January 7, 2002

[January 7, 2002] MWSF - Live Coverage of Steve Jobs Keynote
by Staff

Welcome to our live coverage of the Keynote presentation by Steve Jobs, held at MACWORLD Expo, San Francisco, 2002.

[12:58 PM] That's it folks! Jobs has left the stage - posted by Dave

[12:56 PM] Jobs is back on stage, talking about the digital hub and Apple's strategy. He also showed the cover of Time Magazine (the same as was online last night) and says that they will be giving a free copy to everyone on their way out the door. :-)posted by Dave

[12:49 PM] Still showing videos (now one of Seal) hyping the new iMac. - posted by Dave

[12:46 PM] Now showing videos of Jonathan Ive and Phil Schiller discussing the design and technical details of the new iMac. - posted by Dave

[12:45 PM] Now showing a commercial for the new iMac. - posted by Dave

[12:44 PM] The new iMac is "the ultimate digital hub" - posted by Dave

[12:44 PM] Genentech has placed the first order -- they ordered 1000 new iMacs. - posted by Dave

[12:43 PM] The $1799 model will ship this month, the $1499 in February, and the $1299 later this quarter. - posted by Dave

[12:43 PM] Model #2 700 MHz, 256MB RAM, 40 GB, ComboDrive - $1499. 800MHz, 256MB RAM, 60GB, SuperDrive - $1799 - posted by Dave

[12:41 PM] 3 models. All models have keyboard and optical mouse, and digital amplifier. 700MHz G4, 128MB, 40 GB, CD-RW -- $1299. - posted by Dave

[12:40 PM] There are 4 screws on the bottom, you can easily add memory or airport cards (with antenna going up through the display). The new imac will hold up to 1GB of RAM - posted by Dave

[12:39 PM] This design, for those of you that haven't sen the pictures, truly is completely radical. The base is 10.5 inches in diameter. - posted by Dave

[12:38 PM] The screen on the new iMac moves with just a touch. Very smooth motion, it even swivels. "The screen literally floats in mid-air" Tray loading drive in front, all connectors in back. The entire computer is in the base (hard drive, optical drive, and power transformer). - posted by Dave

[12:37 PM] Jobs calls new design a "technical tour de force". Rising out of the bottom of the stage is Apple's new iMac -- the dome base with a flat screen sticking out of it, just as Time magazine reported earlier this morning. :-) - posted by Dave

[12:35 PM] They have been working on the iMac design for 2 years. "We could have hacked off the back of the iMac, but we didn't". - posted by Dave

[12:33 PM] iMac now has an nVidia GeForce2 MX chip in it. Also has 5 USB ports, Firewire, 100MBit Ethernet, Modem, Airport Antenna, digial speaker, pro speakers (in 2 of 3 models). - posted by Dave

[12:32 PM] Blank DVD discs now cost $5 each -- the 5 pack is $25 from Apple. - posted by Dave

[12:32 PM] Customers said they wanted a SuperDrive in the new iMac, Apple said "yes". - posted by Dave

[12:31 PM] Every new iMac has a G4 running at 700MHz or 800MHz. - posted by Dave

[12:31 PM] Today we say goodbye to the old iMac, and say hello to a new iMac. designed from the ground up, the new iMac is built to be the center of the digital hub. Customers wanted a flat-screen, Apple said yes with a 15-inch LCD screen across the line. 1024x768 resolution. "This is the official death of the CRT today." - posted by Dave

[12:29 PM] A 3 year evolution from the inception of the iMac has shown 6 million iMacs sold. - posted by Dave

[12:29 PM] Jobs says that their commercials for the iMac show it best, so we're now being shown a slew of iMac commercials dating back to the original one all the way up through today. - posted by Dave

[12:25 PM] "Lets talk about the iMac" - posted by Dave

[12:24 PM] 1.35" thick, 14" screen, combo drive, 600MHz, 256MB RAM, under 6 pounds -- all for $1799. - posted by Dave

[12:23 PM] "Middle" model iBook with DVD drive removed. The unit with the Combo drive is now $1499. Today apple announces a 14-inch iBook!!! - posted by Dave

[12:22 PM] Jobs now to talk for a moment about iBook. - posted by Dave

[12:22 PM] Apple has a new AD called "Baby Jack" demo'ing iPhoto. It shows a woman in labor with her husband taking pictures while coaching his wife. He then pulls them into iPhoto, and then shows his baby boy pictures of his new family (including a shot of his mother driving to the hospital because Dad was "too nervous to drive" :-). - posted by Dave

[12:20 PM] iPhoto is Mac OS X only. Available as a FREE download from Apple.com and is available today. - posted by Dave

[12:19 PM] Here it is -- a 10 page book is $29.99 -- $3 per page thereafter. - posted by Dave

[12:17 PM] No pricing for books was mentioned. - posted by Dave

[12:16 PM] Books are created and shipped in "about one week". - posted by Dave

[12:15 PM] Multiple book designs built-in -- pick the design, pick the number of photos per page, type in text, and order. iPhoto does the rest. - posted by Dave

[12:13 PM] "Saved the best [of iPhoto] for last" -- Create a hard bound book within iPhoto (which includes a page layout program within it!), order it, and Apple will ship you an album. - posted by Dave

[12:12 PM] "Order prints" allows iPhoto users to use Photo prints. Can ship to anyone you register -- yourself, family, etc. "Buy Now" with one click, and away they go! - posted by Dave

[12:10 PM] Jobs is now demo'ing printing from iPhoto -- set printer, paper, and margins -- that's it. No more messing with ugly settings. Also can print contact sheets with "as many photos as you want" on there. - posted by Dave

[12:09 PM] Web pages create "auto" slide shows, as well. - posted by Dave

[12:08 PM] Jobs talks about using iPhoto to create a "home page" of pictures to share with anyone -- "they don't even need to have a Mac!" - posted by Dave

[12:07 PM] He shows a slideshow, complete with background music and auto scrolling from picture to picture - posted by Dave

[12:06 PM] Jobs shows how iPhoto can share photos in "amazing" new ways: First up -- the slide show. - posted by Dave

[12:04 PM] Jobs demos photo cropping -- just mouse drag and crop. You can set constraints to get a "4x6" aspect ratio or "5x7" or others. - posted by Dave

[12:01 PM] Now demoing iPhoto - he pulls in pictures from the camera. iPhoto looks like iTunes and adds photos into "Library" and "Albums" a la iTunes "Library" and "Playlists" - posted by Dave

[12:00 PM] Jobs goes to turn on a digital camera, and takes a picture of a woman named "Connie". - posted by Dave

[12:00 PM] iPhoto is about "Save, Organize, and Share" - posted by Dave

[11:59 AM] iPhoto also lets you safely store and organize your photos -- as Jobs calls it, the "digital shoebox" - posted by Dave

[11:58 AM] iPhoto also contains a cropping tool, as well. iPhoto has a special print panel that hides all the "messy" stuff and makes it simple to print your pictures easily, all using Colorsync. - posted by Dave

[11:57 AM] Today Apple is introducing iPhoto, their 4th digital hub application. "Import -> Edit -> Print" -- according to some publications, this is such a tough project they call it the "chain of pain". iPhoto, with the click of ONE button, pulls in all your photos from the camera, sorts them, and categorizes them. - posted by Dave

[11:56 AM] Now Jobs moves on -- "What about the digital camera?" 6 Million digital cameras sold last year in the US alone. - posted by Dave

[11:55 AM] Jobs plugs in an iPod, and it doesn't sync. He waits, makes an "Any time now" comment, and then says, "Anyway -- you know what it's supposed to do," and gets up. - posted by Dave

[11:54 AM] Now demoing iTunes, using George Harrison's songs as background music. - posted by Dave

[11:53 AM] Apple has sold over 1 Million blank DVD-R disks. - posted by Dave

[11:51 AM] Jobs is demo'ing iDVD by creating DVDs with motion buttons, various themes, motion backgrounds, and background music. - posted by Dave

[11:48 AM] Jobs will demo a movie made by a 13 year old boy named Jonathon Winslow -- completely made (from shooting the video through creating the iMovie to exporting it) over a weekend. Movie uses speed changes, titles, transitions, and background music to demo various skateboarding moves. - posted by Dave

[11:47 AM] Jobs is discussing and demoing the benefits of using iMovie, iTunes, and iDVD. - posted by Dave

[11:45 AM] Discusses how a camcorder and DVD player can be enhanced with a computer at the center, with applications like iMovie and iDVD. Digital Camera and MP3 player aren't just enhanced, but are made useful, by having a computer connected to them. - posted by Dave

[11:44 AM] Jobs now discussing Apple's "Digital Hub" strategy -- that personal computers will be the center of everyone's digital lifestyle. - posted by Dave

[11:43 AM] According to Jobs, "It's Time". All new Macs will now boot into Mac OS X. Mac OS 9 will still be on the disk, but all the machines are going to come with Mac OS X as the bootup default OS. - posted by Dave

[11:39 AM] They have used Mac OS X, Maya, and After Effects to create 4000 scenes for Star Wars: Episode 2. - posted by Dave

[11:38 AM] Jobs introduces "a customer" -- Dan Gregoire from Lucasfilm. First shows "a message from his boss" -- George Lucas. Lucas says he's working on finishing the next Star Wars film. Lucasfilm's "animatic" department uses Mac's to do previews of scenes. - posted by Dave

[11:37 AM] Now playing a game of Quidditch live in the Harry Potter game -- looks great! This will be available in a couple of weeks, according to Aspyr. The Sims, Hot Date, is coming to the Mac during the first part of this year. Star Wars: Galactic Battleground also coming the first part of this year. - posted by Dave

[11:35 AM] Video shows animations from the game -- great 3rd person perspective, very smooth animations (no indication as to type or speed of machine that created the video) - posted by Dave

[11:34 AM] Going to demo Harry Potter for the Mac. -- Has a video from the game. - posted by Dave

[11:33 AM] Jobs is back -- "Lets move from integrals to games." -- Introduces Mike Rogers, President of Aspyr. - posted by Dave

[11:33 AM] Showed a comparison of an animation -- Windows side was MUCH choppier and Mac side, taking advantage of Quartz's anti-aliasing, was much smoother. - posted by Dave

[11:31 AM] He created his demos on his PowerBook, in the background, and says he wouldn't try that on ANY other OS due to the fact that they need to run for days without crashing. - posted by Dave

[11:30 AM] Shows Dave Barry's recent "Integral Joke" much to the humor of the crowd. - posted by Dave

[11:30 AM] Creates a demo of an Integral -- beautiful display. According to Theo -- "Everything looks better in OS X" and "The Homework of the world doesn't stand a chance." - posted by Dave

[11:28 AM] Jobs now discussing Wolfram Research -- introduces Theodore Gray, co-founder. He will discuss Mathematica. - posted by Dave

[11:27 AM] Works on Desktop G4's, of course, but now works great on PowerBooks, too (according to Mike Evangelist) - posted by Dave

[11:27 AM] Real-time color correction demo -- 4 clicks to fix color on a VERY dark image. Quite an impressive demo, at least from where we sit. - posted by Dave

[11:25 AM] Demoing real-time effects with new transitions. No more waiting for transitions to render, all done in software. - posted by Dave

[11:24 AM] ME says FCP3 finally takes full advantage of the G4 and Velocity Engine, as well as Mac OS X - posted by Dave

[11:23 AM] Steve Jobs brings out Mike Evangelist to demo Final Cut Pro 3 on Mac OS X! - posted by Dave

[11:22 AM] VCard support built into the Palm Desktop -- drag and drop a VCard on to Palm, contact data is automatically imported. Hot Syncing within OS X demoed (presumably with Classic Disabled). - posted by Dave

[11:21 AM] Now Palm represenatives are on stage demoing the latest beta of Palm Desktop -- showing Dock capabilities of Palm Desktop in OS X -- seeing Contacts, Appoinments, and more, right from the Dock. - posted by Dave

[11:19 AM] InDesign 2.0 has gone to release candidate and will be shipping soon. - posted by Dave

[11:16 AM] With a nod to Steve Jobs, they said, "maybe there's one more application from Adobe you are interested in?" -- With that, they began a demo of Photoshop. - posted by Dave

[11:16 AM] He exported an XML file to Golive 6.0 - Native for Mac OS X. Brand new support for scripting and animation -- native support for quicktime and flash as well. GoLive 6.0 announced this morning. - posted by Dave

[11:15 AM] Russel Brown from Adobe is demoing Adobe Products. Starting with Illustrator 10, he's manipulating some Lord Of The Rings image files. Also using InDesign 2.0 -- bringing in Illustrator files with Transparency support. - posted by Dave

[11:14 AM] SN discussing next evolution in publishing -- "Network Publishing". Acrobat reader, Illustrator and, as of this morning, After Effect 5.5 are all shipping for Mac OS X. - posted by Dave

[11:12 AM] Shantu Narayan from Adobe on stage now to discuss their products for Mac OS X - posted by Dave

[11:12 AM] Now hyping Office v.x -- leads the crowd into a roud of applause for Microsoft. - posted by Dave

[11:11 AM] Comparing OS X's 12 month transition equated to a clock again. "Huge Move" at 6:00 (or 6 month) point. We're now at 9:00 (9 month) point. From 500 applications in April, we are at 2500 applications in January, 2002. - posted by Dave

[11:10 AM] Jobs now hyping Mac OS X -- security, Unix, crashproof -- the standard buzzwords. - posted by Dave

[11:09 AM] According to Jobs, "1 down, 49 to go" - posted by Dave

[11:08 AM] Maine has ordered 36,000 iBooks -- the largest educational order in history, per Jobs. - posted by Dave

[11:08 AM] The State of Maine decided they want to equip every 7th and 8th grade student and teach with a networked, wireless, portable computer. The decision -- iBooks. :-) - posted by Dave

[11:07 AM] MACWORLD is expected to attract 80,000 people this week -- by comparison, Apple's 27 stores in the month of December had 800,000 visitors. - posted by Dave

[11:07 AM] 40% of people buying CPUs in Apple Stores do not own a Mac. - posted by Dave

[11:06 AM] Apple opened 27 retail stores in 2001, with more coming in 2002. - posted by Dave

[11:05 AM] Now talking about Apple retail stores. "Phenominal", according to Jobs... of course. - posted by Dave

[11:05 AM] Jobs is going through the hype on current products -- iPod is first. First shipped on November 10th -- Between then and the end of 2001, Apple sold 125,000 iPods! - posted by Dave

[11:03 AM] Steve Jobs is on stage. Black turtleneck and jeans, of course. - posted by Dave

[11:02 AM] Crowd shots reveal a packed house, to no great surprise. Digital cameras seem to be in the hands of lots of folks, snapping pictures and getting settled for the show. - posted by Dave

[10:59 AM] Peter Gabriel's "Shaking the Tree" is the current music for all of us. :-) - posted by Dave

[10:55 AM] We're currently waiting for both our stream to come live as well as our connection direct from the Moscone center. Check back and we'll keep you posted! - posted by Dave

[8:22 AM] We are waiting for the keynote to begin at 9AM PST (11AM CST). - posted by Dave

[3:22 PM] Our Keynote Coverage will begin Monday. Thanks for checking in! - posted by Dave

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