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Apple 10/16/14 Special Event on October 16th, 2014

[6:21 PM] Bryan: That's a wrap. Stay tuned to TMO for detailed analysis.
[6:20 PM] Bryan: Tim: "They're doing the best work of their lives, and I and the rest of the executive team appreciate it."
[6:20 PM] Bryan: Tim is reminding us that the people at Apple have been working on some of the new products for multiple years.
[6:20 PM] Kelly Guimont: Fashion update: Tim is sporting an Apple watch that looks to be silver, with a white band.
[6:20 PM] Kelly Guimont: Thanking teams at Apple for all their hard work.
[6:18 PM] Bryan: Tim is recapping.
[6:18 PM] Bryan: Photo posted by Bryan.
[6:17 PM] Kelly Guimont: Come on Chairman Honeycrisp, gimme one more thing. Gimme that Apple TV update.
[6:17 PM] Bryan: We're back to Tim, who asked, "What do you think?" The audience of journalists applauded.
[6:16 PM] Kelly Guimont: New Mac mini ships TODAY along with the new Retina iMac.
[6:16 PM] Bryan: New processor, Thunderbolt 2, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, starts at $499. Ships today.
[6:16 PM] Kelly Guimont: Mini update! I got FIVE out of six things and still we aren't done!
[6:15 PM] Bryan: Ah, the Mac mini is getting some love!
[6:15 PM] Bryan: Holy smokes, they made this thing for a retail price of $2,499. That's impressive. Ships today. The rest of the iMac line remains.
[6:14 PM] Kelly Guimont: Pricing. a 4K tv will set you back 3 grand. Retina iMac is $2499. With a Mac slapped on the back!
[6:14 PM] Bryan: Rated EnergyStar 6.1 for efficiency.
[6:14 PM] Bryan: Processor upgradeable to 4GHz quad-core Intel processor. Has Thunderbolt 2. Fusion Drive.
[6:10 PM] Bryan: Showing a video for new iMac.
[6:09 PM] Kelly Guimont: Apple had to invent a chip AND display to push this new Retina 5K display.
[6:09 PM] Bryan: Uses 30% less energy than previous iMac. Wow. Wow. Wow.
[6:09 PM] Bryan: 5mm thin at the edges of the new iMac. Invented a new controller and a new material (Oxide TFT) to make it. a new backlight. More.
[6:07 PM] Bryan: 27-inch display 5120 x 2880 resolution. "World's highest resolution display." "We call it Retina 5K Display."
[6:07 PM] Kelly Guimont: I said Apple would talk about six things today: New iPads/minis, Apple Pay, Yosemite, iOS 8.1, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and iMac. Right now we're talking iMac so I'm 4/6 and we aren't done.
[6:06 PM] Bryan: Apple announced iMac with Retina display.
[6:04 PM] Kelly Guimont: "Let's talk a little bit about what's happening with the Mac."
[6:04 PM] Kelly Guimont: Still selling the iPad mini starting at $249, mini 2 at $299, 3 at $499, Air at $399, and Air 2 at $499. Preorders start tomorrow, shipping next week.
[6:03 PM] Bryan: iPad mini 3 introduced, also as expected. We got only a cursory look. iPad mini, iPad mini 2, and iPad Air remain on market at reduced prices.
[6:03 PM] Kelly Guimont: Price screen went by too fast on the mini 3, but it starts at $399 (16GB).
[6:02 PM] Bryan: Photo posted by Bryan.
[6:02 PM] Kelly Guimont: Feature summary of the iPad Air 2. (Note that it's the Air 2, not just "the new iPad Air.") $499 (16GB, $599(64GB), $699(128GB). Cellular on each is $130 more.
[6:00 PM] Bryan: Replay is an impressive Video editing app. Very impressive.
[5:59 PM] Kelly Guimont: Autocarrot made the title "It's Road Trip" instead of "Utah Road Trip". DYAC!
[5:58 PM] Bryan: The Continent is well-represented in today's media event. Pixelmator is made a Lithuania company. Replay is from a French team.
[5:56 PM] Bryan: Pixelmator's repair feature on iPad is pretty sweet, powered by the A8X processor.
[5:55 PM] Kelly Guimont: Pixelmator gets a shoutout. I love Pixelmator! But now it's on iPad? Oh. Oh my.
[5:54 PM] Bryan: Pixelmator is coming to iPad.
[5:53 PM] Bryan: As expected and leaked, iPad Air 2 will have Touch ID. Related: anyone want to buy an iPad Air?
[5:52 PM] Kelly Guimont: My new dream job is at Apple. I want it to be "Go find neat things to shoot so we can show off the new camera in The New Hotness."
[5:51 PM] Bryan: Dual microphones on iPad for recording videos and whatnot.
[5:50 PM] Kelly Guimont: Showing off photos. This new camera will shoot a 43 megapixel panorama.
[5:46 PM] Kelly Guimont: If you're really quiet, you can hear your iPad Air OG model quietly obsolesce.
[5:46 PM] Bryan: Apple is powering iPad Air 2 with the A8X processor.
[5:46 PM] Bryan: Apple is also doing an anti-glare coating on the display. Phil claimed it's the only such in the industry.
[5:45 PM] Bryan: Apple is optically bonding the layers of the display.
[5:44 PM] Bryan: Stack two iPad Air 2s on top of each other, and it's still thinner than the original iPad.
[5:44 PM] Kelly Guimont: 18% thinner than the previous iPad air. World asks: WILL IT BEND?
[5:43 PM] Bryan: iPad Air 2 is 6.1mm thick, 18% thinner than iPad Air. "World's thinnest tablet."
[5:43 PM] Kelly Guimont: Tim unveils the iPad Air 2. Says "Can you see how thin it is?" Nobody cares, what he has in his hand is a GOLD IPAD.
[5:43 PM] Bryan: Phil Schiller is on stage to talk about iPad Air 2.
[5:43 PM] Bryan: iPad Air 2 is super thin.
[5:42 PM] Bryan: Aha! Look! It's iPad Air 2.
[5:42 PM] Bryan: Tim: "What do you do when you make the best tablet in the world (iPad Air)? How do you make it better? You do this."
[5:42 PM] Kelly Guimont: "What do you do when you make the best tablet in the world? How do you make it better?" (cue video)
[5:40 PM] Bryan: There are 675,000 iPad apps.
[5:40 PM] Bryan: Tim offered a nice hattip to his old friend Toasterfridge by pointing out that Apple is selling more iPads than competitors sell PCs.
[5:39 PM] Bryan: Apple has sold 225 million iPads in first 4 years.
[5:39 PM] Kelly Guimont: 225 million iPads (in four years it's the most they've sold of anything ever.)
[5:38 PM] Kelly Guimont: Chairman Honeycrisp is now talking about the iPad Air, and how it's in all sorts of interesting places now.
[5:37 PM] Bryan: Tim is moving on to iPad.
[5:37 PM] Bryan: Tim said it was great to have Stephen Colbert on board. "I hope he can do a better job than I have controlling those leaks."
[5:36 PM] Bryan: iWork for OS X and iOS both updated, both available today, both free.
[5:36 PM] Bryan: iOS 8.1 will be available on Monday.
[5:35 PM] Bryan: Yosemite is available today.
[5:35 PM] Kelly Guimont: Just saw the new badging protocol at Apple with a cameo from Eddy Cue. I can't believe they stole the entry method for TMO Towers!
[5:35 PM] Bryan: It was another funny video that will hopefully get posted on YouTube.
[5:34 PM] Bryan: Craig is using AirPlay to stream to a video from Phil Schiller to his Apple TV.
[5:33 PM] Kelly Guimont: Stephen just called Tim "Chairman Honeycrisp." "Now get back to work, you know what I see when I look at my wrist? MY WRIST."
[5:33 PM] Bryan: Stephen told Craig to get back to work because he wants his Apple Watch. My retelling is not funny. The bit was quite funny.
[5:32 PM] Bryan: Stephen wants the title "Supreme Commander Secrecy."
[5:32 PM] Bryan: Craig is putting in a phone call to Stephen Colbert through his Mac. Stephen's title is "Chief of Secrecy."
[5:32 PM] Kelly Guimont: Phone call with Stephen Colbert. "Red Delicious, this is Granny Smith."
[5:31 PM] Bryan: Craig quipped about an Apple rumor that the new spaceship campus was really a spaceship. "Unfortunately, they got that one right."
[5:31 PM] Kelly Guimont: I really want all this Handoff/Continuity stuff to be awesome. Right now I have the old unlimited data plan from AT&T so there's a good chance a lot of this is pointless at my house.
[5:30 PM] Bryan: Redacted menus, a vault door on Jony's lab, printing straight to a paper shredder. Funny. :)
[5:28 PM] Bryan: Craig is joking about Apple's penchant for secrecy, showing several photos of Apple's security measures.
[5:28 PM] Kelly Guimont: Now a demo, using an email from Tim to Craig about "doubling down on secrecy." Also: Jony's lab door is hilarious. Other amusing photos too.
[5:27 PM] Kelly Guimont: AirDrop, the service available on Mac OS and iOS that didn't work with each other, will now work with each other. Which you'd think would happen since they have the same name.
[5:23 PM] Bryan: Yosemite is truly a sexy-looking OS.
[5:23 PM] Bryan: Craig touted Safari's energy efficiency. Said you get 2 hours more use in Safari when browsing and 3 hours more streaming Netflix.
[5:23 PM] Kelly Guimont: Behold all the things you can do with your Safari tabs! Can I load one without having to mysteriously force reload 3 others? That's all I ask.
[5:22 PM] Bryan: we're getting a rundown on Yosemite that so far focuses on the new features introduced at WWDC.
[5:21 PM] Bryan: Moving on to Yosemite.
[5:20 PM] Kelly Guimont: Bam! Done with iOS, let's chat about Yosemite.
[5:20 PM] Dave: Nice sideways Apple devices
[5:19 PM] Bryan: Craig quipped that when you roll out a new OS update to hundreds of millions of people, you "get a little 'feedback.'" That's funny. :)
[5:19 PM] Kelly Guimont: Camera Roll makes a triumphant return in 8.1!!!
[5:18 PM] Bryan: Craig is bragging about Swift's adoption rate among developers.
[5:18 PM] Dave: Federighi is moving quickly, and clearly not as smoothly-rehearsed as usual.
[5:17 PM] Kelly Guimont: Heads up: There's a Klingon keyboard in the App Store.
[5:16 PM] Kelly Guimont: TRANSMIT! Look at that, Portland reppin on stage at an Apple event!
[5:16 PM] Bryan: We're getting a rundown of iOS 8, which was just released a month ago, when we got a rundown of iOS 8.
[5:14 PM] Kelly Guimont: Fashion update: Tim is sporting jeans & a dark blue untucked button-down shirt. Hair Force One is dressed similarly, but his shirt is tucked in. Is there a uniform now?
[5:14 PM] Bryan: Craig is touting the fact that 48% of iOS installed base is running iOS 8. He didn't mention that this is a slower rollout than previous ones.
[5:13 PM] Kelly Guimont: Just as Kelly predicted, we didn't spend long on Apple Pay and likely won't spend long on iOS 8. All is proceeding as I have foreseen...
[5:12 PM] Bryan: Craig Federighi is on stage to talk about iOS 8 and Yosemite.
[5:12 PM] Bryan: Tim iterated that Apple Watch will launch in "early 2015," and said that every day he looks forward to the day it happens.
[5:11 PM] Bryan: Apple rolling out WatchKit SDK for developers in November.
[5:10 PM] Bryan: Tim has switched gears to Apple Watch. Quipped that fashion has loved it.
[5:09 PM] Kelly Guimont: So we get Apple Pay Monday. How?
[5:09 PM] Bryan: That's October 20th—Apple Pay launches Monday.
[5:09 PM] Bryan: Apple Pay launches on Monday.
[5:08 PM] Kelly Guimont: FIVE HUNDRED banks supporting Apple Pay SINCE the announcement in September.
[5:08 PM] Bryan: Apple signed up another 500 U.S. banks to Apple Pay in the U.S. That's all of the top banks, plus most of the next tier.
[5:07 PM] Kelly Guimont: Tim said "and that's iPhone" but mentioned no numbers. Just "most ever." Sounds like an Amazon event...
[5:07 PM] Bryan: Moving on to Apple Pay.
[5:07 PM] Bryan: I also note that he didn't actually tell us how many "orders" there actually were.
[5:06 PM] Kelly Guimont: 32 Countries will have iPhone by the end of the week.
[5:06 PM] Bryan: Tim noted that iPhone 6 launches in China in "a few hours."
[5:05 PM] Bryan: "Most first month orders ever!" for iPhone 6.
[5:05 PM] Kelly Guimont: Walt Mossberg: It's the best smartphone on the market. (no mention if he meant the 6 or the Plus.)
[5:04 PM] Bryan: Tim offered up several "Good mornings!" "We have several more things to show you before we close out the year."
[5:02 PM] Bryan: Video is starting. Looking back on the iPhone 6 launch.
[4:59 PM] Kelly Guimont: Now Playing: Love Runs Out by OneRepublic (I didn't have to ask Siri for that one!)
[4:57 PM] Bryan: Only one audio feed this time. Snark aside, that's a good sign. :)
[4:57 PM] Kelly Guimont: Now Playing: Cool Kids by Echosmith.
[4:56 PM] Kelly Guimont: Superstitious Kelly has loaded up the stream on the Apple TV, and the page on the iPad, iPhone, and laptop. Covered bases FTW!
[4:55 PM] Bryan: I've been brushing up on my Chinese, too, so that I can follow along with the simultranslate.
[4:55 PM] Bryan: We're all set up and ready for Apple's color bars.
[11:00 PM] Adam: Tune in on Thursday morning as our coverage begins with pictures, commentary, blow-by-blow and more.
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