHz vs. Dual Xeons at 3.06 GHz - posted by Schuyler

[11:41 AM] Phil Shiller: doing side by side comparison between G5 and P4. - posted by Schuyler

[11:39 AM] Greg Gilley, VP of Adobe, on stage now. - posted by Schuyler

[11:38 AM] SPECint-rate 3% faster
SPECfp-rate 41% faster - posted by Schuyler

[11:37 AM] Now dual processor tests. - posted by Schuyler

[11:37 AM] Single processor: SPECint2000 G5 10% slower than the 3.06GHz P4 Xeon
Dual processor: SPECint2000 G5 12% faster than the 3.06GHz P4 Xeon - posted by Schuyler

[11:35 AM] SPEC tests: 2.0 GHz G5 vs. 3.0 P4 vs. 3.06 Xeon - posted by Schuyler

[11:34 AM] ALL THREE configurations shipping in August. - posted by Schuyler

[11:34 AM] 2x2.0GHz, 512MB of RAM, 250GB: $2999 - posted by Schuyler

[11:34 AM] 3 models.
1.6 GHz 256MB RAM, 80 GB hard drive: $1999.
1.8 GHz 512MB RAM, 160 GB: $2399 - posted by Schuyler

[11:32 AM] They still have handles on the enclosure. - posted by Schuyler

[11:32 AM] Up to 500GB of internal storage. - posted by Schuyler

[11:31 AM] Computer controlled cooling system. 9 Fans. All are independently speed controlled. Makes it a lot quieter. 35DBa. - posted by Schuyler

[11:30 AM] Vented front and back. - posted by Schuyler

[11:29 AM] All aluminum enclosure. - posted by Schuyler

[11:29 AM] All new enclosure. - posted by Schuyler

[11:29 AM] 4x SuperDrive, all models. GeForce FX5200 in lower end, Radeon 9600 Pro in high end. - posted by Schuyler

[11:27 AM] Up to 8GB of memory. - posted by Schuyler

[11:27 AM] Now the product. - posted by Schuyler

[11:27 AM] FireWire 800/400, USB 2.0, optical audio. - posted by Schuyler

[11:26 AM] Serial ATA drives. 1.5 GBps of bandwidth. - posted by Schuyler

[11:26 AM] Using HyperTransport to connect the PCI-X slots. - posted by Schuyler

[11:26 AM] 133MHz PCI-X slots. - posted by Schuyler

[11:25 AM] AGP 8x Pro Graphics. - posted by Schuyler

[11:25 AM] 400MHz DDR RAM. - posted by Schuyler

[11:25 AM] With one processor, it gets 8GBps of bandwidth. 16GBps when you have 2 procs. - posted by Schuyler

[11:24 AM] G5 system controller: Point-to-point architecture. Apple designed. Built by IBM. - posted by Schuyler

[11:24 AM] Now onto the system. - posted by Schuyler

[11:23 AM] IBM spends nearly $5 billion a year in Research and Development. 100s are working on next generation. - posted by Schuyler

[11:22 AM] Took the core out of IBM's best supercomputers and brought it to a desktop chip. - posted by Schuyler

[11:22 AM] [Notes from earlier. Connection problems still haunt us on the floor. Thanks to Schuyler, and his satellite for his updates.]

Now demoing an audio chat with "Jean-Marie" in Paris. Steve quipped that it takes a little longer to negotiate with France, which got a big laugh. The audio quality is quite good, but Steve probably has a very fat pipe. We look forward to testing this on broadband for mere mortals. He then picked up a video connection to Paris, and the quality was again, outstanding. Very impressive.

Next on the agenda was Al Gore. Al called into Steve's demo Mac, and it was a very nice interface. Al's face appeared, and the audience applauded and laughed. Steve says that Al is the first board member to use it.

Steve says that the whole thing is standards-based, and said that as other people copy the company, Apple will work to integrate with them. It will be released as a beta that lasts until 12/31/2003, and will be included free in Panther. It will also work in Jaguar, and after the beta expires, Panther users can upgrade for US$29. Panther will be ANOTHER paid upgrade. This makes two in a row, and that frankly is ridiculous. The Apple apologists will disagree, but it's really a stupid situation. Three paid versions of Mac OS X in less than three years is outrageous.

Apple is introducing a video camera, very small, very cool looking, and very impressive specs. It's called iSight. Comparing it to iBot, says it is better. He's really slamming the iBot, in fact. Since the iBot's developers seem to be in the audience, that's in fairly poor taste, but hey, they are his developers.

iSight mounts right on your computer. Steve says that this makes it work better for people, and that this will help video conferencing. It's shuttered. It's priced at US$149, and is available today. The developers in attendance get a free one. Steve gets a standing ovation for that. The crowd really loves that. Unfortunately, as we look at our "Media" badge, we are guessing that we don't get one.

New developer tools called Xcode. Says it offers fast compiles, using GCC 3.3. Says that Jaguar's developer tools were 10 times slower than Code Warrior. Xcode, says Steve, brings that disparity down to 2:1. Built in distributed builds right into Xcode. By using this, one can compile faster than CodeWarrior. Steve then quipped about buying a rack of Xserves.

Xcode will compile in the background, it has debugging, and single fix turnaround. Compares favorably to CodeWarrior, according to Steve. Brought Chris Espanoza out on stage. Chris is Apple employee #8, and was hired at the age of 15. Chris is demoing Xcode. There are some nice new interface features built in. - posted by Bryan

[11:21 AM] Built in New York in a factory where no human hand touch the chip wafers. - posted by Schuyler

[11:20 AM] Chris is finished with his demo. The audience seems pleased and impressed. Xcode is all free, and is included in Panther. Moving on to "One more thing..."

Steve is acknowledging the problem on Thursday. Says there were three camps. One, it was a goof, that it wasn't true, and that it was brilliant marketing. Steve says it was a mistake, and it is true. Calls the new PowerMac G5 the world's fastest personal computer. Says that Apple began working with IBM on this a couple of years ago, and called it a partnership. Says that the G5 (offically, BTW) is 64 bits, and runs 32 bit apps natively. It's 2 GHz, the fastest 64-bit processor. 1 GHz frontside bus. Built for full SMP. Designed from the ground up for dual processor systems.

Calls it massively parallel. Up to 12 unit core. Up to 21 in-flight instructions at the same time. Includes an optimized Velocity Engine. Two floating point processor. Massive Branch Prediction Logic. "I don't know what it does, uhhh... it predicts branches." The crowd laughed. - posted by Bryan

[11:20 AM] 130 Nanometer process. 58 million transistors. - posted by Schuyler

[11:19 AM] 12 unit core. Over 215 instructions can be processed at the same time. Optimized Velocity engine. - posted by Schuyler

[11:18 AM] Full SMP. Designed from ground up for dual processor systems. - posted by Schuyler

[11:17 AM] World's first 64-bit processor running up to 2GHz. 1GHz frontside bus. - posted by Schuyler

[11:17 AM] Turned to IBM for the new chip. They are calling it the G5. - posted by Schuyler

[11:16 AM] World's fastest personal computer. Three parts: the chip, the system, and the product. - posted by Schuyler

[11:16 AM] But that is just the start. - posted by Schuyler

[11:16 AM] Talking about the G5 specs that were posted on the Store. It's true! - posted by Schuyler

[11:15 AM] One more thing..... - posted by Schuyler

[11:15 AM] The new instant change feature is called "Fix and Continue." - posted by Schuyler

[11:14 AM] Even changing a variable in code into a function call is almost instant. - posted by Schuyler

[11:13 AM] He is demoing editing the code while the program is running. Changing little details is almost instant. - posted by Schuyler

[11:11 AM] Can instantly search through all symbols in the source code. - posted by Schuyler

[11:10 AM] Chris Espinosa now out on stage demoing the new Project Builder. Instant searching included for files in project. - posted by Schuyler

[11:08 AM] Predictive compile. Reduces compile time to about half. - posted by Schuyler

[11:07 AM] Zero link. Only options needed to launch are linked. - posted by Schuyler

[11:06 AM] Now using distributed builds! Can use other machines on the net! - posted by Schuyler

[11:06 AM] Now using GCC 3.3. New Developer Tools builds Finder faster -- Closes the gap to only a 2:1 ratio between DT and Code Warrior. - posted by Schuyler

[11:05 AM] Next big topic: Xcode. Completely new set of Developer Tools. - posted by Schuyler

[11:04 AM] iSight: $149. Dual element audio built-in. - posted by Schuyler

[11:03 AM] Hard plastic case for traveling. - posted by Schuyler

[11:02 AM] The iBot by default sits on the desk, the iSight mounts up on your screen, gives a better image than iBot. Stands are included for mounting. - posted by Schuyler

[11:01 AM] Comparing iSight to iBot. - posted by Schuyler

[11:01 AM] Announcing iSight. An Apple made video camera. Full 30 fps. 640x480 resolution. - posted by Schuyler

[10:59 AM] Showing a picture of a Longhorn cow and making fun of the Windows Longhorn release date. - posted by Schuyler

[10:58 AM] It will time out at the end of the year as incentive to upgrade to Panther, where it will be included free. It's part of the Developer Preview distributed today. - posted by Schuyler

[10:57 AM] Fully standards based. It's Mac-to-Mac only today. There will be a free demo that works in Jaguar and Panther. - posted by Schuyler

[10:56 AM] Al Gore "This thing is very cool." - posted by Schuyler

[10:55 AM] Al Gore just called Steve! - posted by Schuyler

[10:54 AM] Now he is going to demo receiving a call. - posted by Schuyler

[10:53 AM] The video and audio to Paris shows almost no lag. - posted by Schuyler

[10:52 AM] Now demoing his Paris friend plugging in a camera. The icon changed in the buddy list to indicate video. Now we have live video to Paris. - posted by Schuyler

[10:52 AM] Almost no lag in the Paris audio conference. "It's like a speakerphone." - posted by Schuyler

[10:51 AM] Now demoing an audio conference to Paris! - posted by Schuyler

[10:50 AM] The video feature can go full screen with a picture-in-picture image of yourself. - posted by Schuyler

[10:49 AM] Giving a live demo of of the video conferencing feature. - posted by Schuyler

[10:48 AM] 56k is fine for audio. Broadband for video. - posted by Schuyler

[10:48 AM] Can use any FireWire camera, even camcorders. - posted by Schuyler

[10:47 AM] Text, audio, and video chats. Zero setup or configuration. Everything automatically. It will show you on your buddy list what your buddies are configured for. - posted by Schuyler

[10:46 AM] It has integrated searching, and is very fast. This is a slick feature, but one that is going to really make some specific developers tense. It is, however, hugely important for the creative markets, and will help sell Macs to those people. Moving on to iChat AV. "The 'A' stands for audio. The 'V' stands for video. It's "video conferencing for the rest of us." - posted by Bryan

[10:46 AM] Audio chats and Video chats. "Video conferencing for the rest of us." - posted by Schuyler

[10:45 AM] iChat is going AV. - posted by Schuyler

[10:45 AM] Font book is now a part of Panther. Allows quick searching of fonts for the one you want. - posted by Schuyler

[10:44 AM] Pro Font Management. You can install fonts with a button, preview them, and do all the other things that several companies make their living providing. - posted by Bryan

[10:44 AM] You don't need to enter a password if you don't set it. - posted by Schuyler

[10:44 AM] Fatest PDF rendering in the world. Fastest PDF searching, and something else I missed. Steve is pleased with this, and he's right. Now moving on to Fast User Switching. This allows you to switch between multiple users on a machine without logging out. "This is a godsend" to people in a house, for instance. CHoosing a user from a pulldown menu switches LICKETY split. It's a nice 3D transition with the users revolving on a cube. You can require a password between users, too. This is super cool, very important. - posted by Bryan

[10:43 AM] Implemented much better than the version that originally appeared in XP. Much faster. - posted by Schuyler

[10:42 AM] Fast user switching! - posted by Schuyler

[10:42 AM] On the fly PostScript to PDF conversion! - posted by Schuyler

[10:41 AM] Save as PDF is on every print panel just like Fax is now. - posted by Schuyler

[10:41 AM] That was all in "Preview," a new version for the OS. - posted by Bryan

[10:40 AM] Fastest PDF rendering in the world. This is also built into Panther. The developer in front of me held up a finger to his forehead as if it were a gun, said "Adobe," pulled his finger like a trigger and made a gun noise. Interesting. He is scrolling up and down through a PDF document unbelievably fast, rendering on the fly. This is very important for the corporate market, and the creative markets as well. - posted by Bryan

[10:40 AM] Rendering on the fly, not cached, no pauses. - posted by Schuyler

[10:39 AM] Connection difficulties inside the Moscone are making updates difficult, but we will continut to take notes and enter them as we can.

Can also use Expose to get rid of your open windows. This is very cool stuff, here, folks. Never seen anything like this, and it's definitely innovative. If anyone knows about something similar on the market, shoot us a note. Also showed FileVault, a security system for files! Yes! Also very big news. New Maill app. Safari rendering engine is incorporated into Mail, manage mail by thread, addresses are objects. This allows easier drag and drop management of address. Managing mail by thread is also very convenient and easy.

Fax is being built into the OS, at last. A fax button is being added to the print panel. Good stuff.

Moving on to Pixlet. This is a hi-res codec built into Panther. Pixar requested this. In other words, this is for the film industry. Pixels will go to 48 pixels bits per pixel. This offers no pixelation, and is important for editing. According to Steve, this works on a 1 GHz G4. He's demonstrating with the Nemo trailer ("My favorite movie," says Steve.). He is grabbing the movie and going back and forth without losing a single frame. Also demoed The Matrix. Audience applauds. - posted by Bryan

[10:39 AM] Demoing a 978 page PDF doc and how fast is scrolls. Windows Acrobat 6 71 sec. Preview: 28 sec. - posted by Schuyler

[10:37 AM] 48 bits per pixel source data. - posted by Schuyler

[10:36 AM] Scrubbing is perfect at a 960x540. - posted by Schuyler

[10:36 AM] Playing a Nemo trailer now. - posted by Schuyler

[10:36 AM] Half of hi-def can be decoded perfectly on a 1GHz G4. It will work on a TiBook. - posted by Schuyler

[10:35 AM] No interframe compression. - posted by Schuyler

[10:34 AM] Got a "request" from Pixar for a studio quality for sending files around. Based on Wavelet technology. - posted by Schuyler

[10:33 AM] Pixlet: new Quicktime codec! - posted by Schuyler

[10:33 AM] Faxing is now going to be an option on every print panel. - posted by Schuyler

[10:32 AM] IPsec based VPN is now going to be built into Panther. - posted by Schuyler

[10:32 AM] Email conversations can now be viewed as threads. - posted by Schuyler

[10:31 AM] Email addresses as objects can now be dragged between fields. Also, a user name can be associated with multiple email addresses. - posted by Schuyler

[10:30 AM] Email Address are now objects. Mail can now recognize properties of email addresses, like if they are in the company or not. - posted by Schuyler

[10:29 AM] File vault encrypts and decrypts files on the fly. Built in, one check box. - posted by Schuyler

[10:27 AM] You can access this feature with a mouse button, by making hot corners on your screen ("It's like a gestures," says Steve, referring to mouse gestures). - posted by Bryan

[10:25 AM] Talking about window management, suggesting it's hard to find the window you want when there are lots open. In his demonstration, he's opening lots of windows in several apps. Expose will take all your windows and shrink them down to thumbnail size so you can find the one you want. The cursor going over each one pops up a label with the name of the window. When you select it, that window pops up to the foreground, and all the others go back to their proper place. - posted by Bryan

[10:23 AM] Moving on to Expose, something that had leaked to the rumor sites in recent days. - posted by Bryan

[10:23 AM] Talking about .Mac and Panther. Synching is automatic and in the background between server and iDisk and local system. Is talking about how you can leave a file on iDisk, and if you have multiple comptuers, it will be automagically updated on all systems, in effect. - posted by Bryan

[10:21 AM] Typing finds files dynamically, and fast. - posted by Bryan

[10:20 AM] Lots of features built into this Finder. Lots of dynamic controls, for instance. - posted by Bryan

[10:19 AM] Added labels, dynamic network browsing. New open and save dialogue boxes!!! That's great new. Steve is now demoing it for us. - posted by Bryan

[10:18 AM] Looking at column view and saying it's not user-centric enough. Says it is computer-centric, and that Apple wants to replace it. There's a column to the left of the main Finder window. Steve compared it to iTunes playlists, suggesing that's no accident. Calls it simple, audience applauds. - posted by Bryan

[10:17 AM] Says that "Panther has a "Brand New Finder." (!!!!!) - posted by Bryan

[10:16 AM] Going over all the Unix goodies inside Mac OS X. At the mention of a networking app, a "w00t!" was heard from the back, much to the amusement of the audience. Also talked about Windows interoperability. - posted by Bryan

[10:16 AM] FreeBSD 5.0 and IPv6 will be in Panther! - posted by Schuyler

[10:15 AM] Moving on to Panther. Says that for the people in this room, Jaguar is over. That got a laugh. Calls Mac OS X the most popular Unix in the world. - posted by Bryan

[10:14 AM] Says there are 6,000 Mac OS X apps. Steve is thanking the developers for their hard work. Says that the company is over the hump in the transtion to Mac OS X. - posted by Bryan

[10:14 AM] Safari SDK shipping as well, so it can be embedded. - posted by Schuyler

[10:14 AM] Safari 1.0 is officially announced. Steve is moving on to Mac OS X. Up to 7 million active users. - posted by Bryan

[10:13 AM] Safari 1.0 today! - posted by Schuyler

[10:12 AM] Safari: 5 million downloads. - posted by Schuyler

[10:12 AM] Showing an parody of an iPod commercial on Jay Leno of Osama bin Laden dancing to Big Butts.
- posted by Bryan

[10:12 AM] Speaking how the adds for the new music store are being parodied. Using Jay Leno footage. - posted by Schuyler

[10:11 AM] Connectivity has been an issue inside event floor, but I am online now. - posted by Bryan

[10:11 AM] 8 weeks ago, iTunes Music Store. 5 million songs sold. - posted by Schuyler

[10:10 AM] iPod milestone: one millionth iPod to ship today. - posted by Schuyler

[10:09 AM] Tokyo in Ginza. #1 shopping street in world. Showing a rendering. - posted by Schuyler

[10:08 AM] Chicago store opening this weekend! - posted by Schuyler

[10:08 AM] 25 months of stores, 17 million visitors. - posted by Schuyler

[10:07 AM] Airport extreme standard has been ratafied a week ago. Airport Update 3.1 is compliance with final spec. - posted by Schuyler

[10:06 AM] Jobs has just walked out on stage and is claiming there is so much great stuff that they may need a stretch break. - posted by Schuyler

[10:04 AM] Well, it appears that Bryan is having technical difficulties for the time being, so news will be reported using a satellite broadcast. - posted by Schuyler

[7:13 PM] Welcome to TMO's WWDC 2003 keynote live coverage page. Bookmark it, because this will be the same place where our live coverage will take place on Monday. You may see some test posts pop up; pretend they are behind the curtain, and pay them no attention. - posted by Bryan

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