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WWDC 2013 Keynote on June 10th, 2013

[7:04 PM] Dave: Thanks!
[7:02 PM] Dave: That's it folks. Thanks for following along. And again, our thanks to Parallels for sponsoring this coverage do you today.
[7:00 PM] Dave: "We spend a lot of time, on a few great things."
[7:00 PM] Dave: "Does it deserve to exist?"
[7:00 PM] Dave: Cook showing an ad now that communicates Apple's values. Starts with "This is it. This is what matters. The experience of a product."
[6:59 PM] Dave: Cook waxing on about Apple's values. Showing some passion. Again, he's looking good. Clearly been coached, which makes a lot of sense.
[6:59 PM] Dave: Cook. Apple.
[6:58 PM] Dave: Cook and iOS 7
[6:57 PM] Dave: Cook back on stage now, recapping OS X Mavericks, new MacBook Airs, next gen Mac Pro, iWork for iCloud... and, of course, iOS 7
[6:57 PM] Dave: iOS 7 beta coming to developers for iPad in the "coming weeks" -- released to customers in "the fall."
[6:57 PM] Dave: iOS beta to developers today
[6:56 PM] Dave: Developers quite happy about 1500 new APIs, including AirDrop, Multitasking, iBeacons (BTLE micro location), 60-fps video capture, Push Updates... Developers have a lot of new toys to play with, folks!
[6:55 PM] Dave: Activation Lock will not allow even a wiped iPhone to reactivate without logging into the previously-used account. Interesting.
[6:55 PM] Dave: Other iOS 7 features: phone/facetime/message blocking, PerApp VPN, and now going on to Activation Lock.
[6:54 PM] Dave: FaceTime Audio (yep, audio-only calls)
[6:54 PM] Dave: Craig Federighi on stage wrapping up iOS 7. "More to iOS 7 than we had time to talk to you in-depth about today."
[6:53 PM] Dave: iTunes Radio starts in US, adds other countries down the line.
[6:53 PM] Dave: iTunes Radio is everywhere: iOS 7, iTunes on the Mac, on Apple TV. iTunes Radio is free (with ads) or no ads for iTunes Match subscribers.
[6:52 PM] Dave: Very much like Pandora, you can create songs based on an artist, and then like/not-like songs to tweak it over time.
[6:52 PM] Dave: iTunes Radio curated stations
[6:51 PM] Dave: You can create your own stations, too.
[6:51 PM] Dave: iTunes Radio starts with "Stations" curated by Apple folks.
[6:50 PM] Dave: iTunes Radio
[6:50 PM] Dave: iTunes Radio, built right into the iOS Music app.
[6:50 PM] Dave: New white-themed Music app
[6:49 PM] Dave: iOS App Store updates all your apps automatically. Finally I can stop hounding my family to do it on all their devices. :)
[6:48 PM] Dave: New feature: "Apps near me." Find the apps that people near your location are using. I can see that being quite handy. Heck, ANYTHING that helps narrow down the list of apps is good.
[6:48 PM] Dave: Siri integrated into many cars coming in 2014
[6:47 PM] Dave: Siri search is Bing. Safari search remains Google (thanks to MacTech's Neil Ticktin for catching that)
[6:46 PM] Dave: Control Center commands ("turn on Bluetooth") enabled in Siri
[6:45 PM] Dave: Siri has an all new, high-quality voice... two of them: male and female.
[6:44 PM] Dave: Eddy Cue taking the stage to talk about Siri
[6:44 PM] Dave: Videos now supported in Photo Stream, too.
[6:44 PM] Dave: Photo Streams support MULTIPLE PEOPLE ADDING TO THE SAME STREAM. You know, finally.
[6:43 PM] Dave: Navigate in overview of photos.
[6:42 PM] Dave: Photos collections
[6:40 PM] Dave: New Photos app supports "Moments" to auto-organize your photos. Again, this is good stuff. We can thank Android for pushing Apple to continue to innovate here.
[6:39 PM] Dave: All share sheets now support AirDrop sharing
[6:38 PM] Dave: Again, I offer my thanks to Parallels for helping us by sponsoring our live coverage here. I hope you're enjoying it, and please offer Parallels your thanks, too. Thanks!
[6:38 PM] Dave: Multitasking
[6:37 PM] Dave: Control Center: airplane mode, wifi, Bluetooth, music, flashlight toggles. Awesome.
[6:36 PM] Dave: New, unlimited, top scrolling tabs in iOS 7 Safari
[6:34 PM] Dave: Full screen safari with pull down search widget
[6:33 PM] Dave: Next up, Safari in iOS 7
[6:33 PM] Dave: Apple is learning here, folks. This is good.
[6:33 PM] Dave: Incoming Push notifications will give related apps background time *ahead* of time. Nice.
[6:32 PM] Dave: "Opportunistic updates" — coalesces network updates across all apps (even 3rd party). YAY!
[6:32 PM] Dave: iOS 7 will notice your usage patterns and update apps in the background so they're updated when you need them.
[6:31 PM] Dave: Multitasking for all apps.
[6:31 PM] Dave: Control center. SBSettings and flashlight apps no longer necessary
[6:30 PM] Dave: Now, 10 new features on iOS 7.
[6:30 PM] Dave: The rumor about the signal strength meter becoming dots IS correct.
[6:29 PM] Dave: Hey, cool. Nice to see (my) grandad's machine (those oval, binocular viewing machines) in the Mail pix. :)
[6:28 PM] Dave: New gesture from the left-edge of the device... very natural to go "back"
[6:28 PM] Dave: Folks, this feels very modern. Smooth.
[6:26 PM] Dave: Game Center: "we just ran out of green felt!"
[6:25 PM] Dave: Wallpaper pix can be seen "around" the home screen icons as you rotate the device. Very cool parallax trick.
[6:25 PM] Dave: Home screen
[6:24 PM] Dave: Federighi on stage demoing iOS 7
[6:24 PM] Dave: Cook mentioned that this is Jony Ive and Craig Federighi (and their teams) working together that makes iOS 7 possible.
[6:23 PM] Dave: Ive (in the video): "We see this as a new beginning"
[6:23 PM] Dave: This is not at all like the leaks... very interesting.
[6:22 PM] Dave: iOS 7
[6:22 PM] Dave: Go into "trough" mode to see what apps are open, and each shows a screenshot of the app.
[6:21 PM] Dave: iOS 7 layers
[6:20 PM] Dave: But each UI element is flat, just all layered together with translucency to give us depth.
[6:20 PM] Dave: iOS 7 Very 3D home screen with app icons (flat) floating above a 3D background.
[6:19 PM] Dave: First part of video just recapping all Apple products. Nothing shown about iOS 7 yet. Just Jony Ive waxing poetic. Here we go!
[6:18 PM] Dave: Video, narrated by Jony Ive. "We've always thought of design as being more than just the way something looks. It's the way something works."
[6:18 PM] Dave: "iOS 7: amazing new features and a stunning new user interface."
[6:18 PM] Dave: iOS 7
[6:17 PM] Dave: Leading us into iOS 7...
[6:17 PM] Dave: "iOS is the world's most popular mobile operating system. In second place is a version of Android that was released in 2010." -Cook
[6:16 PM] Dave: 33% Android users on latest (Jelly Bean) vs. 93% iOS users on iOS 6
[6:16 PM] Dave: iOS vs. Android OS version adoption
[6:15 PM] Dave: TIm Cook cites "amazing software updates" responsible for being #1 in "customer sat"
[6:15 PM] Dave: Benefit to not doing a presentation since October? Black Friday slides are fair game
[6:14 PM] Dave: Cook's really pushing the message that iPhone and iPad users do more shopping, spending and using (in general) than Android tablets.
[6:13 PM] Dave: iPhone users use their phones more than Android users
[6:12 PM] Dave: Cook back on stage. Time to talk iOS. Starting with a recap of sales.
[6:12 PM] Dave: Developers har access to iWork on iCloud today, more users in beta later in the year
[6:12 PM] Dave: They did say that IE would work, for what that's work.
[6:11 PM] Dave: Now demoing on Windows. "I have IE and Chrome here ... I'm just going to fire up Chrome." Met with laughs, but that could mean WebKit is better for this.
[6:10 PM] Dave: Keynote on the web!
[6:09 PM] Dave: Now showing Keynote on the web. Might even have more features than the iPad version.
[6:09 PM] Dave: The wifi in here just stopped working entirely for us. Interesting timing with the iWork on iCloud demo.
[6:08 PM] Dave: Demo showing graphical layout happening inside safari right on the web. Seems fluid and fantastic.
[6:07 PM] Dave: iWork for iCloud: create and edit documents right in the browser on Mac or PC
[6:05 PM] Dave: This reminds me I hate my Game Center notification badge, but it could be worse...
[6:03 PM] Dave: Cook's back on stage, time to talk iCloud. 300 Million accounts, "fastest growing cloud service ever."
[6:03 PM] Dave: Mac Pro IO ports.
[6:02 PM] Dave: Mac Pro coming "later this year" Designed AND assembled in USA.
[6:02 PM] Dave: Schiller has been coached, too. He's loose, with quite a bit of hubris and swagger. This is GOOD for him and GOOD for Apple.
[6:01 PM] Dave: Old vs new. Mac Pro
[6:00 PM] Dave: Dual GPUs
[6:00 PM] Dave: And yep, it's got Dual Workstation GPUs (that, among other things) support 4K displays
[5:59 PM] Dave: Also adds Thunderbolt 2 with 20 Gbps throughput.
[5:59 PM] Dave: Mac Pro, up to 12-core configs available. 1866MHz DDR 3, four-channel controller, 60 GBps bandwidth (2x as fast as previous)
[5:58 PM] Dave: New Mac Pro. Exposed.
[5:57 PM] Dave: It's tall, cylindrical, and ... quite different!
[5:57 PM] Dave: Crazy sound in here. This may be why the PA was tuned with all this extra low-end.
[5:57 PM] Dave: Very dramatic video for Mac Pro starting.
[5:56 PM] Dave: "Didn't want to make the same thing." New form factor, something different, something for the future.
[5:56 PM] Dave: Mac Pro
[5:55 PM] Dave: Schiller, "We're going to do something different." Here comes a sneak peek of the new Mac Pro. W00t!
[5:55 PM] Dave: New MacBook Air pricing
[5:54 PM] Dave: New MacBook Airs are shipping TODAY
[5:54 PM] Dave: MacBook Air 11" 128GB $999, 256GB $1199, 13" 128GB $1099, 256GB $1299
[5:53 PM] Dave: 4.5" square, 6" tall AirPort Extreme.
[5:53 PM] Dave: MacBook Air brings 802.11ac to the Mac
[5:52 PM] Dave: 11" Air goes to 9 hour of battery life. 13" Air goes to 12 hours of battery life. This is the biggest problem they've had to solve with it.
[5:52 PM] Dave: Haswell ULT specs
[5:51 PM] Dave: New MacBook Air uses the Haswell ULT processor.
[5:51 PM] Dave: Schiller, "All Day Battery Life" on the MacBook Air.
[5:51 PM] Dave: Entirely new like of MacBook Air today
[5:51 PM] Dave: Schiller on stage. Time to talk MacBook Air.
[5:50 PM] Dave: OS X Mavericks coming out to customers "this fall."
[5:50 PM] Dave: Developer Preview of OS X Mavericks available starting TODAY
[5:50 PM] Dave: See notes in expanded sidebar view in iBooks
[5:48 PM] Dave: The cool part with iBooks? All those interactive iBooks previously only for iOS now work on the Mac. Blurring the lines (with software). Cool stuff.
[5:48 PM] Dave: Ok. NOW onto the iBooks demo. Nothing surprising here. Type size adjust, night mode, etc.
[5:47 PM] Dave: Nice with Calendar: it'll auto-budget in travel time before/after appointments based on locations. Very cool.
[5:47 PM] Dave: Calendar demo now. Cleaner view. Some integrated tech with Maps. Type "pizza" for lunch, and it shows you local pizza joints, then weather and travel time for the place you choose.
[5:46 PM] Dave: Maps' "send to iPhone" feature is iCloud at its finest.
[5:45 PM] Dave: In Maps now, flyover data on the Mac looks awesome. As with Google's web-based maps, there are things that are much easier to do on a desktop screen.
[5:44 PM] Dave: iBooks on OS X Mavericks
[5:44 PM] Dave: iBooks demo starting now.
[5:43 PM] Dave: Send map routes from Mac to iPhone.
[5:43 PM] Dave: Maps: new Maps app for OS X coming with Mavericks.
[5:42 PM] Dave: Not much said about Calendar.
[5:42 PM] Dave: Next up: Calendar (BusyCal guys, take a breath)
[5:42 PM] Dave: App updates will now automatically happen in the background (for Mac App Store updates, of course)
[5:41 PM] Dave: Notification Center enhancement: You can now see the content of the message you're notified about, and can even reply to things like iMessage.
[5:41 PM] Dave: Big fail on credit cards in iCloud Keychain: you have to remember your own security code. That means I have to have my credit card with me. Not good.
[5:40 PM] Dave: iCloud Keychain stores passwords, credit cards, and even suggests new passwords to keep you from using the same one.
[5:40 PM] Dave: "iCloud Keychain" seems to be an attempt by Apple to create something analogous to 1Password. This will be interesting to see evolve.
[5:38 PM] Dave: Safari's Reading List's new continuous scrolling just pulls up the next article without any extra clicks... just right there.
[5:37 PM] Dave: Specifically, Safari doesn't need to be front-most for this to work. The OS toggles activity on whether it's visible or not visible.
[5:37 PM] Dave: App Nap specifically aggressively manages Safari. Bring up another app, and Safari's CPU usage drops until you bring it visible again.
[5:35 PM] Dave: "Safari is way more awesome at managing memory usage." We will see... we shall see....
[5:34 PM] Dave: Safari Shared Links
[5:34 PM] Dave: New in Safari sidebar: Shared Links shows links from the people you follow on Twitter and LinkedIn #mavericks
[5:33 PM] Dave: Mavericks power efficient tech
[5:32 PM] Dave: Next up: Safari #mavericks
[5:32 PM] Dave: "Compressed Memory" helps increase responsiveness under load, freeing up memory much faster than before.
[5:31 PM] Dave: 72% less CPU activity by intelligently combining CPU requests from multiple apps, keeping things from spinning up and down too frequently.
[5:30 PM] Dave: Managing battery life, Mavericks will now allocate power to the apps that are in use, slowing down for others. Very cool. Called "App Nap"
[5:30 PM] Dave: Apple TV (top) acts as yet another full display now
[5:28 PM] Dave: Full screen app on right, windowed still on left
[5:26 PM] Dave: Tags are a lame way to abstract us from the filesystem. I don't see this as being a good thing, for the record. iOS-ificiation continues (with a twist).
[5:25 PM] Dave: With tabs, full-screen Finder may actually make sense
[5:25 PM] Dave: Multiple displays
[5:25 PM] Dave: "Finder > Window > Merge all windows" collects all open Windows into one window as tabs. Nice.
[5:24 PM] Dave: Spaces are now unique per display (if you want)
[5:24 PM] Dave: Menus, Dock, and more on multiple displays. And, yes, when you take a window Full Screen it doesn't mess with other displays
[5:23 PM] Dave: Multiple displays for full-screen support in OS X Mavericks.
[5:23 PM] Dave: You can tag in Finder, save dialogs, iPhoto, everywhere (in Apple apps, presumably)
[5:22 PM] Dave: Tagging comes to the Mac. #mavericks
[5:22 PM] Dave: Finder Tabs! #mavericks
[5:22 PM] Dave: Version 10.9 is OS X Mavericks
[5:22 PM] Dave: OS X Mavericks
[5:21 PM] Dave: Going to change to names based on California.
[5:21 PM] Dave: OS X Sea Lion
[5:20 PM] Dave: "We do not want to be the first software in history to be delayed to a lack of cat (names)." :)
[5:20 PM] Dave: Now to OS X. Craig Federighi joins the stage.
[5:19 PM] Dave: 35% of Apple's users use Mountain Lion in first 6th months, vs 8% of Windows 8.
[5:19 PM] Dave: There goes Tim with his "Customer Sat" catchprase again.
[5:19 PM] Dave: Mac up 100% in 5 years vs 18% PC
[5:17 PM] Dave: Cook's back, "these guys are going to be super successful."
[5:16 PM] Dave: Cool demo where two cars were given a command to block out one other car. Blocked car responded with "weapons enabled" and ... problem solved.
[5:15 PM] Dave: Anki drive demo
[5:14 PM] Dave: Total FUBAR on stage with the demo, now restarting the demo. CEO says the red car "was a little camera shy"
[5:14 PM] Dave: Anki uses Bluetooth LE to communicate from the iPhone to the cars.
[5:13 PM] Dave: Anki Drive has physical cars driving around on a track on stage (camera view down) using AI and their app doing the calculations.
[5:13 PM] Dave: Anki
[5:12 PM] Dave: Tim Cook introducing us to "Anki," bringing artificial intellingence into our daily lives. Launching here at WWDC today.
[5:11 PM] Dave: $10 billion seems like a low number considered 50 billion downloads, no?
[5:11 PM] Dave: 50 billion apps downloaded, $10 billion dollars paid out ($5 billion of that in the last year).
[5:10 PM] Dave: "We have more accounts with credit cards than any other store we're aware of." Ummm...
[5:10 PM] Dave: 375,000 iPad apps ... then, referring to tablet apps in general, "compared to just a few hundred from those other guys"
[5:09 PM] Dave: The App Store will celebrate its 5th birthday next month. It's amazing how much things have changed, eh?
[5:08 PM] Dave: The sound in here is muddy, for whatever that's worth. Perhaps it's just the cabinet aimed at me in the line array. #audiogeek
[5:07 PM] Dave: Cool talks Berlin opening. And now, a video about it.
[5:06 PM] Dave: The stores are field trip destination, 407 stores in 14 countries, some people come for training even. Just warming things up, folks.
[5:06 PM] Dave: 71 second sellout
[5:06 PM] Dave: Now a recap of how great Apple retail stores are.
[5:05 PM] Dave: Tim Cook is *way* more conversational, jovial and laid back than he has in the past. Clearly coached.
[5:05 PM] Dave: Tim Cook
[5:04 PM] Dave: Also confirmed that 64% attendees are here for the first time.
[5:04 PM] Dave: "We are so glad you liked that [video]" — Tim Cook.
[5:03 PM] Dave: Starting with a black and white video
[5:03 PM] Dave: From the video: "there are thousands of now. For every yes." and "We perfect."
[5:02 PM] Dave: You ready?
[5:02 PM] Dave: Lights down. Here we go!
[5:01 PM] Dave: A brief dim of the lights met with a smattering of applause
[4:55 PM] Dave: 5 Minutes to go, people still filtering in. Much more relaxed pace to things this year, but I have a feeling that's about to change. Let's hope so!
[4:42 PM] Dave: They're definitely pacing the incoming attendees much more carefully than in years past. Sending them in in waves as opposed to one massive influx.
[4:36 PM] Dave: As we get started, let's all offer a hearty thank you to Parallels for sponsoring our liveblog this year. Thank you!
[4:34 PM] Dave: Topolsky and Mossberg in the media corral seating
[4:27 PM] Dave: Jony Ive joins in...
[4:22 PM] Dave: Tim Cook and Al Gore have a chat as folks are getting seated
[4:15 PM] Dave: And the developers rush in!
[4:08 PM] Dave: And we're in!
[3:49 PM] Dave: In the media corral, complete with blacked-out banners.
[4:57 AM] Dave: The dedicated gentlemen in the front of the line have been here since 9:15am
[4:56 AM] Dave: The line's first tent materialized this evening.
[4:16 PM] Dave: WWDC registration is open!
[4:15 PM] Dave: Just ... X
[4:14 PM] Dave: Seven...
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