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[2:55 PM] Bryan: It makes entry by Microsoft and other would-be Android competitors harder. Much harder.
[2:55 PM] Bryan: The pricing is extremely aggressive. I've hesitated to call it a race to the bottom as it is heavily subsidized, but that thought is there.
[2:53 PM] Dave: Kindle Line-up
[2:53 PM] Dave: 53 Minutes and we're finished. Thanks for following along, folks!
[2:53 PM] Dave: Kindle Fire ships November 15th, but pre-orders start today.
[2:52 PM] Dave: Bezos is again saying, "these are premium products at non-premium prices"
[2:51 PM] Dave: Kindle Fire features
[2:51 PM] Dave: Bezos: "How affordable is Kindle Fire? It's $199."
[2:50 PM] Bryan: It cold be argued that offloading browser processing to the cloud is necessary when using low-end hardware, which Apple doesn't do.
[2:50 PM] Dave: Send us questions on Twitter at @MacObserverLive and we'll see if we can get answers.
[2:48 PM] Bryan: AMZN is up sharply so far at $230.39 per share, up $ 6.18 (+2.76%). on strong volume. The market likes these announcements.
[2:48 PM] Dave: From what we can tell (no demo of Silk so far), it appears that the web will LOOK the same on the Kindle Fire. Just a faster experience.
[2:47 PM] Dave: In concept I love this Amazon Silk idea. If it's done right, this could be awesome. Perhaps Apple can use their datacenter for this for iOS?
[2:47 PM] Dave: Amazon Silk offloads all the processing AND most of the back-and-forth loading page assets to the cloud. This could be huge, folks.
[2:46 PM] Dave: I'd like to note that the chairs here at this event are amazingly uncomfortable. Like, WOW uncomfortable. Moving on...
[2:44 PM] Dave: Amazon Silk
[2:44 PM] Dave: Kindle Fire's browser is "Amazon Silk" -- Partially lives on EC2, partially lives on Kindle Fire.
[2:43 PM] Dave: "Is there some way that we can use the incredible computational horsepower of Amazon EC2 to improve the mobile web browsing experience?"
[2:43 PM] Bryan: It's too bad for Google that it required forking Android to get us there.
[2:43 PM] Dave: Bezos: "It's challenging for mobile devices to display modern web pages rapidly."
[2:43 PM] Dave: Comparing Amazon's original web site versus today
[2:42 PM] Dave: Bezos: I have more for you.
[2:42 PM] Bryan: Kindle Fire will be the first iPad-competitor that sales. Amazon seems to have put all the pieces together quite well.
[2:41 PM] Dave: Bezos played Fruit Ninja, so apps are definitely a highlighted part of this offering.
[2:41 PM] Dave: Music interface on books screen
[2:41 PM] Dave: Kindle Fire books
[2:40 PM] Dave: Now playing music. Full screen interface for current artist/album, shuttle controls, and music plays in background, of course.
[2:39 PM] Dave: Bezos (while X-Men is playing on Kindle Fire: "16MM colors, 169 pixels/inch, Gorilla glass. It's a beautiful display."
[2:38 PM] Dave: Recently-viewed/read content (movies, books, web pages, and more) floats to the top of the UI.
[2:38 PM] Dave: Kindle Fire UI
[2:37 PM] Dave: Kindle Fire comes pre-registered to your Amazon account out of the box. Initial UI does NOT look like Android at all.
[2:37 PM] Dave: Bezos says no syncing!
[2:36 PM] Dave: Kindle Fire free cloud storage
[2:36 PM] Dave: Whispersync on Kindle Fire works with Movies and TV shows. Watch some on Kindle Fire, then switch to TV and your place is the same.
[2:36 PM] Dave: Kindle Fire
[2:35 PM] Dave: Bezos: We feel that syncing should be invisible (standing in front of a huge iPod USB connector image)
[2:35 PM] Dave: Kindle Fire includes Magazines, too, and free cloud storage
[2:34 PM] Dave: Kindle Fire. 7" iPS Display, Dual Core processor, 14.6 ounces (hold in one hand), 100k movies and TV shows, 17MM songs, Android Apps
[2:34 PM] Dave: Bezos wonders: Can we bring it all together?
[2:32 PM] Dave: Kindle singles
[2:32 PM] Dave: And now we're talking about Amazon Web Services (their cloud-based hosting and storage platform)
[2:32 PM] Dave: Bezos with Kindle touch
[2:32 PM] Dave: 3 New Kindles
[2:31 PM] Dave: Now talking about Prime Instant Video. Showing movies, and touting the addition of Fox to this service.
[2:28 PM] Dave: Now we're talking about Amazon Cloud player, Amazon "app store", Amazon Prime. We're going somewhere with this.
[2:27 PM] Bryan: The same thing can be said about the $79 Kindle, of course.
[2:26 PM] Dave: Bezos keeps saying, "These are premium products at non-premium prices."
[2:25 PM] Bryan: The Kindle Touch is an aggressive effort to keep the dedicated ereader relevant, even as Amazon moves boldly into the media tablet business.
[2:25 PM] Dave: Adding Amazon Local to "Special Offers" (i.e. the ads that appear as screensavers, etc., on Kindle)
[2:25 PM] Dave: $79 Kindle ships today. Again, Bezos, "We're gonna sell many millions of these."
[2:24 PM] Dave: New $79 Kindle is 18% smaller than predecessor, faster page turns. That's 3 products in 23 minutes, folks, and I don't think we're finished.
[2:23 PM] Dave: Now onto another concept: "What if you don't want touch?" Then you get a $79 Kindle!
[2:22 PM] Dave: Bezos: "We're gonna sell many millions of these things."
[2:22 PM] Dave: Kindle touch 3G, $149. Pre-orders for both start today, ship November 21st.
[2:21 PM] Dave: Second device, Kindle touch 3G with free 3G wireless in addition to WiFi.
[2:21 PM] Dave: Ok, my guess was wrong. Kindle touch is $99. New touch interface, new slightly-smaller form factor, all the Kindle features you love.
[2:20 PM] Dave: We're moving into pricing. He's quoting many sources who said Kindle's would sell like hotcakes for $99. My guess - it's less than that.
[2:19 PM] Dave: X-Ray then has additional data on each of those topics, allowing one to learn more about books. Source is Shelfari (and others, presumably)
[2:18 PM] Dave: Kindle touch has "X-Ray" which drills down deeper into the book for interesting phrases, people mentioned, and more.
[2:15 PM] Dave: Kindle touch is a purpose-built device, which means they could really focus on what's important for reading and nothing else
[2:14 PM] Dave: Introducing "Kindle touch" - E-Ink display with an IR touch interface, meaning there's no extra layer to get in the way of reading.
[2:10 PM] Dave: Bezos says benefits are: E-Ink, Long Battery Life, Huge (relative to content) storage, and user is not responsible for backups.
[2:09 PM] Dave: Bezos: 4 Years ago Kindle started with 90,000 books, now it's 1,000,000.
[2:08 PM] Dave: Bezos is touting the ease of use with the Kindle, comes out of the box pre-registered, if it's your second Kindle it comes with your library.
[2:06 PM] Dave: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is on stage now, talking about how far they've come with the Kindle in the last 4 years.
[2:03 PM] Dave: And we're off. Starting with a commercial with testimonials about the Kindle.
[2:00 PM] Dave: It's 10am, everyone seems to be in their seats and ready to go, so we're looking to have this start... soon.
[1:56 PM] Dave: ...but we'll know more shortly, won't we?
[1:56 PM] Dave: I think Amazon's Windowshop app for the iPad -- which is brilliant, by the way -- was a testbed for what we'll likely see today.
[1:55 PM] Dave: To me, the ease of shopping is Amazon's largest competitive advantage. After all, where else do you feel *good* after buying things?
[1:55 PM] Dave: As I've been saying in pre-event line conversation, I think this device will be as much about media consumption as it will be shopping.
[1:48 PM] Dave: Filing in and getting our seats. Will it start on time?
[1:16 PM] Dave: We're registered and migrating inward
[3:55 PM] Dave: ...but my day begins at 3am as I head to the train station to grab the Amtrak to New York to cover the event. Should be VERY interesting, folks!
[3:48 PM] Adam: Our live coverage begins at 10:00AM EDT, Wednesday September 28th
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