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Apple 'It's Almost Here' Event Live Blog on September 12th, 2012

[6:58 PM] Dave: Thanks for joining us today, folks! That's it.
[6:58 PM] Dave: Tim says goodbye
[6:57 PM] Dave: One of Taylor's sticks flew out of his hands and hit Grohl in the back... he sorta looked around like he wasn't sure what happened... didn't miss a beat, though.
[6:53 PM] Dave: Foo Fighters, "Walk"
[6:52 PM] Dave: One more tune for us, according to Dave Grohl. "Walk"
[6:51 PM] Dave: ...and watching said film would prepare one for spontaneous moments like this, so... all good. ;)
[6:51 PM] Dave: As an aside, if you haven't seen the Foo Fighters movie, "Back and Forth" it's awesome. One of those films that will make you a fan at least for the duration of the film. ;)
[6:48 PM] Dave: Yep. "Hero"
[6:47 PM] Dave: Taylor Hawkins tearing it up with Grohl enjoying his vantage point
[6:47 PM] Dave: Another tune?
[6:45 PM] Dave: Just acoustic guitars. Methinks we only get one tune.
[6:43 PM] Dave: Foo Fighters
[6:43 PM] Dave: The sound is really clear and full in here. Very nice touch. ;)
[6:43 PM] Dave: "Times Like These"
[6:42 PM] Dave: Ok, Tim. You gave us pictures of the Foo Fighters (for like a second) and... whoa... a whole stage is rolling up from the back. Nice.
[6:42 PM] Dave: Foo Fighters!
[6:42 PM] Dave: We've got a music artist coming up.
[6:41 PM] Dave: He's waxing poetic about how the employees at Apple they feel like they're revolutionizing people's lives.
[6:40 PM] Dave: Tim Cook is reviewing
[6:40 PM] Dave: Cook and colors of iPods
[6:39 PM] Dave: Wow. Zany. Lots of bouncing iPods. Cook's back on stage. Seems to be wrapping up.
[6:39 PM] Dave: Now an ad about... Apple and Music.
[6:38 PM] Dave: Tim Cook is back on stage. Anything ELSE for today, Apple? ;)
[6:38 PM] Dave: Project (RED) colors, too
[6:37 PM] Dave: Review. iPod shuffle 2GB $49, nano 16GB $149, iPod touch 4th gen 16GB $199, 32GB $249, iPod touch 5th gen 32GB $299, 64GB $399.
[6:36 PM] Dave: EarPods will also be bundled with new iPod touch, nano, and iPhone 5
[6:36 PM] Dave: EarPods
[6:36 PM] Dave: EarPods will ship as a standalone accessory starting today.
[6:35 PM] Dave: Bass ports built into the step of the EarPod.
[6:35 PM] Dave: They scanned hundreds of ears. EarPods do NOT create a seal (intentionally).
[6:34 PM] Dave: Now a video showing EarPods.
[6:33 PM] Dave: New headphones have been 3 years in design. Called EarPods.
[6:33 PM] Dave: Apple has shipped over 600 million sets of headphones.
[6:32 PM] Dave: Now talking speakers.
[6:32 PM] Dave: Colorful touches and loops
[6:32 PM] Dave: iPod touch comes in colors: White, black, green, blue, red.
[6:31 PM] Dave: iPod touch gets dual-band networking
[6:31 PM] Dave: iPod touch 5th gen gets Siri!
[6:30 PM] Dave: AirPlay mirroring also now available in iPod touch 5th gen.
[6:30 PM] Dave: iPod touch loop
[6:30 PM] Dave: Front camera is 720p FaceTime camera.
[6:29 PM] Dave: Video is now 1080p, and iMovie works on the device.
[6:29 PM] Dave: ...still more. iPod touch loop. Comes with the iPod, allows you to attach a wrist strap (included) with the iPod touch.
[6:28 PM] Dave: Also has Panorama features. iPhoto will run on iPod touch for photo editing. And it has Shared Photo Stream.
[6:28 PM] Dave: iPod touch rear camera feature list
[6:28 PM] Dave: On to the camera. Significant upgrade -- 5MP iSight camera.
[6:27 PM] Dave: Forstall says iPod touch has increased battery life. 40 hours of music playback, 8 hours of video playback.
[6:26 PM] Dave: This theater is pretty cool. Well lit today.
[6:25 PM] Dave: He's moving the Ninja's arms, dragging him around, tickling him, after which Ninja hides. This is funny, like Little Computer People Research Project.
[6:24 PM] Dave: Clumsy Ninja is self-aware. Or something.
[6:23 PM] Dave: Thorsten Wild from Natural Motion Games up to talk faster graphics on iPod touch. Showing Clumsy Ninja on new iPod touch.
[6:23 PM] Dave: iPod touch now has A5 (battery life hit?)
[6:22 PM] Dave: iPod touch is thin
[6:22 PM] Dave: iPod touch 5th gen
[6:22 PM] Dave: iPod touch 5th gen has same 4" retina display that iPhone 5 has.
[6:21 PM] Dave: Anodized aluminum back.
[6:21 PM] Dave: 6.3mm thick. Thinnest iPod touch thus far. 88 grams (lightest, too)
[6:21 PM] Dave: Joz and Nano
[6:20 PM] Dave: Now moving on to iPod touch. Most popular music player but, according to Joz, also most popular game player.
[6:20 PM] Dave: Nano battery life is 30 hours of music.
[6:19 PM] Dave: Video in nano is widescreen, uses full screen resolution.
[6:19 PM] Dave: Bluetooth in nano
[6:18 PM] Dave: Photo viewer allows pinch and zoom with multitouch... and video... is back!
[6:18 PM] Dave: Colorful nanos
[6:18 PM] Dave: New nano has multitouch display with a home button underneath it. 7 different colors
[6:17 PM] Dave: iPod nano (7th generation)
[6:17 PM] Dave: 7th gen iPod nano: 5.4mm thick (38% thinner than predecessor)
[6:16 PM] Dave: Elements to add: Really large display. Easy-to-use controls. Thin. Light. Lightning connector.
[6:16 PM] Dave: Reinventing the iPod Nano.
[6:15 PM] Dave: Joz: "We're going to make some exciting changes to the line-up today."
[6:15 PM] Dave: 350 million iPods sold
[6:15 PM] Dave: Greg Joswiak coming up to talk iPod.
[6:14 PM] Dave: New iTunes will be available in "Late October" according to Cue.
[6:14 PM] Dave: Jeff Robbin is done, Eddy Cue is back
[6:13 PM] Dave: For all my Springsteen-loving friends, he's previewing "Born to Run" -- preview kept playing as he moved to Bruce's artist page.
[6:12 PM] Dave: Movie progress syncs with iCloud amongst your devices.
[6:12 PM] Dave: iTunes movies
[6:11 PM] Dave: Search now in mini-player, too. You can play immediately or use "+" to add to queue.
[6:11 PM] Dave: Mini-player is revamped, as well. Shuttle controls appear when you float over (intent-based design. I love it).
[6:10 PM] Dave: New Feature "Up Next" - Lets you see what your queue looks like, and you can rearrange, etc.
[6:09 PM] Dave: You can see contents of playlist *and* library simultaneously when adding to playlists. That's huge.
[6:08 PM] Dave: No mention of speed, though I have to hope it's faster.
[6:08 PM] Dave: iTunes now lives edge-to-edge of the window it's in.
[6:07 PM] Dave: Abbey Road
[6:07 PM] Dave: Jeff Robbin is on stage talking iTunes
[6:06 PM] Dave: Completely revamped, iCloud integrated.
[6:06 PM] Dave: New iTunes on iOS with iOS 6
[6:05 PM] Dave: Now talking desktop version of iTunes.
[6:05 PM] Dave: Song previews keep playing even if you leave the page and go to another place in the store.
[6:05 PM] Dave: Facebook likes integrated into new iOS stores.
[6:05 PM] Dave: iTunes Store on iPad iOS 6
[6:04 PM] Dave: Cue: "More than 2/3rds of our downloads come from iOS devices."
[6:03 PM] Dave: 435 Million iTunes accounts setup.
[6:03 PM] Dave: Starting by talking about iTunes store. Available in 63 countries around the world.
[6:03 PM] Dave: iTunes. Here comes Eddy Cue
[6:02 PM] Dave: iOS 6 9/19
[6:02 PM] Dave: Cook: "In addition to announcing iPhone 5, we have something near and dear to our hearts to talk to you about today, and that is music."
[6:02 PM] Dave: iPhone pricing
[6:01 PM] Dave: Tim Cook is back on stage.
[6:01 PM] Dave: iOS 6 update out Wednesday, September 19.
[6:00 PM] Dave: Friday, 9/28 sees more countries (list TBD)
[6:00 PM] Dave: Pre-orders start Friday, 9/14, Shipping/delivery starts 1 week later, Friday, 9/21.
[6:00 PM] Dave: 8GB iPhone 4 Free, 16GB iPhone 4S $99
[5:59 PM] Dave: iPhone 5 Pricing: 16GB $199, 32GB $299, 64GB $399
[5:59 PM] Dave: iPhone 5 manufacturing
[5:59 PM] Dave: Video's over. Schiller's back on stage.
[5:58 PM] Dave: Ive: "Variances from product to product are measured in microns" (talking about the manufacturing process.
[5:58 PM] Dave: The video is still going, folks. But for those following along, Ive just said "aluminium" in the video so, you know... drink.
[5:57 PM] Dave: Twice now they've mentioned FaceTime over "cellular network" but they haven't gone into details on what that means.
[5:54 PM] Dave: See? Told you.
[5:53 PM] Dave: Bob Mansfield appears in the video, for those who care about such things.
[5:53 PM] Dave: As video points out, the screen on iPhone 5 is taller but NOT wider.
[5:52 PM] Dave: Whatever color you like, as long as it's black (or white)
[5:52 PM] Dave: Now showing us a video of iPhone 5.
[5:51 PM] Dave: iPhone 5 comes in black & white -- glass is black or white, not just color under glass.
[5:51 PM] Dave: Forstall is finished talking iOS 6, Schiller is back on stage.
[5:49 PM] Dave: To Siri: "Find a sushi restaurant for 4 at 8 o'clock" -- Siri integrates with OpenTable and finds restaurant, makes reservation.
[5:49 PM] Dave: Forstall to Siri: "Can you recommend a good movie in theaters" Siri says that's subjective, but pulls up ratings.
[5:48 PM] Dave: As we heard at WWDC, Siri got enhancements. "Siri knows sports," says Forstall. Siri also launches apps by voice.
[5:48 PM] Dave: iPhone 5's 5 rows
[5:47 PM] Dave: You can create multiple photo streams, assign contacts to them, they get a push notification with those photos. You/friends can comment, too
[5:47 PM] Dave: Passbook
[5:46 PM] Dave: And moving onto Shared Photo Stream.
[5:45 PM] Dave: Now showing "VIP" interface. Also, messages can be "Flagged" on iOS which then puts them in a "dynamic, flagged Mailbox"
[5:44 PM] Dave: Quick mention of new notification center. Now, Safari. Arrows in bottom right now let you go "full screen mode" on iPhone like you can on OS X.
[5:43 PM] Dave: Hey, look, kids: Big Ben. Parliament.
[5:43 PM] Dave: ...and reviewing Flyover with a flyover of "Big Ben." I know we've seen this before, but this is pretty fun to watch.
[5:42 PM] Dave: Turn-by-turn directions
[5:40 PM] Dave: Talking new Maps application
[5:40 PM] Dave: Now talking iOS 6. Here come Scott Forstall.
[5:39 PM] Dave: Lightning adapter
[5:39 PM] Dave: 30-pin-to-Lightning adapters will be available.
[5:39 PM] Dave: Bose, JBL, Bauers & Wilkins, Band and Olafsen all building Lightning-connector devices.
[5:38 PM] Dave: Lightning: All digital, 80% smaller, reversible.
[5:38 PM] Dave: New connector: "Lightning"
[5:38 PM] Dave: "We do so much wirelessly now," with bluetooth, WiFi, syncing, backup. "It's time for the connector to evolve."
[5:37 PM] Dave: We're now talking connectors. The 30-pin connector "has served us well for over a decade," says Schiller.
[5:37 PM] Dave: Wideband audio in iPhone 5 to make your voice sound better ("we're just starting it") -- carriers must support it.
[5:36 PM] Dave: 3 mics
[5:36 PM] Dave: iPhone 5: Improved speaker, 5 magnet transducer, 20% smaller. Also a noise-canceling earpiece for what you hear. ;)
[5:35 PM] Dave: Rear-facing camera iPhone 5
[5:35 PM] Dave: 3 Microphones built-in. Bottom, front, back.
[5:35 PM] Dave: Front-facing camera is now 720p HD.
[5:34 PM] Dave: You can take still photos *while* recording video.
[5:34 PM] Dave: Panorama mode.
[5:33 PM] Dave: Macro bee.
[5:33 PM] Dave: New Panorama mode in iPhone 5 with iOS 6. Looks similar to Photosynth.
[5:32 PM] Dave: iOS 6 and iCloud has Shared Photo Streams so you can set up streams that friends and family can see.
[5:32 PM] Dave: Schiller, "The ocean looks bluer on an iPhone 5. Kids look happier." He's having fun with this, folks.
[5:32 PM] Dave: A6 has built-in ISP
[5:31 PM] Dave: New iSight.
[5:31 PM] Dave: A6 has new Image Signal Processor to improve the picture in real-time.
[5:30 PM] Dave: New camera now has dynamic low light mode, precision lens alignment, sapphire crystal lens cover (which makes it much harder to scratch).
[5:30 PM] Dave: New camera. 8 megapixel sensor, 3264x2448, Backside illumination.... 22% smaller.
[5:29 PM] Dave: iPhone 5 battery life chart.
[5:29 PM] Dave: Now talking camera.
[5:29 PM] Dave: Now talking battery life. Better than 4S. Thank goodness.
[5:28 PM] Dave: Schiller is back on stage.
[5:28 PM] Dave: "Real Racing 3 coming to the App store later this year."
[5:28 PM] Dave: Real Racing 3 on iPhone 5
[5:27 PM] Dave: EA used Game Center for time-shifted multiplayer in Real Racing 3. Challenge today, your opponent can race against you tomorrow.
[5:26 PM] Dave: This allows.... rear view mirrors in Real Racing! :)
[5:26 PM] Dave: Graphics in this racing game look like a video. Really impressive, actually. Reflections, scrolling, smooth.
[5:25 PM] Dave: A6 performance
[5:25 PM] Dave: Rob Murray, Executive Producer from EA Studios on stage to talk about performance of A6 for games.
[5:25 PM] Dave: A6 chip
[5:24 PM] Dave: A6 chip. 2x faster CPU & Graphics from predecessor. Also 22% smaller.
[5:23 PM] Dave: Schiller, "We've updated every aspect of iPhone 5"
[5:23 PM] Dave: 802.11 a/b/g/n, 2.4Ghz & 5GHz wireless.
[5:22 PM] Dave: LTE on iPhone 5
[5:22 PM] Dave: LTE on iPhone 5 in USA: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint.
[5:21 PM] Dave: 4G now with LTE.
[5:20 PM] Dave: 44% more color saturation, full sRGB specification. "Best display in the industry."
[5:19 PM] Dave: Showing CNN and OpenTable apps that were brought in early to be updated for iPhone 5, taking advantage of the larger/taller display.
[5:19 PM] Dave: Centered app
[5:18 PM] Dave: Original apps get centered with black borders on top & bottom. Full width. No stretching, no problem (according to Schiller, of course).
[5:18 PM] Dave: "What happens with all the original apps?"
[5:18 PM] Dave: Schiller is talking about how Apple apps have been rewritten for it. "Much more room to work in."
[5:17 PM] Dave: 5 rows of icons on home screen. Web shows more content. More room in calendar. This is a different thing, folks.
[5:17 PM] Dave: 1137 tall by 640 px wide, 16x9 aspect ratio.
[5:16 PM] Dave: iPhone 5 is same retina display, 4" display
[5:16 PM] Dave: Schiller and iPhone 5
[5:15 PM] Dave: iPhone 5 is thinnest & lightest iPhone ever. 7.6mm thick, 18% thinner than 4S. Weighs 112 grabs. 20% lighter than 4S.
[5:14 PM] Dave: iPhone 5 made entirely of glass and aluminum.
[5:14 PM] Dave: iPhone 5 on a pedestal
[5:13 PM] Dave: "Today we're going to introduce iPhone 5."
[5:13 PM] Dave: Cool and iOS.
[5:12 PM] Dave: Schiller, "It's really neat to stand here and see all the Apple logos glowing back at me."
[5:12 PM] Dave: With that, Phil Schiller is on stage to talk iPhone.
[5:12 PM] Dave: "Today we're taking it to a new level, making a huge leap."
[5:11 PM] Dave: Last quarter Apple sold their 400 millionth iOS device (thru June 2012)
[5:11 PM] Dave: 90% of all apps are downloaded every month. Average customer has more than 100 apps.
[5:10 PM] Dave: 700,000 apps now in the App Store, 250,000 are built for iPad.
[5:10 PM] Dave: Talking different apps from different companies. Segueing into App Store, "The most vibrant app ecosystem on the planet."
[5:10 PM] Dave: 94% of Fortune 500 investing in iPad.
[5:09 PM] Dave: "The must be in warehouses or store shelves or somebody's bottom drawer," says Cook.
[5:09 PM] Dave: iPad accounts for 91% of the web traffic of all tablets. Cook, "I don't know what these other tablets are doing." :)
[5:08 PM] Dave: 1 year go iPad had a 62% market share. Now, with "hundreds of new tablets" coming to market, iPad has 68% market share. Cook is proud.
[5:08 PM] Dave: These aren't dog years.
[5:07 PM] Dave: 84MM iPads sold through June, 2012. Cook, "Yes we are in a post-PC world"
[5:07 PM] Dave: Year over year growth
[5:07 PM] Dave: 17 Million iPads sold April-June
[5:07 PM] Dave: Now talking iPad reviews.
[5:06 PM] Dave: 15% Mac growth year-over-year, and the Mac has outpaced the growth of the PC for the last 6 years.
[5:05 PM] Dave: Says the new MacBook Pro Retina is "The best MacBook we've ever made"
[5:05 PM] Dave: That makes Mountain Lion the fastest-selling Apple OS of all time.
[5:05 PM] Dave: Now talking Mountain Lion. Starting with some quotes to beef things up. Customers downloaded 7 million copies of Mountain Lion.
[5:04 PM] Dave: Stores in their 13th country (Sweden) on Friday. Saw a total of 83M visitors April-June.
[5:04 PM] Dave: Cook is back on stage
[5:03 PM] Dave: Video time.
[5:02 PM] Dave: Now showing a video of the Barcelona opening
[5:01 PM] Dave: Barcelona Store update. Limestone from a local quarry was used. Has signature glass staircase, showing the crowd at opening (large).
[5:01 PM] Dave: Some "Amazing things" to show us today. But will start with some updates, Apple retail first.
[5:00 PM] Dave: Nope. Tim Cook's on stage. Here we go!
[5:00 PM] Dave: Lights dimming, but still not everyone is in their seats. Probably just a warning shot.
[4:59 PM] Dave: Seated and waiting.
[4:58 PM] Dave: "Lonely Boy" from The Black Keys on the house PA at the moment
[4:54 PM] Dave: Filing in...
[4:49 PM] Dave: And now we're moving, too, cattle-call style.
[4:47 PM] Dave: ...and with that, the camera crews are filing in.
[4:46 PM] Dave: They aren't yet letting anyone in, but rumors are flying that it will happen soon. ;)
[4:40 PM] Dave: The media corral is getting packed.
[4:16 PM] Dave: Badge procured.
[4:04 PM] Dave: The media line is now moving. Progress!
[3:55 PM] Dave: We're here. Lots of activity happening. Check-in starts... soon.
[11:41 PM] Dave: Apple all bright and colorful, ready for tomorrow morning.
[10:15 PM] Dave: A quick shot of Yerba Buena Gardens from the cab on my way into town. Already looking festive.
[2:16 PM] Dave: It's almost here.
[2:14 PM] Dave: Come visit us on Wednesday for coverage of the event. We'll start before the 1pm ET kickoff with pictures and pre-event coverage. Thanks!
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