July 17, 2002

[July 17, 2002] MWNY - Live Coverage of Steve Jobs Keynote
by Staff

Welcome to our live coverage of the Keynote presentation by Steve Jobs, held at MACWORLD Expo, New York, 2002.

[10:54 AM] The keynote is now over. We will be cleaning up these posts ASAP and adding the official announcements of all these new products and services. - posted by Bryan

[10:53 AM] These screens are wide-screen, and the unit looks really nice. Steve is talking about how the rest of the industry is havig trouble, and making a pitch about how Apple's outlook on the computer is much more than just spreadsheets and word processing. It was an empassioned pitch, and a well delivered one. - posted by Bryan

[10:51 AM] New iMacs, 17" screens. Resolution is 1440 x 900, which is really nice. Apple has often offered fairly low resolutions on its LCD displays.

Also lowering the price back to US$1799 on the high end model. Steve Jobs also said that some 50% of all iMacs sold have had a SuperDrive in them, and that many customers had specifically asked for them. - posted by Bryan

[10:47 AM] Steve is going over everything he has talked about so far. We are wating for the new iMacs. Dave Hamilton points out that Apple's iApps are a very nice suite. - posted by Bryan

[10:45 AM] Steve is moving on to "there is one other time when you want to sync your computers." Apparently .Mac will allow you to sync your Macs up via iSync. This means that you can sync up your PowerBook to your desktop, and have everything match up. This is very cool. The company has done a good job of making .Mac worth the money they are charging, but note that this is a gut-reaction from the TMO editorial staff. - posted by Bryan

[10:44 AM] Steve seems to be fidgeting, but don't quote us on that. The keynote has gone on for 1 hour, 43 minutes, and we haven't gotten to Apple's hardware line. There has been an awful lot of new information in this keynote already... - posted by Bryan

[10:42 AM] Mr. Carter says that he believes in what he calls the "Who gives a damn factor." He is talking about application development for phone platforms. He thinks people want apps on their cell phone. We think "Who gives a damn?" It's not that the lack of applications for your cell phone make people not care, it's that people don't care about having apps on their cell phones. - posted by Bryan

[10:41 AM] Steve says additional features will come to phones and iSync in the future. He is bringing on Stephen Carter from Cingular Wireless, who kicked off with a nice mention of Thinking Different. Carter likes Steve's "This is not your father's phone" comment that we did't have time to tell you about earlier. He is talking about all kinds of things coming down the pipeline in the phone industry. - posted by Bryan

[10:38 AM] Steve brought on Katsumi Ihara, President of Sony Ericsson. He is touting how well cell phones can sync with the Mac when using iSync. - posted by Bryan

[10:35 AM] Steve is showing us iSync, which must surely be a new... cell phone support.It has Bluetooth built into it, and some other features that went by too fast. Stay tuned to our full coverage of this after the keynote. This phone will sync with your iPod, your iApps, and your Mac, and your Palm. It's designed to sync with the latest in US phones... Steve is demonstrating the syn features. Steve: "is that a beep? Oh, that's Avie's beep, He's a little strange." The audience laughed... - posted by Bryan

[10:28 AM] Steve is now demoing the new software features in iPod. After showing us the music features, we are seeing Contacts, as before. There is also a new Calendar feature. This isn't related to iCal, but is a reference calendar. There is also a clock! Breakout has been made more accessible, too. The new units will be available in early August. Also, the accessories are available for existing iPods.

Steve says that Windows support is now available! Very smart! No doubt the bottom line at Apple has a lot to do with this, but Steve quotes a column from Business Week columnist, Charles Haddad. Instead of FireWire, per se, these Windows units will have 4 pin (i.LINK) connectors. WIndows units will be boxed separately, almost definitely because of the difference in connectors. - posted by Bryan

[10:23 AM] iTunes 3 will continue to remain free. No surprise, but the audience applauded. Note that Steve is still going through these dmeos rather swiftly. He has no moved on to iPod. The 5 GB unit is now US$299, and the 10 GB is US$399! Great moves! The 10 GB unit has a new design that includes a solid sate jog wheel, a door over the FireWire port, and a remote! Also a case. The 5 GB unit is still the same design, though.

Oh, and a new 20 GB iPod, too. Audience is cheering. The price is US$499. This is very good!

New softwarer in iTunes, too. There are new ways to list music from within iPod. iPod will also sync with iTunes 3 so that your Smart Playlists include all of your music playing. This is really smart, very intergrated, and very Apple. - posted by Bryan

[10:18 AM] Steve is building a new Smart Playlist for us. Artist names, song title, never been played, genre, my rating, random... All of these are options. You can also limit the size of a Smart Playlist too. - posted by Bryan

[10:16 AM] iTunes 3 will have support for Audible.com, so that one can buy content from that site. There are also new sound enahncing features in iTunes. Steve is showing us new playlists called Smart Playlists that look at what you do, according to rules you set up, and adds songs by itself. For instnace, he has a "Top 25" that has his top 25 most played songs. The rules set up for these Smart Playlists is very comprehensive, with many criteria. This is a very cool feature, and we don't know of any other music software that can do this. - posted by Bryan

[10:13 AM] In first 6 months, Apple has had more than 4 million downloads of iPhoto. Steve is talking about the fact that Apple swas the first tech company to ever win a Grammy, cites iTunes.

Showing us iTunes 3 now! - posted by Bryan

[10:11 AM] Steve has moved on to the Digital Hub. Going over the same-old-ame-old... iPhoto, iMovie, iTunes, iBlahblahblah - posted by Bryan

[10:09 AM] We didn't see anything about a Palm sync, but there is a to-do list. iCal will be a free download, and will be included in Jaguar. - posted by Bryan

[10:08 AM] Mail can work with iCal subscriptions, too. - posted by Bryan

[10:07 AM] This is agreat app. We should note that Now Up-to-Date has these features already, but that iCal has a MUCH better interface. We should also note that Power On Software split Now Software into a separate company today in order to better focus on Now's product line. Ouch. - posted by Bryan

[10:04 AM] .Mac, the pay service, includes iCal hosting. There are also automatic notification features as well. But wait, there's more. - posted by Bryan

[10:04 AM] iCal, a new app from Apple. It's a single window app that has a great interface. There are different calendars, including overlaps between the two, which is VERY cool. This is a great interface, and we can't emphasize that enough. It can even be shared over the Web with others. It has some sort of autmoagic Wbe publishing engine built into it. - posted by Bryan

[10:02 AM] Moving on to iTools, Steve says there are 2.2 million users. He s also saying that the world is changing, and that you *used* be able to get free services everywhere. Steve says that iTools has to reflect reality with this, and that Apple will begin charging for iTools. As of September 30th, iTools is gone, to replaced with...

Steve says that the new name will be .Mac, and that the inspiration came from ,Net, except that Apple was actually offering something. The specific suggestion was that Microsoft wasn't. New features, larger iDisk, Web hosting stays, new backup software for it. You can back up to iDisk, CD, or DVD. Very cool. Checks for viruses automatically.

The rumor sites were right on again, US$99 for a year. The first year is US$49. These are significant new features, but Apple will take heat from many Mac users for eliminating the free features. - posted by Bryan

[9:58 AM] Jaguar will cost US$129. Some will be disappointed by that, but we think it is worth it. Steve said that it's less than a dollar for every new feature included. It will ship August 24th, earlier than expected. There is an "Up-to-Date" offer for US$19.95. We are not sure of the terms of that offer as of yet. - posted by Bryan

[9:56 AM] Links are clickable from within iChat. One can send other things through iChat. Phil and Steve are joking about Phil not being on Steve's Buddy List. :-) Steve dragged an image from Internet Explorer onto his iChat buddy listing of Phil, and iChat sent Phil the image. Very cool. - posted by Bryan

[9:53 AM] Steve has moved on to iChat. Going over some of the basics that were shown at the WWDC. iChat will have Rendezvous support built in that can find everyone on your local network that has iChat. All automatic, and without the user having to work for it. The address book is fairly easy to work, and there are lots of nifty Quartz features. Steve just craacked a joke: Fred ANderson is offstage talking to Steve on iChat, and suggested that they go to Britney Spear's new restaraunt, Nyla. Steve asked "She can cook?" Applause. - posted by Bryan

[9:51 AM] Steve is showing us Bluetooth stuff now. We would like to note that we are using Bluetooth and a cell phone to bring you this live report. Bluetooth is built into Jaguar. Wow, Address Book can handle incoming caller ID, and you can dial out through your Bluetooth phone from within Address Book, too. This is a very good feature. - posted by Bryan

[9:49 AM] Showing us Address Book now. STeve says that the earlier versions of Address Book were "Not great." He says the new one is, in fact, great. It seems like Address Book will now be accessible by develoeprs. It also includes new features such as searching and new editing features. It's all quite fast. Oh, and some 53,000 people have now seen Phil Schiller's vacation address and phone number... - posted by Bryan

[9:49 AM] Steve is showing us a SPAM filter in the new version of Mail. NOte that this still about Jaguar... There is therading in Mail now, to help show connected e-mails. He is doing some searching, and it is quite fast. Back to SPAM filtering... He is showing us some of the lovely SPAM he has. There is a "training mode" that will ship as the default configuration in Mail. It looks for everything it thinks is SPAM and turns it brown . One can configure this filtering system to automagically move all SPAM to a SPAM folder. COnfigurable, and smart. That's great! - posted by Bryan

[9:42 AM] The Mac is looking for printers by itself, without the user having to understand networking at all. Steve says we will never have to configure network printers again. That's great! - posted by Bryan

[9:40 AM] Steve says that no one will own Rendezvous, and that it will be open to everyone. HP, Epson, and Lexmark have all adopted Rendezvous, and are building it into their printers. Steve is showing us an HP prototype... - posted by Bryan

[9:38 AM] Phil walked in with his AirPort connection, and Steve started streaming music without doing anything tecnical to find Phil's computer. iTunes did it all. Steve made a point of saying that the music wasn't being copied from one computer to another, a pointed comment for the cretins at the RIAA - posted by Bryan

[9:36 AM] Talking Inkwell now, said that the Newton Group was still at Apple and doing very exciting things. Quickly skipped over that, however, and moved on to Rendezvous, the networking protocol that Apple is introducing into Jaguar. Phil is helping to show how it works with iTunes by looking for music on the local network from within iTunes. - posted by Bryan

[9:35 AM] He looked for pics of Homer Simpson. It was quite quick, and the interface was good. Now he is looking for Sushi restaurants, which was also quite good. - posted by Bryan

[9:34 AM] You can buy movie tickets through Sherlock 3. That's very cool. Now we are seeing eBay services. You can see auctions, not just listings, and track them, etc. He is also showing us that you can find "pictures" with Sherlock. We are sure that many Mac users will enjoy finding "pictures" this way... - posted by Bryan

[9:32 AM] Steve is showing us Sherlock 3. He is calling it "Internet Services for the rest of us." We are seeing many new channels, including stocks. He is quickly adding new stocks, including Apple, Pixar, and Microsoft. He cracked a joke about panicking when he saw the stock prices, until he realized the markets weren't open. He is also showing us new movies... Hey, this is Watson. If you have used Watson, you have used these new features, but the interface is different. The interface is actually quite good, - posted by Bryan

[9:30 AM] He is showing us the quality between of MPEG-4 in QY6. Showing us the snappiness of "Instant On" streaming. No waiting. He was jumping around a stream, and it worked great. We don't know what kind of conenction he had, however. - posted by Bryan

[9:28 AM] He is showing us a demo of AAC, comparing sound quality between AAC and AIFF. Dave Hamilton says that AAC sounded better... - posted by Bryan

[9:26 AM] Steve just took a swipe at Microsoft... He said that everyone was adopting MPEG-4 except for Microsoft. The audience laughed. Phil is back on stage giving us a QT6 demo. He says that 50,000 people are watching the stream, half of them on QT6. - posted by Bryan

[9:25 AM] Steve is bypassing Universal Access... Everyone seems to be going through their demos very fast, much faster than normal. Steve is saying that QT6 has been downloaded more than 1 million times in the last 36 hours. He is talking about the benefits of QT6 now, and showing us the value of standards that have gone into MPEG-4 - posted by Bryan

[9:22 AM] Showing us several new ffeatures in the Finder windows. They look really good.

Phil is showing us pictures of his kids through the magic of Desktop Images. Desktop Images can now be rotated automatically. - posted by Bryan

[9:20 AM] Good stuff! Spring Loaded Folders look great! They also work in Column View! That is great!

We wanted to take a moment to thank Darla Sasaki for her help with this report.... - posted by Bryan

[9:18 AM] Touting some Windows support in Jaguar... Audience is cheering. Showing us the new Finder in Jaguar. Phil Schiller is on stage showing us Spring Loaded Folders! W00t! - posted by Bryan

[9:17 AM] Steve is showing us Jagwire... It's true, he says "Jagwire." He's the boss. Showing us the packaging, which actually has Jaguar spots on the X in Mac OS X. Very interesting looking. He is now touting Apple as the biggest Unix vendor in the world. - posted by Bryan

[9:16 AM] He is using a baseball clip, and the quality of the clip looks really nice. Note that Real is a competitor of Apple's, and this is smart of Steve to bring these guys on stage. Real and Apple together, which they are with MPEG-4, are a great team against Microsoft. - posted by Bryan

[9:15 AM] Showing us the Real Beta... - posted by Bryan

[9:14 AM] Maya 4.5 will be announced at MACWORLD! Maya for the Mac has really boosted Alias|Wavefront's business. He is also touting Warcraft 3 for Blizzard, saying that X gaming has picked up. Now bringing out Rob Glaser from Real... - posted by Bryan

[9:13 AM] Steve is talking about the Apple Stores, and showed us the new SoHo store. It's very impressive. He is throwing around numbers designed to show that Mac OS X is progressing nicely. Now he is talking about how many apps are out for X. He says 3500 of them are out.
- posted by Bryan

[9:08 AM] Steve is on stage now. Note that Will's Switch commercial was outstanding, and that the crowd cheered. - posted by Bryan

[9:06 AM] Will Ferrell of SNL fame has done a Switch commercial! - posted by Bryan

[9:05 AM] The keynote has started with new Switch commercials. - posted by Bryan

[9:03 AM] Welcome to our live coverage of the MACWORLD NY keynote. Note that all text is coming directly from the keynote floor, so bear with us on typos and other realted issues. - posted by Bryan

[8:56 AM] New Test! - posted by Bryan

[3:07 AM] Testing system again - posted by Bryan

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