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Apple Sept 9, 2015 Special Event on September 9th, 2015

[8:03 PM] Dave: Thanks so much for watching along and commenting on Twitter, folks! And thanks WDC for your sponsorship and helping make this possible!
[7:29 PM] Bob: Apple TV hands on demo room
[7:22 PM] Bryan: Great event! Loved the moment when Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic took a selfie with Tim Cook in the audience while he was singing. Great moment.
[7:21 PM] Bob: Headed to hands on area now. Stay tuned.
[7:18 PM] Bob: Song #3.
[7:18 PM] Dave: Thanks again to Western Digital for sponsoring our liveblog here today. Check out their My Book Pro.
[7:11 PM] Bob: "This song is for Tim."
[7:09 PM] Bob: More One Republic
[7:07 PM] Bob: Musical guests One Republic
[7:07 PM] Bob: Musical guests One Republic
[7:07 PM] Jeff: OK, so that's it for announcements. Now Bob gets to go check out the new gear.
[7:06 PM] Jeff: One Republic is playing
[7:06 PM] Jeff: Tim is back, thanking employees, introducing a band.
[7:04 PM] Jeff: Looks like the iPhone 5c is gone.
[7:04 PM] Bob: Tim is recapping- will there be one more thing???
[7:03 PM] Jeff: iOS 9 available Wednesday, September 16
[7:02 PM] Jeff: Preorders available on Saturday September 12.
[7:01 PM] Jeff: iPhone upgrade program: New iPhone every year. Unlocked with AppleCare, starting at $24/month for the 6, $27 for the 6s & $31 for 6s Plus
[7:01 PM] Bob: New program prices from Apple (US)
[7:00 PM] Jeff: iPhone 5s is now free, iPhone 6 starts at $99, & iPhone 6 Plus starts at $199.
[7:00 PM] Jeff: New iPhones: same prices and configurations as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, so there's still at 16GB model.
[6:59 PM] Bob: The new iPhone lineup.
[6:58 PM] Jeff: Color matched leather cases, silicone cases, charging docks.
[6:58 PM] Bob: New accessories for new iPhones.
[6:58 PM] Bob: New accessories for new iPhones.
[6:58 PM] Bob: New accessories for new iPhones.
[6:58 PM] Jeff: Google Play app to migrate from Android to iPhone. Phil: "It's the neighborly thing to do."
[6:57 PM] Jeff: More specs: 300Mbps LTE, up to 23 LTE bands, 866Mbps 802.11ac, iOS 9
[6:56 PM] Jeff: You can also see Live Photos in El Capitan & on Apple Watch
[6:56 PM] Jeff: It captures a shot just before & after your pic. Blends them together for moving photos.
[6:55 PM] Jeff: All photos are Live Photos, so you don't have to do anything different. It's subtle and cool, like photos in Harry Potter.
[6:55 PM] Bob: New Live Photos features look cool
[6:54 PM] Jeff: 3D Touch for looking at moving photos. Live photos.
[6:53 PM] Jeff: Phil called it Retina Flash
[6:52 PM] Jeff: Clever: They're using the display to replicate the main camera's True Tone flash for FaceTime photos.
[6:51 PM] Jeff: 5MP FaceTime HD camera
[6:51 PM] Jeff: You can shoot and edit 4K video on the 6s
[6:51 PM] Jeff: 4K video iPhone without 4K playback on Apple TV. I expect this will chafe John Martellaro.
[6:51 PM] Bob: Better selfie cam.
[6:50 PM] Jeff: It captures 4K video, too.
[6:50 PM] Jeff: 63MP panorama photos. Excellent exposure without visible stitching lines.
[6:50 PM] Bob: 4k video!
[6:49 PM] Jeff: These photos look awesome. I can't wait to try out the new camera and see what it really does.
[6:49 PM] Bob: Better pictures.
[6:49 PM] Bob: Better pictures.
[6:49 PM] Bob: Better pictures.
[6:49 PM] Bob: Better pictures.
[6:49 PM] Bob: Better pictures.
[6:49 PM] Jeff: 6s camera "nails exposure and accurate color" when mixing indoor and outdoor light in the same shot.
[6:48 PM] Jeff: Phil is showing off photos from the new iPhone. He says they're untouched. They look great!
[6:47 PM] Jeff: That should give better color and depth of field.
[6:47 PM] Jeff: 50% more focus pixels, color filters on diodes use "deep trench isolation" to maintain precise color.
[6:46 PM] Jeff: 12MP iSight camera, so that's 50% more pixels
[6:45 PM] Jeff: Touch ID is 2x faster, and Phil just did a "Hey Siri" command while his phone screen was powered off.
[6:45 PM] Bob: More pixels + better sensor
[6:44 PM] Bob: Faster Touch ID
[6:44 PM] Jeff: Phil is back. He says the M9 motion co-processor is built into the A9 chip. That lets it run in "always on" mode.
[6:44 PM] Bob: M9
[6:44 PM] Jeff: We're seeing Freeblade right now. It'll be available "this holiday season."
[6:43 PM] Jeff: Watching video games on the iPhone 6 is a lot like watching console games. It's pretty impressive.
[6:42 PM] Bob: 3D touch for games.
[6:41 PM] Jeff: PixelToys CEO Andy Wafer in stage to show off 3D Touch in gaming.
[6:41 PM] Jeff: A9, 3rd generation chip. More energy efficient, 70% faster than the A8 for CPU tasks & 90% faster for GPU tasks.
[6:41 PM] Bob: Faster and faster ...
[6:41 PM] Bob: Faster and faster ...
[6:40 PM] Jeff: Phil is back to talk about the iPhone's guts.
[6:39 PM] Jeff: Pressing app icons on the Home screen to get contextual menus looks really slick.
[6:39 PM] Bob: New options right from home screen.
[6:38 PM] Jeff: One of the emails in Craig's iPhone said OS X El Capitan ships on Sept 30. Nice catch by Kelly!
[6:37 PM] Jeff: Press on apps to get contextual actions.
[6:37 PM] Jeff: 3D Touch is available in all apps.
[6:36 PM] Jeff: Ha! Craig just called 3D Touch "Force Touch."
[6:36 PM] Jeff: 3D Touch saves you from lots of "in and out" viewing in Mail messages. Tap & hold for previews. Press harder to "go deeper" into messages.
[6:35 PM] Jeff: Here comes Craig Federighi for a 3D touch demo.
[6:34 PM] Bob: Craig's here!
[6:34 PM] Jeff: And it has the Taptic Engine for tactile feedback.
[6:33 PM] Jeff: Wow. The sensors can see microscopic changes in the distance between the glass and backlight.
[6:32 PM] Jeff: It's deeply integrated into iOS 9
[6:32 PM] Jeff: It also includes tactile feedback.
[6:31 PM] Jeff: So it sounds like Force Touch.
[6:31 PM] Bob: 3D touch.
[6:31 PM] Bob: 3D touch.
[6:31 PM] Jeff: 3D touch: pressure sensitive touch. With a video explaining it...
[6:30 PM] Jeff: New display glass: dual ion-exchange for better durability.
[6:29 PM] Jeff: 4.7-inch 6s and 5.5-inch 6s Plus
[6:29 PM] Bob: New rose gold
[6:29 PM] Jeff: Apple 7000 series aluminum. Sliver, gold, space grey, rose gold.
[6:29 PM] Bob: New rose gold
[6:29 PM] Jeff: Phil is back to show them off.
[6:28 PM] Jeff: Tim: They're the most advanced smartphones in the world.
[6:28 PM] Jeff: Tim: What we have to sow you today is really awesome. And they look familiar, but we've changed everything about the new iPhones.
[6:28 PM] Bob: What else?
[6:27 PM] Jeff: The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
[6:27 PM] Jeff: The new iPhone models look like the 6 and 6 Plus. That's expected.
[6:27 PM] Bob: IPhone 6s & 6s Plus.
[6:27 PM] Jeff: iPhone 6 the most popular iPhone ever.
[6:26 PM] Jeff: iPhone grew 3.5x faster than the rest of the world market. Up 75% in China when the rest of the market dropped 4%.
[6:26 PM] Bob: IPhone most loved phone ever.
[6:24 PM] Jeff: Tim is back: Next up is iPhone.
[6:24 PM] Jeff: tvOS beta available to developers today.
[6:24 PM] Jeff: 32GB $149, 64GB $199. Available in October. Apple TV 3 still available for $69.
[6:23 PM] Jeff: Remove communicates over Bluetooth, and controls TV. Charges via Lightning connector.
[6:23 PM] Bob: Coming in October.
[6:23 PM] Bob: Coming in October.
[6:23 PM] Bob: Coming in October.
[6:23 PM] Dave: Likely translation: The App Store is just as dysfunctional on the Apple TV as it is on the iPhone.
[6:22 PM] Jeff: 64-bit A8 processor, BLuetooth 4.0 802.11ac WiFi with MIMO, IR receiver, HDMI, ethernet.
[6:22 PM] Jeff: Eddy is back. He says the App Store for Apple TV is just as easy to use as it is on the iPhone.
[6:21 PM] Jeff: NHL coming to Apple TV in 2016
[6:20 PM] Jeff: Live games and stats in HD
[6:20 PM] Jeff: Apple TV enhancing live sports, or at least baseball.
[6:19 PM] Jeff: Eddy Cue is back to introduce Chad Evans from MLB.
[6:17 PM] Bob: Apple TV shopping from Gilt.
[6:17 PM] Jeff: So you can shop for you new wardrobe from your couch
[6:16 PM] Jeff: Michelle Peluso from GILT is on stage showing fashion on Apple TV
[6:16 PM] Jeff: Multiplayer uses iPhone or iPod touch
[6:16 PM] Bob: More from Harmonix.
[6:15 PM] Jeff: Again, using Apple TV's new remote as a game controller.
[6:14 PM] Jeff: New games designed specifically for Apple TV: Beat Sports
[6:14 PM] Bob: From Harmonix, the folks who brought you Rock Band.
[6:13 PM] Dave: So do you need two Apple TV remotes to play multiplayer or would one person's iPhone suffice?
[6:13 PM] Jeff: Eddy Cue is back introducing Jon Carter from Harmonix. Presumably not the same guy from Mars.
[6:11 PM] Jeff: Crossy Road multiplayer support on Apple TV!
[6:11 PM] Jeff: They're using the new remote as a game controller.
[6:11 PM] Jeff: Hipster Whale is on stage showing off Crossy Road on Apple TV
[6:10 PM] Jeff: Comic book apps, and apps that work with Apple Watch
[6:10 PM] Jeff: Shadowmatic, Guitar Here, AriBNB, Zillow
[6:10 PM] Jeff: Games, too! Galaxy on Fire, Rayman Adventures, Disney Infinity, and console-only games.
[6:09 PM] Bob: Guitar Hero on Apple TV!
[6:09 PM] Jeff: Apps are coming: Netflix, HBO, Hulu.
[6:08 PM] Jeff: Apple Music support is included, of course.
[6:08 PM] Jeff: Eddy Cue is back. He says all of Apple TV's apps have been redesigned.
[6:07 PM] Bob: Swipe up for more info (pauses video).
[6:07 PM] Jeff: Navigating looks so much easier on the new Apple TV.
[6:07 PM] Jeff: Swipe up for more details. Siri pauses the movie so you don't miss anything.
[6:06 PM] Bob: "Weather in Juneau?"
[6:06 PM] Jeff: Swipe down on the remote to get movie info, or ask Siri and she'll show the info at the bottom of the screen without talking.
[6:05 PM] Bob: "Siri, what did he just say," rewinds & enables CC temporarily. Cool.
[6:05 PM] Jeff: Jen just filtered movies from action to James Bond to Sean Connery with just a few words.
[6:05 PM] Dave: "Show that Modern Family episode with Edward Norton" would be even better if it tied in with my cable provider's live stream, too.
[6:04 PM] Jeff: "Jump ahead 7 minutes." That's cool, too. But "what did she say" is awesome.
[6:03 PM] Jeff: "What did he say?" jumps back 15 seconds. Cool!
[6:03 PM] Jeff: Siri seems to be pretty slick for finding Apple TV content.
[6:02 PM] Jeff: The new screensaver shows day or night photos depending on time of day.
[6:01 PM] Jeff: And now Jen Folds is on stage showing off Apple TV features.
[6:01 PM] Bob: New HD video screensavers shot specifically for new Apple TV.
[6:01 PM] Jeff: It searches across iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime. More coming soon.
[6:00 PM] Jeff: Siri gives us the universal search feature Dave Hamilton has been calling for.
[5:59 PM] Jeff: Siri Remote button. Hold down the button and ask for what you want to watch.
[5:59 PM] Bob: "Show me new comedies."
[5:59 PM] Jeff: Remote has a glass touch surface and physical buttons.
[5:58 PM] Jeff: Here's Eddy Cue to show it off.
[5:58 PM] Jeff: This is the new Apple TV, and we believe it's the future of television: Tim Cook
[5:58 PM] Bob: New Apple TV & remote
[5:58 PM] Jeff: So... Siri support, and the video shows a redesigned remote, too.
[5:57 PM] Jeff: Video starts with asking Siri to show us something new.
[5:57 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook echoes my sentiment that we're in a golden age of TV. I'm guessing he listens to TDO and ACM. :)
[5:57 PM] Jeff: Here comes the new Apple TV.
[5:56 PM] Jeff: Powerful hardware, modern OS, new user experience, developer tools, App Store... that's the tease.
[5:56 PM] Bob: The new Apple TV
[5:56 PM] Jeff: Tim: "You need a new foundation for TV."
[5:55 PM] Jeff: Interesting: More than 60% of paid streaming TV happens on Apple devices.
[5:54 PM] Jeff: The TV experience itself hasn't change that much in decades. Today we're doing something about that.
[5:54 PM] Bob: Tim: The future of TV is apps.
[5:54 PM] Dave: Whoa. iPad mini 4 is an iPad Air 2 in the mini size. $399. I like!
[5:54 PM] Jeff: Tim Cook: "I'd like to talk about a larger screen, and that's your TV."
[5:53 PM] Jeff: And now we're on to Apple TV.
[5:53 PM] Jeff: No changes to the iPad Air.
[5:53 PM] Bob: Finally...
[5:53 PM] Jeff: The iPad mini 4 is announced almost as a throw away comment. "We took the power & performance if iPad Air 2 and put it in a small device."
[5:52 PM] Bob: The iPad lineup
[5:52 PM] Dave: Yet again it seems Apple times the :50 mark of the hour to coincide with a video... just in case people stand up due to Apple Watch ;)
[5:52 PM] Jeff: I wish Apple Pencil worked with other iPad models, too, but... iPad Pro! Holy crap!
[5:50 PM] Jeff: Here's a demo video to give us time to catch our breath.
[5:49 PM] Jeff: Apple Pencil is $99, and Smart Keyboard is $169
[5:49 PM] Jeff: Available in November
[5:48 PM] Bob: Prices - all available in November
[5:48 PM] Jeff: In silver, space grey, gold
[5:48 PM] Bob: Prices - all available in November
[5:48 PM] Jeff: 32GB: $799, 128GB $949, 128GB with LTE $1079
[5:47 PM] Jeff: More iPad Pro specs: 8MP iSight camera, 802.11ac with MIMO, up to 150 Mbps LTE, Touch ID
[5:47 PM] Bob: Phil & the iPad Pro specs
[5:46 PM] Jeff: She's using the pencil to draw on 3D models of a patient's knee joint.
[5:46 PM] Bob: 3d drawing on medical image.
[5:46 PM] Jeff: Apple Pencil support, too.
[5:45 PM] Jeff: Muscles animated in real time. 60FPS. I remember when my Macs couldn't do that!
[5:45 PM] Jeff: Seeing iPad Pro used as a medical diagnosis tool is pretty amazing.
[5:44 PM] Bob: Real-time medical images in great detail.
[5:44 PM] Jeff: Now Irene Walsh from 3D 4 Medical is on stage.
[5:43 PM] Jeff: Comp, Fix, Sketch for iPad Pro will be available in October. Presumably part of your CC subscription.
[5:42 PM] Jeff: Bonus: all the work he did was non destructive.
[5:42 PM] Jeff: And now Adobe Sketch with Apple Pencil support.
[5:41 PM] Jeff: Now he's retouching images in Photoshop Fix for the Adobe Comp layout.
[5:40 PM] Bob: Adobe: 1,000+ Typekit fonts on iOS for the first time.
[5:40 PM] Jeff: First up: Adobe Comp. It's a page layout app. Holy crap. The iPad Pro is a true design platform.
[5:39 PM] Dave: How hard is it for Kirk from MSFT to not say, "it's better than Keynote!" while talking Powerpoint on iPad Pro? ;)
[5:39 PM] Jeff: He's going to show 3 new apps on iPad Pro.
[5:39 PM] Jeff: And now Eric Snowden from Adobe Creative Cloud is coming out now.
[5:38 PM] Jeff: PowerPoint supports Apple Pencil. That should make in-app shapes easier.
[5:37 PM] Jeff: Seeing MS Word & Excel side by side on the iPad Pro actually is pretty compelling.
[5:36 PM] Bob: Pencil in Word 2016.
[5:36 PM] Bryan: Phil Schiller on Microsoft: "These guys know productivity."
[5:36 PM] Jeff: Here comes Kirk Koenigsbauer from Microsoft to show how Office works on iPad Pro.
[5:36 PM] Bryan: Delighted to see Apple leave its "We have ten styluses on the ends of our hands" stance behind.
[5:35 PM] Bob: Yes. Really.
[5:35 PM] Jeff: Phil: "Apple Pencil is one of the most advanced technologies we've ever created."
[5:34 PM] Jeff: Third party apps support is coming, too.
[5:34 PM] Bob: Use Pencil with Markup.
[5:34 PM] Jeff: Apple Pencil works with Apple's own apps like Mail and Notes.
[5:33 PM] Jeff: It has a lightning connector for charging directly from iPad Pro.
[5:33 PM] Bob: Pencil in action.
[5:32 PM] Jeff: Apple Pencil is pressure and angle sensitive, and you can use it at the same time as your finger.
[5:31 PM] Jeff: Phil says the larger screen and the apps it runs need greater precision.
[5:31 PM] Bob: Yes, it's a stylus called Apple Pencil.
[5:31 PM] Jeff: And here comes the stylus: Apple Pencil. It's just for iPad Pro.
[5:30 PM] Jeff: It also has a magnetic connector for the keyboard, power and data.
[5:30 PM] Dave: We'd like to thank Western Digital for sponsoring our coverage today. Check out their new My Book Pro to add performance and capacity today.
[5:30 PM] Jeff: It's called Smart Keyboard.
[5:29 PM] Jeff: It's a keyboard, a cover, and a stand. Presumably also a salad dressing and floor wax.
[5:29 PM] Jeff: Huh. Apple is making a Microsoft Surface-like keyboard for the iPad Pro.
[5:29 PM] Bob: Smart connector.
[5:29 PM] Jeff: It's 1.57 pounds, so just a little heavier than the original iPad.
[5:28 PM] Bob: Smart keyboard.
[5:28 PM] Jeff: 6.9mm thick, so it's a little thicker than the 6.1mm for the iPad Air 2.
[5:28 PM] Jeff: It has a 10 hour battery life and a 4-speaker system that auto-sets stereo based on how you hold it.
[5:27 PM] Bob: Four speakers = 3x louder
[5:27 PM] Jeff: Phil: "This enables a new class of apps for the iPad."
[5:26 PM] Jeff: Phil says the iPad Pro is faster than 80 percent of recent portable PCs.
[5:26 PM] Bob: 10 hour battery + four speaker audio.
[5:26 PM] Jeff: Wow! It's 360X faster with graphics than the original iPad.
[5:25 PM] Jeff: 2x the GPU performance of the A8X
[5:25 PM] Jeff: It's also 1.8x faster than the A8X. Phil calls desktop class performance.
[5:25 PM] Jeff: iPad Pro's A9X third generation 64-bit processor. 2x the memory bandwidth of the A8X.
[5:24 PM] Bob: A9x processor
[5:24 PM] Jeff: It uses a custom controller like the one in the 5K iMac for managing the display.
[5:23 PM] Bob: 2732 x 2048 = 5.6 million pixels
[5:23 PM] Jeff: Width of iPad Pro is the same as the height of the iPad Air 2.
[5:22 PM] Dave: Aside: with watchOS 2 coming 9/16, that means iOS 9 drops then (or before).
[5:22 PM] Jeff: It supports a full size on-screen keyboard. Split View was designed with the iPad Pro in mind.
[5:22 PM] Jeff: The rumors were true: 12.9-inch display.
[5:21 PM] Bob: Display is biggest on iOS device ever.
[5:21 PM] Jeff: "Huge screen, more performance."
[5:20 PM] Jeff: Here comes Phil Schiller to tell us all about it.
[5:20 PM] Jeff: "This is the iPad Pro. It's the most capable and powerful iPad we've ever created." Tim Cook
[5:20 PM] Bob: It's true!
[5:18 PM] Jeff: "We have the biggest news in iPad since the iPad:" Tim Cook.
[5:18 PM] Bob: Bigger....? Or biggest?
[5:18 PM] Jeff: Here come the iPad announcements.
[5:18 PM] Dave: Well, seems we ARE talking about iPad today!
[5:17 PM] Jeff: watchOS 2 available as a free update September 16.
[5:17 PM] Bob: Now, on to iPad...
[5:17 PM] Jeff: The new Apple Watch models ship today.
[5:17 PM] Jeff: Plus new vibrant and neutral Sport bands coming, too.
[5:16 PM] Bob: New models of Apple Watch available today.
[5:16 PM] Jeff: And a stainless steel model with (PRODUCT)RED band.
[5:15 PM] Bob: Project Red
[5:15 PM] Jeff: Available in 38mm and 42mm, and priced the same as the rest of the Sport lineup.
[5:14 PM] Jeff: If you guessed gold & rose anodized aluminum models you win.
[5:14 PM] Bob: New bands. New finishes. New colors.
[5:14 PM] Bob: New bands. New finishes. New colors.
[5:14 PM] Jeff: Here come the new Apple Watch models and bands!
[5:14 PM] Jeff: They'll be available in select stores come October with special Hermes watch faces & custom leather bands.
[5:13 PM] Jeff: Jeff Williams: We're working with Hermes on new watches.
[5:12 PM] Bob: Hermes Watch
[5:12 PM] Jeff: That's just a taste of the power in watchOS 2.
[5:11 PM] Bob: IMG_2423.jpeg
[5:10 PM] Jeff: Healthcare on Apple Watch looks really compelling. It uses AirStrip & should give doctors lots of great patient data on their wrist.
[5:08 PM] Bob: 10k watch apps
[5:07 PM] Jeff: Facebook Messenger for Apple Watch. That should make the FB crowd happy.
[5:07 PM] Bryan: Transit directions being added to Apple Watch. 10K Apple Watch apps in the App Store, and that's before native apps.
[5:06 PM] Bob: 3d party complications
[5:05 PM] Bob: Jeff Williams is talking watch...
[5:04 PM] Bryan: That's an interesting touch from Appleā€”the retail employees being invited to this event.
[5:03 PM] Dave: Lots of Apple employees in attendance, many from around the world.
[5:03 PM] Bob: Tim "monster announcements." Skipping updates - he's already talking about Apple Watch.
[5:02 PM] Bob: Tim takes the bare stage.
[5:00 PM] Dave: Live Stream viewers just got a nice view of Bob LeVitus in his Hawaiian shirt, posting (and posing) for TMO. ;)
[5:00 PM] Bob: And the music volume increases.... As the anticipation builds to a fever pitch. (It's unseasonably hot in SF and "fever pitch" is a literal description.)
[4:58 PM] Bryan: Ooooohhhh...a British warning to turn off devices. How international!
[4:58 PM] Bob: Announcer: We'll start shortly. Please silence your devices. (I'm paraphrasing)...
[4:56 PM] Bob: Even the cheaper seats are full... At T-minus four minutes (aka 9:56 AM Pacific)
[4:51 PM] Bob: The house is packed.
[4:48 PM] Bob: Beats 1 radio seems to be streaming live... lots of milling about but no real action. Yet.
[4:47 PM] Bob: In & seated.
[4:38 PM] Bob: Waiting.
[4:18 PM] Bob: Nobody's sayin' when the doors will open, but the guests are already lining up.
[4:17 PM] Bob: And a large platform directly across from the front doors (for media or U2 or Taylor Swift?)
[4:14 PM] Bob: And a block's worth of what looks like generators...
[4:11 PM] Bob: I'm here... Now... why are there giant tubes coming out of the wall of the Bill Graham Auditorium?
[2:43 AM] Bob: It's pretty quiet outside the venue (6pm Tuesday night).
[5:56 PM] Bob: One of these guys will be doing our live coverage. The other produced Meat Loaf's "Bat Out of Hell." But they both would prefer banging on the drum all day to working!
[4:24 PM] Dave: Come check out the coverage next week, likely starting Tuesday evening.
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