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Apple WWDC17 Keynote on June 5th, 2017

[8:55 PM] Dave: Thanks for watching along. Again, big thanks to our WWDC2017 Coverage Sponsors: GigSky, Other World Computing, SaneBox, Readdle, and iMazing!
[7:40 PM] Dave: Yes, folks. That's an Apple-sanctioned external GPU. Thank goodness.
[7:33 PM] Dave: Hands on area for media.
[7:30 PM] Bryan: That's it for the jam-packed keynote! Thanks, everyone!
[7:30 PM] Bryan: Michelle Obama is doing a fireside chat at WWDC on Tuesday.
[7:23 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook on stage at #wwdc2017 recapping today's announcements.
[7:23 PM] Bryan: Despite home-assistant features, Apple is pitching #HomePod as a music device.
[7:22 PM] Bryan: Apple's #HomePod will not send anything to Apple's servers until you say "Hey Siri." Does so with an anonymous ID to protect privacy.
[7:22 PM] Dave: HomePod $349, starts shipping in December.
[7:21 PM] Bryan: Apple's #HomePod will also allow you to control #HomeKit devices from your iOS devices remotely.
[7:20 PM] Bryan: Apple's #HomePod will also be a Siri-powered home assistant. Will also control #HomeKit devices.
[7:19 PM] Dave: Things HomePod can do.
[7:19 PM] Bryan: Phil Schiller says #HomePod won't require a list of specific commands to control music playback.
[7:18 PM] Dave: Siri commands for HomePod
[7:17 PM] Bryan: Apple's #HomePod will seamlessly work with more than one unit.
[7:15 PM] Bryan: Apple's #HomePod will be spacially-aware and be able to self-adjust to match the room it's in.
[7:15 PM] Dave: Spatial awareness means the speaker tunes itself for its placement in your room.
[7:15 PM] Dave: Spatial awareness means the speaker tunes itself for its placement in your room.
[7:15 PM] Bryan: Apple's #HomePod is powered by Apple's own A8 ARM processor. Does real-time acoustic modeling, beam forming.
[7:14 PM] Bryan: Apple's #HomePod is 7-inches tall. Has 7 tweeters, as rumored. These are "beam-formed" tweeters. 4-inch woofer.
[7:12 PM] Bryan: Seeing a sneak-peek video for Apple's new HomePod. Not Siri Speaker.
[7:12 PM] Dave: "HomePod is going to reinvent music in our homes"
[7:11 PM] Bryan: Phil Schiller's on stage to reinvent home music.
[7:10 PM] Dave: Breakthrough home speaker
[7:10 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook moving to "One last thing" to go over, and it's about music. We're expecting Siri Speaker, or whatever Apple calls it.
[7:09 PM] Dave: It's time
[7:08 PM] Bryan: We're getting an #iOS11 demo video now. We'll post it to TMO as soon as it hits YouTube.
[7:07 PM] Bryan: #iOS11 is available to developers starting today. #wwdc2017
[7:04 PM] Bryan: We're at 2 hours in this keynote with the 6th announcement still to come, and we've been on a blistering pace.
[7:03 PM] Bryan: Apple is demoing Apple Pencil improvements on iPad Pro in #iOS111
[6:57 PM] Dave: iOS 11's task switcher
[6:57 PM] Bryan: iOS 11 will give you a File viewer with support for iCloud and third party cloud storage services.
[6:56 PM] Dave: iOS 11's new Files app supports external services.
[6:56 PM] Bryan: iOS 11 with iPad Pro allows you to flip keys to access other characters without switching keyboard.
[6:56 PM] Bryan: iOS 11 will support drag-and-drop on iPad Pro.
[6:55 PM] Bryan: You can pull an app out of the dock in iOS 11 on iPad Pro for multitasking split view.
[6:55 PM] Dave: iOS 11 is a "drag fest" ... or so they say.
[6:55 PM] Bryan: Craig says iOS 11 is "biggest iOS update for iPad ever."
[6:54 PM] Bryan: Craig is back on stage talking about iOS 11 features for the iPad.
[6:54 PM] Bryan: iPad Pro models now start with 64GB of storage. Starts at $649 for 10.5-inch and $799 for 12.9-inch.
[6:53 PM] Dave: Order your new iPad Pro today
[6:52 PM] Bryan: Apple's new #iPadPro 10.5-inch will have iPhone 7's camera.
[6:52 PM] Dave: New iPad Pro supports USB 3 speeds and fast charging.
[6:51 PM] Bryan: Processor and graphics performance on #iPadPro 10.5-inch looks impressive.
[6:51 PM] Dave: New iPad Pro camera
[6:46 PM] Dave: iPad Pro sports the A10X CPU
[6:45 PM] Dave: Dynamically-adjustable refresh rate saves power
[6:44 PM] Dave: ProMotion doubles the effective refresh rate to 120Hz
[6:44 PM] Bryan: Joz introducing a new iPad Pro that seems to match the features revealed by Ming-Chi Kuo.
[6:41 PM] Dave: Joz on stage to talk iPad Pro
[6:41 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook is on announcement #5 of 6 at #wwdc2017.
[6:41 PM] Bryan: And Tim Cook is back.
[6:41 PM] Bryan: Craig is back on stage at #wwdc2017 talking about China-specific features.
[6:40 PM] Dave: iOS 11 features slide had "NFC Reader Mode" on it.
[6:40 PM] Bryan: Wow, this is a cert impressive demo by Wingnut AR.
[6:39 PM] Bryan: Wingnut AR's AR work is built on the Unreal engine. Alasdair is showing a very complex AR world live on stage at #wwdc2017
[6:38 PM] Bryan: Alasdair Coull of Wingnut AR on stage to talk about Peter Jackson's new AR content. #wwdc2017
[6:36 PM] Bryan: Craig says iOS 11 will be the largest AR platform in the world.
[6:34 PM] Dave: ARKit features
[6:34 PM] Bryan: Craig is demostrating placing a cup of coffee on a table as an AR element.
[6:34 PM] Dave: iPhone ARKit demo
[6:34 PM] Bryan: Craig moving on to AR and ARKit in #iOS11. In other words, AR is coming to iOS at the OS-level.
[6:33 PM] Bryan: .#iOS11 will have VisionAPI for developers to tap into iOS's machine learning. It's all part of CoreML already mentioned by Dave.
[6:32 PM] Bryan: Craig Federighi on stage talking about machine learning in #iOS11
[6:31 PM] Dave: CoreML
[6:31 PM] Bryan: This keynote is on a blistering pace, and we're at 93 minutes. #wwdc2017
[6:30 PM] Bryan: New App pages wil have demo videos, interactive tiles with reviews and other info. New tabs for Games, Apps, and others.
[6:30 PM] Dave: Enjoying things so far? Let's thank our WWDC2017 Coverage Sponsors: GigSky, Other World Computing, SaneBox, Readdle, and iMazing!
[6:29 PM] Dave: New App Store: "tips and gameplay videos by editors." Presumably that means Apple is writing this content.
[6:29 PM] Bryan: App Store will have a new App of the Day in the Today tab.
[6:25 PM] Bryan: Phil Schiller: "Brand new App Store." Focus on discovery with "Today" tab.
[6:24 PM] Bryan: Philk Schiller said the App Store has faster app review times now. He's also talking about phased releases for developers.
[6:23 PM] Bryan: Phil Schiller is showing us a crowd of people in Hong Kong playing Pokemon Go.
[6:22 PM] Bryan: 180 billion downloads for the App Store. Amazing.
[6:21 PM] Bryan: Apple Music now has 27 million paid subscribers. You can see what Friends are listening to in Apple Music, too.
[6:20 PM] Dave: MusicKit
[6:20 PM] Dave: AirPlay 2 gets multi-room audio and shared Up Next
[6:18 PM] Bryan: Apple's Do Not Disturb mode in #iOS11 will allow you to designate people who can break through the Notification blocking.
[6:17 PM] Dave: Do Not Disturb. While driving.
[6:16 PM] Bryan: Moving on to Maps in #iOS11 at #wwdc2017
[6:15 PM] Bryan: Apple Pay's person-to-person payments will be built into iMessage in #iOS11. Should be good for Apple Pay and Apple.
[6:15 PM] Dave: Detailed floor plans to airports (and malls)
[6:14 PM] Bryan: Siri will now be able to notice that interest in one area of iOS and offer you Apple News articles related to those interests.
[6:14 PM] Dave: Apple Pay in Messages.
[6:14 PM] Bryan: Apple is using machine learning for Memories in iOS 11.
[6:10 PM] Dave: Lock screen and Notification Center are now merged.
[6:09 PM] Dave: New Control Center
[6:08 PM] Bryan: Apple is building in significant under-the-hood improvements to how #iOS11 handles photos.
[6:07 PM] Bryan: Apple is upping its game on making AI respect our privacy. This is good stuff.
[6:05 PM] Dave: With Siri's translation engine, I can't wait to see what they do with AirPods. Mic, speaker, connection to your iPhone: babelfish.
[6:04 PM] Dave: SiriKit works in many apps.
[6:01 PM] Dave: Apple Pay for person-to-person in iMessage.
[6:00 PM] Dave: New app drawer
[5:59 PM] Dave: Tim Cook channels Nigel Tufnel and turns it up to 11
[5:58 PM] Dave: Next up: iOS.
[5:57 PM] Dave: New iMac Pro. $4999 starting price. December target.
[5:57 PM] Dave: New iMac Pro
[5:56 PM] Bryan: iMac Pro will have up to 22 teraflops of computational power.
[5:55 PM] Dave: MOAR RAM
[5:55 PM] Dave: Radeon Vega graphics.
[5:54 PM] Dave: iMac pro ships with 8, 10, or 18-core processor.
[5:54 PM] Dave: New iMac Pro will be the most powerful Mac ever
[5:53 PM] Bryan: Sneak peek at new iMac Pro. #wwdc2017
[5:52 PM] Bryan: MacBook Air is getting a processor bump, too. #wwdc2017
[5:52 PM] Bryan: Moving on to MacBook Pro. As expected, this is a performance bump with Kaby Lake processors. Price drop on entry level MBP.
[5:51 PM] Dave: New Macs today. MacBook Air gets CPU update too.
[5:51 PM] Bryan: Recapping new iMac hardware. Prices are dropping. a 4K iMac will start at $1,299.
[5:50 PM] Dave: New iMac recap
[5:50 PM] Bryan: I'm so excited about Apple getting serious about #VR on Mac hardware. This is good stuff.
[5:49 PM] Bryan: Star Wars VR content developed on a Mac is being demoed at #wwdc2017. It looks amazing.
[5:47 PM] Bryan: John Knoll from Industrial Light & Magic is on stage at #wwdc2017 to talk about VR content with #epic's #Unreal VR engine.
[5:45 PM] Bryan: Significant bumps in GPU performance in all iMacs at #wwdc2017
[5:43 PM] Bryan: Brighter displays, 7th-generaition Intel Core Kaby Lake processors. Up to 64GB of memory on iMacs. #wwdc2017
[5:42 PM] Bryan: We're getting an iMac update!!!!! Yes!! #wwdc2017
[5:42 PM] Dave: iMacs getting Kaby Lake processors.
[5:42 PM] Bryan: Developers can access beta releases of #HighSierra today, Public beta coming later this summer.
[5:41 PM] Bryan: Metal for VR! Apple is bringing serious VR support to #HighSierra, including #SteamVR, #Unity's VR engine, and more coming later.
[5:40 PM] Bryan: Craig says Metal 2 in #HighSierra makes the most challenging graphics tasks "buttery smooth." 😍#wwdc2017
[5:39 PM] Dave: Metal 2 supports external graphics enclosures!
[5:38 PM] Bryan: Craig is zipping through this presentation, speaking to how much Apple is packing into #wwdc2017. Squuuuueeeeeee!
[5:38 PM] Dave: Metal 2 offers 10x improvements over Metal 1
[5:37 PM] Bryan: Apple adding H.265 support to #HighSierra in #APFS at #wwdc2017
[5:37 PM] Dave: Let's talk GPU
[5:37 PM] Bryan: Holy crap, large-file duplication demo in #HighSierra was blindingly fast.
[5:35 PM] Bryan: Impressive photo editing features being added to #HighSierra Photos app.
[5:35 PM] Dave: APFS will be new default file system for macOS High Sierra
[5:34 PM] Dave: Photos to link with external services
[5:34 PM] Bryan: Facial recognition will be synced across your devices.
[5:33 PM] Dave: Photos will sync metadata. (Finally)
[5:32 PM] Dave: Mail will use 35% less storage
[5:32 PM] Dave: Intelligent tracking protection going to Safari. Not blocking ads, just privacy.
[5:31 PM] Bryan: Craig says Safari on #HighSierra will be fastest browser in existence.
[5:31 PM] Dave: Safari getting Autoplay Blocking
[5:29 PM] Dave: macOS High Sierra: fully baked!
[5:29 PM] Bryan: Tim called the Mac "the heart and soul of Apple." That's a deliberate comment rife with meaning. It's a message to developers and fans alike.
[5:28 PM] Dave: The Mac: the heart and soul of Apple
[5:27 PM] Bryan: Nice, you can control music from within the Workout app in #AppleWatch and #watchOS4
[5:27 PM] Dave: New watchOS features for developers
[5:25 PM] Bryan: Vera Carr is on stage demonstrating #AppleWatch and #watchOS
[5:25 PM] Bryan: Significant improvement to music app on #AppleWatch
[5:23 PM] Bryan: Kevin Lynch: "It's super easy to do multiple workouts in a single session."
[5:23 PM] Dave: watchOS 4 enhances NFC beyond Apple Pay: can be used to exchange data with gym equipment.
[5:22 PM] Bryan: Apple is acting monthly challenges, bigger celebrations for daily goals, and other refinements of Activity app in #AppleWatch
[5:21 PM] Bryan: Toy Story watch faces look wonderful. I want all of them. #AppleWatch
[5:20 PM] Bryan: Beautiful Kaleidoscope watch face for #AppleWatch. It's just there to be pretty. 😍
[5:19 PM] Dave: Toy Story faces!
[5:19 PM] Bryan: There will be a Siri Watch face! Yes! #AppleWatch #watchOS. It will have Siri-generated information based on location, time, etc.
[5:19 PM] Dave: Kevin Lynch takes the stage to introduce watchOS 4
[5:18 PM] Dave: New Siri watchface is your personal assistant dynamically updating your watchface.
[5:18 PM] Bryan: Kevin Lynch is on stage for #AppleWatch. Starting with faces. Yay!
[5:17 PM] Bryan: Moving on to #watchOS and #AppleWatch
[5:15 PM] Bryan: Tim says Apple has a lot to talk about during this keynote! Yay! Says 6 announcements for today.
[5:15 PM] Dave: Amazon Prime Video coming later this year
[5:14 PM] Bryan: Turning to tvOS, watchOS, macOS, iOS.
[5:14 PM] Dave: Number 1: tvOS
[5:14 PM] Bryan: Apple also has an 82-year old developer who published her first app this year. That's great!
[5:14 PM] Dave: Lots of Operating Systems.
[5:13 PM] Bryan: Tim says more student developers ever, including the youngest ever, a 10-year Aussie with 5 apps in the App Store.
[5:13 PM] Dave: Oldest and youngest app developers with apps on the App Store.
[5:13 PM] Bryan: 16 million registered developers, with 3 million added this year. 5,300 attendees at #wwdc, the most ever.
[5:12 PM] Bryan: Tim promised that this will be the best and biggest WWDC ever.
[5:12 PM] Dave: 5300 total developers
[5:12 PM] Bryan: Tim says it's great to be back in San Jose. Says an awful lot has changed since Apple was here 15 years ago.
[5:11 PM] Dave: At least there's a big screen!
[5:11 PM] Bryan: "Keep making apps. The world is depending on you." That's great! And Tim Cook is on stage.
[5:10 PM] Bryan: Cute video depicting Apple's App Store servers going down. It's ridiculous in a great way.
[5:08 PM] Dave: Are we still booting up?
[5:07 PM] Bryan: Currently playing is Whatever It Takes (Bachata Version) by Marco Lopetuso
[5:07 PM] Bryan: FYI, @verso is agitating for a 50-Minute Stand Up Revolution. #WonderWoman has her all fired up.
[5:07 PM] Dave: Lights down. Let's go!
[5:06 PM] Dave: Things seem oddly delayed. Felt like we were going to start...and then went back to pre-show music.
[5:05 PM] Bryan: Oh man, the music faded and I was all set to be wowed...and a new tune started.
[5:03 PM] Bryan: Announcer says #wwdckeynote is about to start. Giddy up!
[5:02 PM] Dave: Feels like it's time!
[5:00 PM] Bryan: Eagle-eyed @verso spotted the names Tim, Kevin, Vera, Craig, John, and Phil on the big mixing board at the #wwdckeynote
[4:59 PM] Dave: Almost time to get started, folks! Big thanks to our WWDC2017 Coverage Sponsors: GigSky, Other World Computing, SaneBox, Readdle, and iMazing!
[4:59 PM] Bryan: A heads-up thanks to TMO Auxiliary input from @npann and @rickplayswarr for some behind the scenes help they're giving us.
[4:53 PM] Bryan: To me, the animation playing on the WWDC screen is the living embodiment of accidental meetings at the heart of Apple Park and Pixar HQ designs.
[4:50 PM] Bryan: I am drenched with anticipation for this keynote!
[4:26 PM] Dave: Seated and ready to roll!
[3:45 PM] Dave: Media registration is buzzing!
[6:23 AM] Dave: McEnery is ready. There are a handful of people in line as of 11:15pm PDT, but still plenty of opportunity available if you're willing. It's a beautiful night, folks!
[3:04 AM] Dave: Apple even decked out the nearby light rail stop.
[3:03 AM] Dave: Apple has set up an outdoor lounge area in front of McEnery. And the weather for the week looks gorgeous!
[3:02 AM] Dave: Jeff Gamet's on the ground with a few Sunday daytime pictures ahead of the conference. Here, developers hang out in front of McEnery.
[10:00 PM] Dave: Join us Monday morning for all the news, reports, and pictures from WWDC. Big thanks to our WWDC2017 Coverage Sponsors: GigSky, Other World Computing, SaneBox, Readdle, and iMazing!
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