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Apple 3/9/15 Special Event on March 9th, 2015

[6:36 PM] Bryan: .@Tim_Cook called presenting to the journalists a privilege, waved, and walked off stage. That's a wrap!
[6:35 PM] Kelly Guimont: I love the moment when @tim_cook has the employees stand up to get thanked. It's fab that this is a thing now at #AppleLive events.
[6:35 PM] Bryan: .@Tim_Cook is wrapping up. Thanking employees for their hard work on these new products.
[6:33 PM] Bryan: .@Tim_Cook says #AppleWatchEdition will start at $10,000 in limited quantities.
[6:32 PM] Bryan: Seeing commercial for #AppleWatch. Expect to see this a LOT on TV.
[6:31 PM] Dave: Apple Watch pre-orders start April 10th.
[6:31 PM] Bryan: .@Tim_Cook says #AppleWatch will ship on April 24th.
[6:31 PM] Kelly Guimont: FROM $10k for the Watch Edition, limited number in limited locations. No high end price noted here.
[6:31 PM] Bryan: .@Tim_Cook says preorders for Apple Watch begin on April 10th. They will be on display at Apple Stores.
[6:30 PM] Bryan: .@Tim_Cook says #AppleWatch (the stainless steel model) starts at $549 and $599 for the two sizes.
[6:30 PM] Dave: Apple Watch (stainless) goes $549-$1099 depending upon size and band.
[6:27 PM] Kelly Guimont: "Here's two prices, one of which you already knew. And now another video!" @tim_cook is KILLING us!
[6:27 PM] Bryan: Now we're getting a video on the stainless steel allow that Apple developed for #AppleWatch.
[6:26 PM] Dave: Apple Watch Sport is $349 for 38mm; $399 for 42mm.
[6:25 PM] Bryan: Dear Apple. Apple Watch pricing please. Love, Bryan.
[6:24 PM] Bryan: The video is on the aluminium (as Jony Ive says it) alloy Apple developed for Apple Watch sport. Lighter than aluminum, but just as strong.
[6:23 PM] Bryan: BUT NOT BEFORE WE SEE ANOTHER VIDEO! For goodness sake...
[6:23 PM] Bryan: Moving on to the product line breakdown, which hopefully and finally includes prices.
[6:22 PM] Bryan: .@Tim_Cook says Apple Watch will have "All day battery life." Up to 18 hours.
[6:22 PM] Bryan: There will be a separate app for Apple Watch apps in iOS 8.2. Available today.
[6:22 PM] Dave: The Apple Watch will be configured from your iPhone using the Apple Watch app.
[6:22 PM] Kelly Guimont: For the love of Pete, just tell us how much the watch will cost!
[6:21 PM] Bryan: Kevin Lynch has a live feed on his Apple Watch that shows his garage and allows him to open the door. That's slick.
[6:19 PM] Bryan: Kevin Lynch is demonstrating Shazam on Apple Watch.
[6:17 PM] Bryan: Boarding passes on Apple Watch, too, through Passbook.
[6:16 PM] Bryan: Kevin Lynch just called a car to Uber. Too bad he's on stage and the guy is just waiting for nothing...
[6:15 PM] Bryan: Kevin Lynch took a call on his Apple Watch on stage. It was pretty slick.
[6:14 PM] Bryan: IMO, it's absurd how good photos look on this tiny screen. Apple has really done something with Apple Watch.
[6:13 PM] Bryan: Apple Pay will give you haptic feedback to indicate the transaction is done.
[6:13 PM] Bryan: Double tap the side button and pay with Apple Pay. Put your Apple Watch near the terminal, and done.
[6:13 PM] Kelly Guimont: I like the idea of tech companies having shorter meetings so their Apple Watches don't hassle them about sitting too long. (:
[6:12 PM] Dave: Time to stand up!
[6:11 PM] Bryan: Activate Siri by pushing the Digital Crown or by saying, "Hey Siri..." Apple Watch then displays info without Siri speaking.
[6:10 PM] Bryan: Getting a look at Glances on Apple Watch. These are quick snippets of information. Stocks, sports, trending tweets, etc.
[6:09 PM] Bryan: Kevin Lynch is on stage to show WatchKit apps developed since November.
[6:09 PM] Dave: All iOS notifications will appear on Apple Watch, as well.
[6:09 PM] Bryan: Any notifications you can get on your iPhone you can also get on Apple Watch.
[6:08 PM] Bryan: Back to rehashing the things we already know about Apple Watch,
[6:07 PM] Bryan: Christy Turlington Burns will run a fitness blog on
[6:07 PM] Bryan: I can not imagine a better brand ambassador for everything Apple Watch is than Christy Turlington Burns. A brilliant choice.
[6:07 PM] Kelly Guimont: You get Christy Turlington Burns, women's health advocate, onstage w/a health tracker that doesn't track any women's fertility/health info?
[6:06 PM] Bryan: .@Tim_Cook is bringing Christy Turlington Burns on stage to talk about Maternal Health and her other health interests.
[6:03 PM] Bryan: Moving on to video of Christy Turlington Burns running in Africa with Apple Watch.
[6:03 PM] Bryan: .@Tim_Cook says Apple gave an Apple Watch to Christy Turlington Burns to put it through its paces. She ran a half marathon with Apple Watch.
[6:01 PM] Bryan: Activity Monitor will make recommendations for goals for your next week based on the previous week.
[6:00 PM] Dave: At-a-glance summary of your activity.
[6:00 PM] Bryan: Showing Activity Monitor. Another feature we've already seen.
[5:59 PM] Bryan: Moving to Digital Touch, an Apple Watch feature shown in September.
[5:59 PM] Kelly Guimont: "You can finally get calls on your watch!" @tim_cook is excited. Dick Tracy is rolling his eyes.
[5:58 PM] Bryan: .@Tim_Cook says he's wanted to be able to send and receive phone calls since he was five years old. Now he can with Apple Watch.
[5:58 PM] Dave: Tim Cook loves being able to receive calls on his Apple Watch
[5:58 PM] Kelly Guimont: Apple watch shown displaying 60bpm heart rate. @tim_cook: That's so not my heart rate right now...
[5:57 PM] Bryan: You can add different features and functionality to watch faces on Apple Watch.
[5:56 PM] Kelly Guimont: I wondered if we'd get a Mickey Mouse watch face...
[5:56 PM] Bryan: .@Tim_Cook walking us through watch faces on the Apple Watch.
[5:55 PM] Bryan: Apple Watch is accurate to 50 milliseconds.
[5:55 PM] Bryan: "Apple Watch is the most advanced time piece ever created." - @Tim_Cook
[5:54 PM] Bryan: "Apple Watch is the most personal device we've ever made. It's not just with you, it's on you." - @Tim_Cook
[5:53 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook back on stage. Moving on to Apple Watch.
[5:53 PM] Dave: New MacBook starts at $1,299.
[5:53 PM] Bryan: 13-inch MacBook will get Force Touch Trackpad, faster processors, more battery life.
[5:53 PM] Bryan: MacBook Air will get faster processors, faster storage.
[5:52 PM] Bryan: Apple's MacBook starts at $1,299. Another model at $1,599. Joins MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.
[5:52 PM] Bryan: Phil Schiller pimped #MacBookLust.
[5:51 PM] Bryan: Jony Ive is stepping us through what Phil Schiller already told us, only he sounds way cooler.
[5:50 PM] Kelly Guimont: Debate at TMO Towers: Does this new laptop eliminate the Air or the Pro with Retina display?
[5:47 PM] Bryan: Phil Schiller said Apple's new MacBook is the "World's most energy-efficient notebook." Fade to Jony Ive video.
[5:47 PM] Kelly Guimont: Cue the Jony Ive product video.
[5:46 PM] Bryan: Apple's new MacBook comes in Silver, Space Gray, and "stunning" Gold.
[5:45 PM] Bryan: Apple's new MacBook supports power, HDMI, USB, and others in just one port. But that means just one port. Called USB-C. It's reversible.
[5:43 PM] Bryan: Phil Schiller says Apple technology allows Apple to fill all the space with batteries. Offers all day performance.
[5:43 PM] Kelly Guimont: Much discussion about the new keyboard and trackpad tech coming to Apple's peripherals (yes please!).
[5:43 PM] Bryan: Apple filled the rest of the space in the chassis with batteries.
[5:43 PM] Dave: They shrunk the motherboard and use the space to fit batteries. Gobs of them.
[5:42 PM] Bryan: Processor speed on new MacBook up to 1.3GHz, with burst mode up to 29.GHz.
[5:42 PM] Dave: Intel Core M up to 1.3GHz
[5:42 PM] Bryan: New logic board on MacBook is 67% smaller than the 11-inch MacBook Air.
[5:41 PM] Bryan: Apple's new MacBook is fanless. Silent!!!
[5:41 PM] Dave: First fanless MacBook.
[5:40 PM] Bryan: Apple's new trackpad has a Force Click for added control throughout OS X.
[5:40 PM] Kelly Guimont: Perspective: iPad OG was 13.4 mm thick. Holy...
[5:40 PM] Dave: Newly-designed trackpad has a "force click" gesture, initially to be used for context-sensitive data.
[5:39 PM] Bryan: You can adjust the tension on the trackpad on new MacBook. Wow.
[5:39 PM] Bryan: Apple announces new Force Click Trackpad. Includes Apple Watch Taptic Engine!!!
[5:38 PM] Bryan: Phil Schiller said new display uses 30% less energy. Battery life should be out of this world.
[5:37 PM] Bryan: New MacBook display pannel is 0.88mm thin. Wow. Wow. Wow.
[5:37 PM] Dave: Full 12" display
[5:37 PM] Bryan: New MacBook has Retina Display.
[5:37 PM] Bryan: Individual LEDs for each key helped make it thinner.
[5:37 PM] Dave: Individual Backlights for each key
[5:37 PM] Bryan: Apple's butterfly mechanism is designed to make typing more accurate.
[5:36 PM] Kelly Guimont: A new keyboard switch? I'm listening... (We hates the current keyboards, precious. We hates them.)
[5:36 PM] Dave: New butterfly keyboard mechanism replaces the old-style, scissor mechanism.
[5:36 PM] Bryan: Phil Schiller said Apple had to reinvent everything to make new Macbook. He's walking us through new keyboard that uses a "butterfly" mechanism.
[5:35 PM] Kelly Guimont: Get a load of that ginormous trackpad!
[5:35 PM] Dave: Full-size keyboard!
[5:35 PM] Bryan: Phil Schiller is on stage to introduce these new devices.
[5:34 PM] Dave: New MacBook is 24% thinner than the previous-thinnest (the 11" Air)
[5:34 PM] Bryan: Apple introduces MacBook in Gold and Space Gray. It weighs just two pounds. 13.1mm thin at its thickest point.
[5:34 PM] Dave: The new MacBook
[5:33 PM] Bryan: .@Tim_Cook held this notebook in one hand and closed it with his thumb.
[5:33 PM] Bryan: Seeing imagery of a notebook that is insanely thin.
[5:32 PM] Bryan: .@Tim_Cook said Apple challenged itself to "reinvent the notebook. And we did it." Watching video now.
[5:32 PM] Dave: Reinventing the notebook, Apple-style.
[5:31 PM] Bryan: Apple's Mac has outgrown the PC industry for a decade now. There was just one quarter where that wasn't the case.
[5:31 PM] Dave: The Mac: 10 years of outgrowing the industry.
[5:30 PM] Kelly Guimont: Look at all this research and tracking for medical info! Don't worry about still not having any capacity for tracking women's health data.
[5:30 PM] Bryan: Moving on to Mac.
[5:29 PM] Bryan: Research Kit will be released next month.
[5:29 PM] Dave: ResearchKit is Open Source
[5:29 PM] Bryan: Apple is making Research Kit open source, immediately nullifying my comment about only Apple being able to do it.
[5:29 PM] Bryan: "[The iPhone] is exactly where medicine is going. It has to." - Research executive in Apple's video.
[5:28 PM] Bryan: As Dave alluded, this medical research segment is dry. Very dry. But the info is big.
[5:26 PM] Bryan: Research Kit is something only Apple can do because it controls the whole widget. Google's Android, not so much.
[5:26 PM] Kelly Guimont: Dave Hamilton: Wow. New HealthKit feature. Apple has also figured out how to cure sleeplessness. Just watch this keynote. zzzzzzz
[5:25 PM] Dave: Apple will not see your HealthKit or ResearchKit data.
[5:25 PM] Bryan: Getting a video for medical research stuff.
[5:23 PM] Kelly Guimont: Giving away bluetooth inhalers. That sounds really nifty, bluetooth inhalers are a thing?
[5:23 PM] Bryan: All these apps feed data to researchers, but give users local data, too.
[5:22 PM] Bryan: There's an app for measuring glucose levels, one for heart health. One for Asthma.
[5:22 PM] Bryan: There's a vocal tremor test, a gait and walk test, and a finger tremor test.
[5:21 PM] Bryan: Apple is getting very serious about medical stuff.
[5:21 PM] Bryan: ThThere's a Parkin's Disease testing app...are you kidding me? That's astounding.
[5:20 PM] Bryan: Apple is announcing Research Kit. For medical research.
[5:20 PM] Dave: "ResearchKit turns iPhone and HealthKit into powerful diagnostic tools."
[5:18 PM] Kelly Guimont: Awesome, Jeff Williams is on stage! Wait, who's Jeff Williams?
[5:17 PM] Bryan: Jeff Williams is on stage to talk about Medical Research.
[5:17 PM] Dave: Time to talk about HealthKit
[5:17 PM] Bryan: Moving on to HealthKit and HomeKit.
[5:16 PM] Bryan: "Every major car brand has committed to supporting Car Play." - @Tim_Cook
[5:16 PM] Bryan: .@Tim_Cook said iPhone started off as the Internet in your pocket, but says now it is so much more.
[5:15 PM] Bryan: 700,000 locations in the U.S. take Apple Pay. That includes 40,000 Coke machines.
[5:14 PM] Bryan: Tim is moving on to Apple Pay. Apple now has 2,500 banks involved.
[5:14 PM] Bryan: 700 million iPhones sold. 99% customer satisfaction for iPhone 6.
[5:13 PM] Dave: 700 Million iPhones Sold
[5:13 PM] Bryan: Note no new Apple TV hardware was announced, just a lower price.
[5:13 PM] Bryan: "Apple TV will reinvent the way you watch TV, and this is just the beginning." - @Tim_Cook
[5:12 PM] Bryan: Apple has sold 25 million Apple TV units. Apple is lowering the price to $69!
[5:12 PM] Bryan: Trailer was excellent. Gorgeous.
[5:09 PM] Bryan: Being shown a #GameofThrones trailer premier.
[5:09 PM] Dave: HBO Now. $14.99/month. Launches in April.
[5:09 PM] Bryan: HBO exec looks down at the teleprompter a lot. I mean, a lot.
[5:08 PM] Bryan: "All you need to get HBM now is broadband and an Apple device."
[5:08 PM] Bryan: HBO streaming service will be standalone, as expected. Apple and Apple TV are exclusive partners "at launch."
[5:07 PM] Bryan: .@Tim_Cook just plugged Veep, Silicon Valley, "and of course our favorite, 'Game of Thrones.'"
[5:07 PM] Dave: HBO Time.
[5:06 PM] Bryan: Starting with Apple TV—specifically HBO.
[5:05 PM] Bryan: Apple now has 453 stores, and claimed 120 million visitors last year. Impressive.
[5:04 PM] Bryan: .@Tim_Cook is wishing everyone a happy good morning. He has become so much more comfortable on stage.
[5:03 PM] Bryan: Fairly sure Apple had the smog Photoshopped out of this video.
[5:02 PM] Bryan: Starting off with a video about the West Lake, China Apple Store.
[5:02 PM] Dave: Nice to start with the video and Chinese letters, Apple. ;) Here we go!
[4:58 PM] Bryan: I've so been looking forward to this event.
[4:57 PM] Dave: People are getting seated, the live feeds are streaming and the music is playing (currently "Busy Earnin'" by Jungle)
[3:29 AM] Adam: Tune in on Monday morning as our coverage begins with pictures, commentary, blow-by-blow and more.
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