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Apple 9/9/14 Special Event on September 9th, 2014

[8:11 PM] Dave: The hands on room employees all have microfiber cloths to keep the watchfaces clear and pristine
[7:02 PM] Bryan: We're signing out here, but tune in to TMO for in-depth coverage on all of it.
[7:01 PM] Bryan: Looks like the white building is not for HomeKit demos—we didn't see anything about HomeKit in today's event.
[7:00 PM] Dave: It's over. Thanks for "Watching" along with us. ;)
[7:00 PM] Dave: "For the press and guests, we have the most amazing hands-on experience we've ever had for you."
[6:59 PM] Dave: An emotional thank you to all Apple employees from Tim Cook
[6:59 PM] Bryan: Official video for U2 single looks like an old iPod commercial. That's rad.
[6:58 PM] Dave: Now showing a U2/ITunes ad. Just for clarity: U2 has played just one song here today.
[6:56 PM] Dave: U2: Songs of Innocence. Free for iTunes customers until October 13th
[6:55 PM] Bryan: Bono and Tim are doing this great banter about giving away "Song of Innocence" for free on iTunes. That's very cool.
[6:54 PM] Dave: Tim Cook and Bono negotiating the free release to 500 million customers
[6:54 PM] Bryan: Bono called Tim Cook "the Zen master of hard and software." Awesome.
[6:52 PM] Dave: U2: Songs of Innocence. New album coming.
[6:52 PM] Bryan: But it was good. :)
[6:52 PM] Bryan: Tim: "Wasn't that the most incredible single you've ever heard?" No.
[6:51 PM] Bryan: U2 sounded great. Just one song, though?
[6:50 PM] Dave: Nice to rock out after a long day of travel yesterday and blogging this morning. You'll excuse me if I take a moment to enjoy, won't you? :)
[6:49 PM] Dave: U2.
[6:48 PM] Dave: Sound's pretty good in here.
[6:47 PM] Bryan: I got to see U2 play when Steve introduced the U2 iPod several years ago. Very jealous I'm not with Dave now.
[6:45 PM] Dave: Setting up for U2
[6:45 PM] Dave: U2 is here!
[6:44 PM] Bryan: Tim: "Apple Watch will redefine what people expect from a watch."
[6:44 PM] Dave: There's a band coming on stage. Hint: it's not the Macworld All-Stars.
[6:44 PM] Dave: Tim says, "there's one other thing I'd like to talk about ... our love for music."
[6:43 PM] Bryan: Tim: "Apple Pay will work with Apple Watch."
[6:43 PM] Dave: I may have missed it, but by inference it's safe to say that both models of iPhone 6 have Touch ID
[6:43 PM] Dave: Apple Pay works with Apple Watch
[6:42 PM] Dave: Now Tim is recapping. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Apple Pay. Apple Watch.
[6:42 PM] Bryan: Apple Watch will have a $349 starting price, availability in "early 2015."
[6:41 PM] Bryan: Apple is limited Apple Watch market to just 200 million people (so far, already). Clearly it will fail. #not
[6:41 PM] Dave: Inductive, magnetic Apple Watch charger
[6:41 PM] Dave: Apple Watch available "Early 2015"
[6:40 PM] Dave: Apple Watch starts at $349.
[6:40 PM] Dave: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, 5s and 5c all work with Apple Watch.
[6:40 PM] Dave: Some things Tim offhandedly mentioned you can do with Apple Watch: Viewfinder for iPhone camera. Control Apple TV.
[6:39 PM] Dave: Apple Watch requires iPhone
[6:39 PM] Bryan: Dave, I've been thinking about the watch collection thing for months. It's an interesting thing. More on TMO later.
[6:38 PM] Dave: Recapping Apple Watch
[6:37 PM] Dave: Ahh yes. Availability. Yes, Bryan. That is an excellent additional question. I believe we have now have four questions if we include my very selfish, watch-collection-focused one.
[6:36 PM] Dave: I have one question: what the hell am I supposed to do with my watch collection that I love to wear? Do I wear TWO watches now? ;)
[6:34 PM] Dave: Fitness and Workout apps track your daily activity and help you process it
[6:33 PM] Bryan: All this stuff on Apple Watch, and we're just now getting to health and fitness.
[6:33 PM] Bryan: Another question: availability.
[6:33 PM] Dave: Next up: Fitness and Health with Apple Watch
[6:32 PM] Dave: Questions still up: Battery life... and price.
[6:31 PM] Dave: Tap to unlock your hotel room door at the W. :
[6:31 PM] Dave: With WatchKit developers can create custom notifications AND even apps
[6:30 PM] Bryan: Third party notifications will be available on Apple Watch.
[6:30 PM] Dave: Notifications on Apple Watch
[6:30 PM] Dave: Apple has been working with 3rd party developers and getting them WatchKit
[6:29 PM] Bryan: Digital touch as a new form of communication. That is so big!
[6:27 PM] Bryan: Haptic feedback for cool! #AppleLive #AppleWatch
[6:27 PM] Dave: With a microphone AND speaker built-in (the former for Siri, the latter Jony Ive confirmed in the video) you could do speakerphone calls this way.
[6:27 PM] Dave: Walking directions vibrate differently for left and right.
[6:25 PM] Dave: "Favorited" photos on Apple Watch
[6:24 PM] Dave: Scrolling can be done by swiping or turning the crown
[6:24 PM] Dave: Siri is built into Apple Watch
[6:22 PM] Dave: Whoa. The watch analyzed an iMessage asking a "this or that" question, and parsed out "this" and "that" as tappable replies!
[6:21 PM] Bryan: Apple Watch is so obviously a completely thought-out *system*. No competitor can claim the same. #AppleLive
[6:21 PM] Dave: Pricing is going to be huge factor here. The watch looks cool, but it (apparently) requires an iPhone to work, limiting the market.
[6:21 PM] Dave: "Glances" are at-a-swipe, customizable screens
[6:21 PM] Bryan: "Astronomy" watch face has detailed information on the solar system. That's so badass!
[6:20 PM] Dave: Lots of custom watch faces
[6:19 PM] Dave: (seems a bunch of old pix finally flew out from the limited bandwidth inside the Flint Center)
[6:18 PM] Dave: Sizes as compared with iPhone 5s
[6:18 PM] Dave: Kevin is showing how to customize watch faces. Very simple process rotating crown and tapping on screen.
[6:18 PM] Dave: Phase detection autofocus.
[6:18 PM] Dave: Good news: battery life didn't get worse, and maybe even better.
[6:18 PM] Dave: iPhone 6 Plus lens
[6:18 PM] Dave: Pixels on displays
[6:18 PM] Dave: Both are thinner than iPhone 5s
[6:18 PM] Dave: More LTE carriers
[6:18 PM] Dave: New Apple A8 chip in iPhone 6 models
[6:18 PM] Dave: App neighborhoods
[6:18 PM] Bryan: Kevin Lynch is demoing AppleWatch with a custom-built one connected to Apple's screen.
[6:17 PM] Dave: Kevin Lynch says that iPhone is "required with Apple Watch." No pricing yet, folks. Demo first.
[6:16 PM] Bryan: AppleWatch looks amazing. Can't wait to write about it after the keynote.
[6:16 PM] Dave: Tim Cook's back on stage.
[6:15 PM] Dave: Sport model has anodized aluminum Case. Apple Watch (Luxury?) Edition has 18 carat gold.
[6:14 PM] Bryan: Ah, sweet, a deployment clasp on the metal bracelet. Very nice!
[6:14 PM] Dave: 3 lines. Apple Watch: polished case, custom stainless alloy.
[6:13 PM] Dave: Two sizes. (I think a 38mm and 42mm based on what I've seen)
[6:13 PM] Dave: Just some band options: Rubber sports band. Leather loop band. Leather modern buckle. Leather classic buckle. Stainless link bracelet (with deployment clasp)
[6:13 PM] Bryan: Jony said that Apple looked to watch people around the world to understand the culture of time keeping.
[6:12 PM] Bryan: So much language is being used that comes from the world of high end watches. Time piece, time keeping, horology...
[6:11 PM] Dave: Taptic Engine
[6:11 PM] Dave: Digital crown on Apple Watch
[6:11 PM] Dave: Charger magnetically connects to the back.
[6:10 PM] Dave: Photo sensors on back track heart rate. Gyro, Motion and GPS come from paired iPhone.
[6:10 PM] Bryan: The difference between tap and press...that's brilliant.
[6:09 PM] Dave: Watch has Water Reistant Speaker.
[6:09 PM] Dave: Sensors on Apple Watch sense difference between tap and press.
[6:08 PM] Dave: The display senses both touch AND force.
[6:08 PM] Dave: "Flexible Retina Display" is a single crystal of sapphire.
[6:06 PM] Dave: Apple Watch senses that you're raising your wrist, and then lights up the display. (No mention of battery life other than "it's meant to be worn all day.")
[6:06 PM] Bryan: Tim is moving on to Jonny Ive's traditional design video. "No one can tell this story better than Jonny."
[6:05 PM] Dave: Apple Watch "can be worn all day and for any occasion."
[6:05 PM] Bryan: Pressing the crown takes you to the home screen, "just as you would expect it to."
[6:04 PM] Bryan: Tim said that Apple has added functionality to the crown, something watches have had forever. Calling it the "Digital Crown."
[6:04 PM] Dave: Apple watch
[6:03 PM] Bryan: Using words like "precise" and "timepiece" means that Apple is positioning this device against traditional high-end watches.
[6:02 PM] Dave: "What we didn't do was take the iPhone and shrink the user interface and strap it on your wrist."
[6:02 PM] Bryan: Tim called AppleWatch "A precise, customizable timepiece." Note that language.
[6:02 PM] Dave: Apple Watch
[6:02 PM] Dave: "Turns out with every innovative produce a breakthrough in user interface is required."
[6:01 PM] Bryan: Called AppleWatch. Tim looked triumphant on stage, and he took a moment to applaud some folks in the audience, probably AppleWatch members.
[6:01 PM] Dave: Watch
[6:01 PM] Dave: Also a comprehensive health and fitness device
[6:01 PM] Bryan: Device looks great. In the renderings it looked thicker than it does on Tim's wrist. Tim is obviously stoked.
[6:01 PM] Dave: Synchronized and precise to 50ms. Entirely customizable. "An intimate way to connect and communicate."
[5:59 PM] Bryan: Wow, this device looks amazing. Several high-end time piece aspects.
[5:59 PM] Dave: It's a watch. Stainless, Sapphire Crystal, Leather band, 18 Karat Gold... just some of the options we're seeing on screen. Different colors,
[5:58 PM] Dave: And now a demo from Super Evil Megacorp
[5:58 PM] Dave: M8
[5:58 PM] Dave: Now showing a video... in space... I saw what looks like a watch crown.
[5:58 PM] Bryan: "We believe this product will redefine what people expect from this category."
[5:57 PM] Dave: It's the next chapter in Apple's story...
[5:57 PM] Bryan: Tim said: "One more thing..." That's the first time he's used Steve's famous line. The crowd went nuts.
[5:57 PM] Dave: We've been working incredibly really hard for a long time on an entirely new product.
[5:57 PM] Dave: One more thing...
[5:56 PM] Dave: They did it, folks. "One more thing..."
[5:56 PM] Dave: Time Cook back on stage "We're not quite finished yet."
[5:55 PM] Dave: So Apple Pay still uses your exisiting credit cards, folks, it just makes it easier to manage and use them.
[5:55 PM] Dave: Apple Pay online will launch in US in October and works with iOS 8.
[5:55 PM] Dave: Cards
[5:55 PM] Dave: Existing CNN apps on new displays. iOS frameworks scale for you.
[5:55 PM] Dave: Apple Pay
[5:55 PM] Dave: Add card with camera
[5:55 PM] Dave: New camera
[5:55 PM] Dave: Whole Foods, Apple, Subway, Disney and more supporting Apple Pay in all locations.
[5:54 PM] Dave: Apple Pay will be an option for online merchants to add
[5:53 PM] Bryan: "Apple doesn't know what you bought, when you bought it, or how much you paid."
[5:53 PM] Dave: ...but Apple Pay isn't just for brick and mortar. Online, too.
[5:52 PM] Bryan: From Kelly: Remember when it was so cool that a company KNEW all these things about you? Now Apple is bragging about what it does NOT know.
[5:51 PM] Bryan: ApplePay's increase in security could be a very big deal.
[5:51 PM] Dave: Starting with Amex, MC, Visa, plus most banks (83% of all in US)
[5:51 PM] Dave: With Apple Pay the cashier doesn't get to see your name, card number or security code (WAY more secure!)
[5:50 PM] Dave: Security and Privacy are at the core of Apple Pay. Apple doesn't know what you bought, where you bought it, or how much you paid.
[5:50 PM] Dave: When you add a credit card, Apple doesn't store the number, it creates a dynamic number and code to use, enhancing security.
[5:49 PM] Dave: T-Mobile and EE will support Wifi calling
[5:48 PM] Dave: Apple Pay is built into Every iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with an NFC antenna across the top.
[5:48 PM] Bryan: Apple is unveiling "ApplePay," its foray into mobile payments. Looks to be NFC based, as expected.
[5:48 PM] Dave: People have been creating a business model focused on their best interests instead of the interests of the customer.
[5:47 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook pointed out that the credit card is five decades old. Said it's no wonder people have dreamed of replacing it.
[5:47 PM] Dave: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
[5:46 PM] Dave: Tim Cook is walking us through the antiquated credit card paradigm
[5:45 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook: "Now I'd like to talk about an entirely new category of service." It's about replacing the wallet.
[5:44 PM] Bryan: Apple is moving on to "Wallets" and "Payments."
[5:44 PM] Dave: iPhone 6 Plus is $299, $399, $499 for 32, 64, 128GB.
[5:44 PM] Dave: Tim Cook: "Now I'd like to talk about an entirely new category of service." It's about replacing the wallet.
[5:44 PM] Dave: New iPhone ads done by Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon. Fantastically funny.
[5:44 PM] Bryan: Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon have done spots for iPhone 6. That's so beyond rad. Great spots.
[5:43 PM] Dave: New iPhones launch on September 19th
[5:42 PM] Bryan: Tim is making the case that the new iPhones aren't just bigger, they're "better in every way."
[5:42 PM] Dave: A8 is 50% more efficient
[5:42 PM] Dave: Increases in iPhone performance over time
[5:42 PM] Dave: Leather cases
[5:42 PM] Bryan: New iPhones look great! Apple is going to sell the heck out of these things.
[5:41 PM] Dave: And now a demo from Super Evil Megacorp
[5:41 PM] Dave: Tim Cook is back on stage. 41 minutes in and the iPhone introduction is OVER. That's a new thing.
[5:41 PM] Dave: New iOS 8 coming September 17th
[5:41 PM] Bryan: iPhone 6 ships on September 19th in 8 countries, including U.S., with preorders on the 12th.
[5:40 PM] Bryan: iPhone 6 will have 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB storage. Yes!
[5:40 PM] Dave: New autofocus works with both audio AND video, stabilizing during HD video recording, as well.
[5:40 PM] Dave: iPhone 6 $199 (16GB), $299 (64GB), $399 (128GB).
[5:39 PM] Dave: A8 CPU
[5:39 PM] Dave: Phablet-size views on iPhone 6 Plus
[5:37 PM] Dave: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will, unsurprisingly, ship with iOS 8. Now going through a recap of some iOS 8 highlights
[5:36 PM] Dave: Layers of iPhone 6 Retina HD Display
[5:36 PM] Dave: The new FaceTime (selfie) cam has burst mode, too.
[5:33 PM] Dave: iPhone 6 Plus lens not only moves in and out to focus, but moves up and down, left and right, using gyroscope to help stabilize
[5:32 PM] Bryan: New aperture on the camera offers even better pictures.
[5:32 PM] Dave: iPhone 6 has digital image stabilization, but iPhone 6 Plus has Optical Image Stabilization
[5:31 PM] Bryan: Apple seems to be ironing out its live streaming issues. Translation gone, feed steady.
[5:31 PM] Dave: Panoramas are up to 43 Megapixels now.
[5:29 PM] Bryan: WiFi calling sounds awesome—I could nuke my Microcell. Really good for folks with poor reception.
[5:28 PM] Dave: Both phones have 802.11ac wireless now!
[5:27 PM] Dave: VoLTE Technology inside the phone allows for clearer calls now.
[5:26 PM] Dave: New phones have M8 processor that tracks different activities, distance and even elevation with a new Barometer that measures elevation.
[5:15 PM] Dave: Double tap the Touch ID button and everything at the top of the screen comes down half way to make it easier to use one-handed.
[5:15 PM] Dave: Side swipe gesture in Safari, Mail, Messages and more make it easier to use a larger screen with one hand.
[5:14 PM] Dave: Sounds like there might be more to iOS 8 than Apple has been giving developers with the latest betas. :)
[5:11 PM] Bryan: Apple showed a video of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Phil Schiller is on stage talking about them.
[5:10 PM] Dave: Two display sizes. New generation Retina HD Displays on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
[5:07 PM] Dave: Media is in the back of the orchestra section, Apple employees in front of us for a change.
[5:07 PM] Dave: Cook: "Today we are launching the biggest advance in the history of iPhone"
[5:06 PM] Dave: Starting with iPhone
[5:06 PM] Bryan: Live stream is back. Tim is speaking, and we are being gifted with Chinese translation at the same time.
[5:06 PM] Dave: Tim is skipping the "usual updates" other than to tell us, "everything's great."
[5:05 PM] Dave: Tim is skipping the "usual updates" other than to tell us, "everything's great."
[5:04 PM] Dave: Tim Cook's on stage, and the applause from everyone in the room -- especially the employees -- was astounding.
[5:01 PM] Bryan: Live feed just went out, so we may be relying on our man on the ground, Dave Hamilton, who is still getting situated.
[4:58 PM] Bryan: The Flint Center is a great venue. I'm hoping more events are held there.
[4:55 PM] Bryan: You have to love how Apple has two audio feeds going on the live streaming. It's awesome. #AppleLive
[4:50 PM] Dave: Staged in the lobby
[4:46 PM] Dave: Media time
[4:25 PM] Dave: If you haven't seen it yet, check out for their own take on the live blogging concept. Crazy stuff! #AppleLive
[4:24 PM] Dave: The sea of media begins to line up.
[3:21 PM] Dave: Breakfast is served.
[3:12 PM] Dave: Time for breakfast.
[3:11 PM] Dave: The big white building is big. And white.
[3:10 PM] Dave: The masses, we arrive.
[9:14 PM] Dave: Regardless of when it starts, this is shaping up to be a pretty special event!
[9:11 PM] Dave: Tune in on Tuesday (or perhaps even Monday evening) as our coverage begins with pictures, commentary, blow-by-blow and more.
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