July 18th, 2001

[9:00 AM EDT] MWNY - Live Coverage of Steve Jobs Keynote
by Staff

Welcome to our live coverage of the Keynote presentation by Steve Jobs, held at MACWORLD Expo, New York, 2001.

[11:10 AM EDT] That's it, no "One more thing..." Steve left the stage to a noticably unenthusiastic round of applause. No earth shattering announcements this year. The Mac Observer will have extensive analysis on the latest Apple announcements throughout the day, so stay tuned.

[11:09 AM EDT] Steve urges the audience to cheer for the Apple team bringing all of these great products, and cheering for the families of these hard working people.

[11:08 AM EDT] Steve is talking about how the industry is struggling, but Apple is trying to get through the tough times through innovation. New product line, retail stores, OS X, everything happening now, at a time when other computer companies are struggling.

[11:06 AM EDT] New iDVD commercial is called Elope, and it shows how easy iDVD is. Pretty cool

[11:04 AM EDT] Sounds like a conclusion. Talks about how Apple wants to be the center of the Digital Hub, and how Apple wants to do things faster than before. This is how Apple combines liberal arts and science. Now they are showing the Concert, Middle Seat, and new iDVD commercials.

[11:00 AM EDT] While Steve is going over more of iDVD 2, we have a chance to comment that, so far, the rumor sites have pretty much nailed today's announcements. No major iMac revision, no GHz G4, the speeds were correct...very interesting. Still waiting to see if there is "One more thing..."

[10:56 AM EDT] Now giving a demo of iDVD 2 on one of the new G4 machines. Showing how buttons for navigating through the DVD can actually have video in them, rather than just a still image. This allows users to have a better idea of what is going on and where the buttons will take you. This is a pretty neat feature for iDVD users. iDVD 2 also includes some new, more professional themes, geared toward business.

[10:52 AM EDT] That's where this is going, Steve is going to preview iDVD 2. The new version includes something called Motion Menus, which is putting video on buttons and in menus. iDVD 2 for Mac OS X will encode in the background, and only runs on Mac OS X. It will ship in September, and will be a free upgrade to iDVD.

[10:50 AM EDT] Talking about iMovie and Final Cut Pro as being the two most popular movie authoring tools out there. Talks how iDVD can store 10's of thousands of digital images allowing users to easily create digital photo albums that can be displayed in consumer DVD players. This we all know already.

[10:48 AM EDT] There are DVD players in 1/4 houses in the US. The DVD revolution is here, and Apple is at the forefront. With the SuperDrive available in the mid-range machine, more users will have access to iDVD and the DVD writing capabilities of the iDVD/Super Drive combo.

[10:46 AM EDT] Steve says the last thing he wants to talk about is iDVD. Done with hardware, or so he says.

[10:45 AM EDT] Steve got the digital camera to work that wasn't working before, obviously somebody scrambled for their life to find one that was functioning or find the batteries, so he is going back to the 10.1 demo. 10.1 automatically detects a USB camera, launches the image capture app, and downloads all the pictures into the Pictures folder in the Finder. Pretty neat. Users can also set their pictures folder to function as a slide show type screensaver. Glad we got it to work, cool stuff.

[10:40 AM EDT] They are showing the typical "video tribute" that they show for all new product releases. The more one gets a looks at the new enclosure, the more appealing it looks. Definitely based on the Titanium PowerBook with a silver/gray color combo. It has a sleeker look, but the case appears to be the same size as the previous case. The pictures on the Web, as we said before, were indeed correct. There is a new speaker on the front, but the rest appears the same. No mention of DDR Ram, or other internal enhancements. Not to say that they are not there, just not talked about yet.

[10:37 AM EDT] The bottom to models of the G4's are available now, the dual 800 in August. Steve is going over the display lineup, and talking about ADC. Still 22", 17", 15". Pricing is the same, $2499, $999, $599.

[10:35 AM EDT] There is lots of technical info on the length of pipelines, and how shorter pipelines start producing results quicker. Talking about branching, and speed, and processor efficiency. This is a very different approach from what we have seen in previous keynotes. Lots of effort is being made to show that high clockrate does not equal faster performance. Using lots of appealing graphics that we can easily see popping up on C|Net and in USA today.

[10:31 AM EDT] Rubenstein is talking about the Megahertz Myth, trying to give the reason, in "real world language," why the slower clockrate G4 is actually faster than the higher clockrate Pentium 4.

[10:30 AM EDT] Here we are, almost 1.5 hours into the keynote, and there really hasn't been any terribly exciting news. Same style iMacs, slightly modified, and a little faster, G4's. No PowerBook announcements, and no iSoftware announcements as of yet. The whole thing is rather underwhelming, quite honestly.

[10:28 AM EDT] This is another Monsters, Inc. plug. Steve reminds the audience where to be Nov. 2nd when the movie opens. Still couldn't tell if Photoshop was in OS X's Classic environment or OS 9, but I'm guessing OS 9 native.

[10:26 AM EDT] Ah, here is the Photoshop demo. Can't tell if it is running in Classic or under Mac OS 9 standard. They are showing somthing, it looks like, from Monsters, Inc. Leave it to Steve... :-) The Mac of course finished far quicker than the 1.7GHz Pentium 4.

[10:24 AM EDT] The comparison this time is between the G4/867 and a 1.7GB Pentium. The G4 has finished encoding, and played the video, before the Pentium has finished the first task .

[10:21 AM EDT] Super Drive equipped G4 now available for $2499. It is time to do the Intel vs. G4 comparison. Here comes Phil Shiller for the show down demo. The demo is using OS X, which is interesting. They are NOT going right to Photoshop, of course, for the first time since the hills were created. The demo is using Media Cleaner 5.

[10:18 AM EDT] Starting price for low end is $1699, then $2499, then $3499. That means the computer that cost $3500 yesterday, the G4/733, is $1700 today. Hope you hung on to your receipt.

[10:17 AM EDT] Switching to new G4s. 733/867/with a Dual 800MHz for the "High End". There is a new form factor, but nothing dramatic. If you were following the pictures that surfaces last week about the new case, they were dead-on accurate. No 1GHz model, but they come with 128 or 256MB of RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 2 cards...not GeForce 3. High end comes with a Dual Display Card, and Super Drives now come in the top 2 models.

[10:14 AM EDT] Now talking about the TiBook, talking about great praise it has received. Switching to three new iMac models. 500/600/700 iMacs, min 128MB RAM, and includes a CD-RW version. The 500MHz model is $999. Steve is skipping right through the iMacs, spending about a minute talking about the three new models. The form factor is exactly the same, coming in Graphite, Snow, Ruby, and the blue one, uh, Indigo.

[10:11 AM EDT] Shipped 182,000 models since its release. They are ramping up production to help meet the demand. The 182k number is the most of one laptop Apple has ever shipped in a quarter.

[10:09 AM EDT] Now switching to hardware, and is starting with the iBook. Says it is the true center of the Digital Hub. Shows a number of quotes about people raving about the iBook.

[10:08 AM EDT] Shipping for free in September. No X update available today. This sucks.

[10:07 AM EDT] Showing Disk Burner from the Finder. What one would expect, simply drag and drop files onto the blank disk on the desktop. Also showing how OS X will automatically recognize a series of USB cameras. STEVE IS PISSED. The camera that he wanted to use was not turned on, he actually threw it off the stage to somebody in the crowd (an Apple employee) to get it to work. Somebody should work on their resume'. ;-)

[10:04 AM EDT] Showing more demos of OS X Finder, this using the DVD player with Toy Story. Now showing iTunes. Shows keyboard access to volume and system brightness. iTunews has "Dockling" functionality from the iTunes icon, rather from a separate iTunes Dockling. This is pretty neat, and will also save Dock space.

[10:00 AM EDT] Shows new Genie Effect (Scale) and says that will be default. Shows window resizing is instant. Shows a series of icons in the menubar that shows system status such as battery time, AirPort signal strength, and modem status...not taking up Dock space.

[9:59 AM EDT] Steve is giving users a "Sneak Peak" of OS X, which probably means it is not available yet. We figured this. Application launching is wicked fast...Mail was one bounce, IE was one bounce (Dock icon bounces)...app launching much improved.

[9:58 AM EDT] Built in SAMBA networking will allow easy connectivity to Windows networks. AirPort base stations can also now be managed from OS X.

[9:58 AM EDT] 10.1 focuses on performance, including app launch. Aqua updated with moveable Dock, improved Finder, and includes DVD and CD burning in the Finder. Digital camera support. There is a TON of new stuff.

[9:56 AM EDT] Software demo is over, talking about the OS .x updates. Steve is announceing 10.1!

[9:55 AM EDT] Alias|Wavefront is taking orders for Maya for X starting today! No ship date announced, but you can order it now.

[9:53 AM EDT] No matter how many times I see demos of Maya, I am still continuously impressed. The demo starts with a QuickTime movie created in Maya, and then going into Maya to show how the movie was made. It is pretty simple to create, but of course, that's the beauty of Maya. This is just so neat.

[9:51 AM EDT] Talking about 3D, which leads to Maya and Alias|Wavefront. Here comes a kickin' Maya demo.

[9:50 AM EDT] In case I forgot to mention, Steve is decked out in the usual jeans and black turtleneck. Good to not be let down. :-)

[9:48 AM EDT] Aspyr is up next showing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. This is not new news, but the graphics are impressive.

[9:46 AM EDT] Blizzard is on stage showing Warcraft III coming to Mac OS X. Hoping for a simultaneous OS X and Windows release. The graphics are amazing! Think of the speed of UT with the visual perspective of Myth. Users can zoom in and out, the speed is amazing, and will be playable online. I really want to know what system these demos are being shown on as the performance of all of these demos is incredible.

[9:44 AM EDT] Time for games!

[9: 44 AM EDT] The demo of World Book functions exactly as one might expect. Lots of info, highly interactive, and links to all relative Web sites, and it is available TODAY for US$60. Only available on X, not OS 9 or Windows.

[9:41 AM EDT] World Book 2002 is coming to OS X. Heavily multi-media oriented, taking advantage of Aqua...the intro page is really stunning.

[9:40 AM EDT] WOW! A full demo of opening mail, composing a message, showing a video clip, saving and sending the message, all from using ViaVoice. This was even more impressive than the initial ViaVoice demonstration from 2 years ago.

[9:39 AM EDT] IBM is showing off an OS X version of ViaVoice. This is neat, especially considering there were originally thought to be difficulties using voice technology with X. The X version of ViaVoice is Velocity Engine optimized, and optimized for multiple processors.

[9:36 AM EDT] Showing off AutoCad inside Windows 98 inside VPC inside OS X. Got that? :-) The speed is REMARKABLE. Who knows what the hardware is that this demo is running on, but it is VERY impressive.

[9:34 AM EDT] There is actually a Technology Preview of VPC for OS X available today. It is a free download for registered VPC users, and it is available today...we assume from the Connectix Web site. It shows that there are a wide variety of operating systems ready to go, including Me, 98, 2000, and XP. This looks very neat.

[9:33 AM EDT] Kickin'! Virtual PC is coming to Mac OS X!

[9:32 AM EDT] Showing how the TV channel ShowTime uses FileMaker to keep track of airtimes. More examples of "real world" uses of FileMaker Pro.

[9:30 AM EDT] FileMaker is next. Steve says it is a "platform" that can run other apps rather than just an app. Over 50,000 copies of FileMaker for X have already shipped.

[9:29 AM EDT] XPress will now allow users to build Web pages, including XML functionality, right from within OS X. Interesting that Quark and InDesign are shown off back-to-back. The Web features include CSS, JavaScript, and a host of other HTML features. This is pretty neat, basically any design in XPress can be instantly be published to the Web. Cool stuff.

[9:28 AM EDT] Wow! Quark xPress is coming to OS X . This is somewhat of a surprise, and the version will be based on the 5.0 code. It is being demonstrated now.

[9:24 AM EDT] Now showing how an Illustrator document can be used within InDesign. Showing off features, including transparency effects, and showing how objects can easily be dragged and dropped around an InDesign document. Neat stuff. No mention of Photoshop yet.

[9:22 AM EDT] New version of Illustrator allows users to automatically set Web "slices" and to optimize each slice. This leads to a GoLive for OS X demo. GoLive and Illustrator work together to handle these Web graphics. This is something that Dreamweaver and Fireworks have done for a couple versions, and now Adobe's apps will also add this functionality.

[9:20 AM EDT] Talking about "Network Publishing" which is access to your content from anywhere, any device. Says all of the next major versions of X will be coming to OS X. Not just ports, but applications designed specifically for OS X. Showing three main products, with Illustrator first. Illustrator launches 2x as fast as OS 9 version.

[9:18 AM EDT] Hey look, it's Adobe!

[9:17 AM EDT] Showing off Excel under X, and is showing how Office and X work together. Lots about Aqua and how Aqua can help change the way that users can work. Office seems to "play" by all of the OS X rules, including the "slide down" dialog boxes. That's it for the Office demo.

[9:15 AM EDT] Office for Mac will run ONLY on X, not be a cross platform Carbonized app. Not to say that it is Cocoa, but will be X only. Showing off Word now, it definitely has a very Aqua look. Performance is VERY fast, and all of the palletes use the Genie Effect to come down from the toolbar.

[9:13 AM EDT] Going to demo 10 apps from 10 developers on the stage now. First up is Microsoft Offic for X.

[9:12 AM EDT] Steve says that, in terms of a clock, we are at 4:00PM in the transition to OS X. Says there are over 1000 OS X apps coming. 59% of developers at WWDC said they would release their OS X apps in 6 months.

[9:11 AM EDT] Moving to Mac OS X

[9:07 AM EDT] The movies are highlighting the store and the Glendale Grand Opening. The lines are as long as they say. :-)

[9:03 AM EDT] Steve is showing a video of the opening of the VA store.

[9:02 AM EDT] Four new locations, including Boston and Chicago, set to open in August. Still on pace for 25 this year.

[9:00 AM EDT] Steve takes the stage, starts talking about retail stores.

[7:00 AM EDT] Live keynote coverage will begin at roughly 9:00 AM EDT.

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