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WWDC 2012 Keynote on June 11th, 2012

[7:07 PM] Dave: New MacBook Pro
[6:54 PM] Dave: For the rest of your coverage of today's announcements and more, please visit
[6:54 PM] Dave: And one last time I'd like to thank VMWare Fusion 4 for sponsoring today's TMO Keynote coverage. Visit at
[6:54 PM] Dave: That's it, folks. Thanks for joining us.
[6:54 PM] Dave: And that's a wrap.
[6:52 PM] Dave: Cook is being passionate again about why people work at and with Apple. Empowering people to do great things. Making a difference.
[6:51 PM] Dave: ...and Tim Cook is back.
[6:51 PM] Dave: Tim Cook's back on stage recapping.
[6:50 PM] Dave: That's to developers, folks.
[6:50 PM] Dave: iOS 6 beta today.
[6:49 PM] Dave: iOS 6 APIs
[6:49 PM] Dave: iOS 6 changes
[6:48 PM] Dave: Added "Lost Mode" to Find My iPhone. You can send a phone number directly to that phone and someone can call that number to find you.
[6:48 PM] Dave: Apple is working on "Made for iPhone Hearing aids."
[6:47 PM] Dave: You can tap on "Overview" while getting directions and it shows you route overview. Good stuff.
[6:46 PM] Dave: Turn by turn
[6:45 PM] Dave: Now a turn-by-turn demo.
[6:45 PM] Dave: Flyover is rendered in real-time, change the camera angle, zoom around, have fun with it. All filmed from planes and helicopters.
[6:44 PM] Dave: Now a Flyover demo. This is awesome, folks. Worth watching the keynote video later for.
[6:43 PM] Dave: Maps go 3D and you can spin around. Satellite view, too.
[6:43 PM] Dave: Flyover on iPhone.
[6:43 PM] Dave: Now a demo of Maps
[6:42 PM] Dave: Turn by turn navigation.
[6:42 PM] Dave: "Flyover" with maps.
[6:42 PM] Dave: Turn-by-Turn navigation shows in lock screen, too.
[6:41 PM] Dave: Maps with Yelp
[6:41 PM] Dave: Turn-by-Turn navigation!
[6:41 PM] Dave: Anonymous, real-time, crowd sourced data from all iOS users to keep traffic data up-to-date (in addition to other sources)
[6:40 PM] Dave: Also building a traffic service (or was that "building IN?")
[6:40 PM] Dave: iOS 6 maps.
[6:39 PM] Dave: iOS 6: new mapping technology that Apple has built from the ground-up themselves.
[6:39 PM] Dave: Next up: Maps
[6:39 PM] Dave: Forstall's example: give students a test, lock Safari out for the answers. ;)
[6:38 PM] Dave: Single app mode can be used for lots of different things, locking the home button to keep from getting to the home screen.
[6:38 PM] Dave: Guided Access allows you to disable certain controls inside an app and also lock the device into a single app mode.
[6:38 PM] Dave: Passbook
[6:37 PM] Dave: Next: Guided Access.
[6:37 PM] Dave: This, folks, is what technology is meant to do for us. Making life easier.
[6:36 PM] Dave: Cards are live. If you have a gate change, the pass gets updated automagically in the app.
[6:36 PM] Dave: Get to Starbucks, up comes your Starbucks card.
[6:35 PM] Dave: Fandango ticket
[6:35 PM] Dave: Geofence'd reminder-type thing: get to the movies, and up comes your movie ticket to Fandango right on the lock screen. NICE.
[6:34 PM] Dave: Problem to solve: Fumbling around at boarding gate, etc., to find the pass.
[6:34 PM] Dave: Boarding passes, store cards, movie tickets. Things that get scanned on your iPhone's screen.
[6:33 PM] Dave: New app: "Passbook"
[6:32 PM] Dave: Now Mail. Starting with "VIP" people. You can get Notification Center notifications from VIPs.
[6:32 PM] Dave: Shared Photo Streams
[6:31 PM] Dave: Now, Photo Stream -- in iOS 6 we (finally!) get "Shared Photo Streams"
[6:30 PM] Dave: iPhone gets full screen support in landscape mode in Safari in iOS 6.
[6:30 PM] Dave: Also "Smart app banners" -- when you visit a website that also has an app, banner tap takes them to the store to download, OR direct to app.
[6:29 PM] Dave: Upload Photos in Safari direct to your favorite websites.
[6:29 PM] Dave: Phone replies while ringing
[6:28 PM] Dave: Next up: Safari.
[6:28 PM] Dave: Same with iMessage -- Mac and iPad will get iMessages sent to your phone number, too.
[6:28 PM] Dave: iPad and Mac now can answer FaceTime calls to your phone number.
[6:27 PM] Dave: Next up: FaceTime. One catch: it only works over WiFi. iOS 6 enables FaceTime over cellular. Finally!
[6:27 PM] Dave: Also a "Repeated Calls" setting -- if someone calls you back within 3 minutes, the 2nd call will come through if this is enabled.
[6:26 PM] Dave: DND allows you to choose to receive phone calls only from a "select" group that you create or your favorites.
[6:26 PM] Dave: Next up: Do Not Disturb
[6:25 PM] Dave: iOS 6 has a camera-like swipe-up when calls are coming in for a quick iMessage/SMS reply, or a reminder
[6:24 PM] Dave: Next up: Phone app enhancements.
[6:24 PM] Dave: Facebook also synced with your contact list. This is a good thing, right?
[6:24 PM] Dave: Facebook integrated into App Store. You can "Like" apps, music, TV shows, movies and see what your friends like, too.
[6:23 PM] Dave: Siri will work with Facebook (and Twitter?) in iOS 6
[6:23 PM] Dave: Twitter in Notification Center iOS 6, as well.
[6:23 PM] Dave: Fully-integrated. App Store, Safari, Movies from iTunes Store, Game Center, Notifications, more.
[6:22 PM] Dave: ...and here comes Facebook integration.
[6:22 PM] Dave: The New iPad (3rd gen) gets Siri in iOS 6!
[6:21 PM] Dave: Adding languages, including Spanish, French, German, Koeran, Mandarin, Cantonese
[6:20 PM] Dave: Interactive Siri demo
[6:20 PM] Dave: Ahh... and now Forstall talking about it. Showing a BMW dashboard and Siri is activated by the "voice" button on the wheel.
[6:19 PM] Dave: "Eyes Free" showing up on a feature list of Siri.
[6:18 PM] Dave: Forstall to Siri: "Play Temple Run" -- and the game launches. Excellent for launching games safely while driving. ;)
[6:17 PM] Dave: Forstall: "What movies are playing at the Metreon" -- and up comes a list that's interactive. Very cool. Trailers right inside Siri interface.
[6:16 PM] Dave: Siri then linked straight with (3rd-party) OpenTable app to make a reservation.
[6:16 PM] Dave: Forstall: "Find a great place for dinner." Siri returned with a list of restaurants, sorted by rating, showing type, price, location.
[6:15 PM] Dave: iOS 6
[6:15 PM] Dave: "Who is taller, Lebron or Kobe" -- and Siri found the data and answered the question. Nice improvement.
[6:14 PM] Dave: Lots of questions about baseball, answers coming directly inside Siri as opposed to being offloaded to Google search.
[6:14 PM] Dave: Forstall "What was the score of the last Giant's game?" More contextual stuff.
[6:13 PM] Dave: First updates to discuss: Siri
[6:12 PM] Dave: Officially announcing iOS 6.
[6:12 PM] Dave: Forstall
[6:12 PM] Dave: Game Center: 130 million accounts, 5 billion scores submitted per week!
[6:11 PM] Dave: 10 billion tweets from iOS 5, Twitter saw 3x growth in iOS users. 47% of all Twitter photos come from iOS 5.
[6:11 PM] Dave: 140 million iMessage users, 150 billion messages sent.
[6:10 PM] Dave: Now getting a rundown of the great highlights of iOS 5. Apple is sending 7 billion push notifications/day.
[6:10 PM] Dave: 365 Million iOS devices sold. And 80% of capable devices are running iOS 5.
[6:09 PM] Dave: Up comes Scott Forstall to talk about iOS
[6:08 PM] Dave: WWDC Developers get access to "near final" developer preview of Mountain Lion today.
[6:08 PM] Dave: Single purchase of $19.99 upgrades ALL personal Macs from Snow Leopard or Lion.
[6:07 PM] Dave: Mountain Lion shipping in July. Price: $19.99
[6:07 PM] Dave: New Features for China. Enhanced input methods, adding Sharing support for Chinese-supported/approved websites.
[6:05 PM] Dave: Craig Federighi's Game Center handle is a fitting "Hair Force One"
[6:03 PM] Dave: ...and now the aforementioned being demoed.
[6:02 PM] Dave: AirPlay mirroring and Game Center being mentioned now, too.
[6:02 PM] Dave: Power Nap automatically updates Mail, Photo Stream, backs up to Time Machine, etc.
[6:01 PM] Dave: "Power Nap" keeps your Mac up-to-date while it sleeps.
[5:59 PM] Dave: "Notifications also support Internet services like Twitter, including DMs and @replies."
[5:59 PM] Dave: Notification center lives on the side of full screen apps. Smooth.
[5:58 PM] Dave: Facebook is definitely in Mountain Lion's "Share" menu inside Safari.
[5:57 PM] Dave: Safari now has live tab view. Cool, not sure how useful, but very cool. ;)
[5:56 PM] Dave: Showing Safari tabs shared across devices. Whatever tabs are open on one device can be accessed from all your other devices, via iCloud.
[5:53 PM] Dave: "You can talk into your Facebook web page if you want."
[5:53 PM] Dave: "Next up: Dictation. We're bringing dictation to the Mac."
[5:52 PM] Dave: Notification Center, of course, is similar to what we've seen from Growl.
[5:51 PM] Dave: Now showing Mountain Lion's Notification Center.
[5:51 PM] Dave: Showing a live demo where he's editing a Pages document on his phone, document open on Mac changed before our eyes. Good stuff.
[5:48 PM] Dave: The screen on stage has the dock at stage level. Makes it tough for the crowd to see. This is unlike the past when side screens helped out.
[5:48 PM] Dave: Showing new Reminders app in Mountain Lion.
[5:47 PM] Dave: Again, we'd like to thank VMWare Fusion 4 for Mac for sponsoring today's live coverage.
[5:47 PM] Dave: MacBook Pro with Retina Display specs
[5:46 PM] Dave: 125 Million registered iCloud users.
[5:46 PM] Dave: Mountain Lion ... optimized for trackpads and mice. 200 new features. Today we're talking about 8 of them. Starting with iCloud.
[5:45 PM] Dave: OS X Lion used by 40% of users (9 months in).
[5:44 PM] Dave: Now to talk about OS X
[5:43 PM] Dave: Seems there is no 17" machine (at least not mentioned).
[5:43 PM] Dave: New MacBook Pro with Retina Display starts shipping today.
[5:41 PM] Dave: Fans were designed to be asymmetrical so that they don't "whine" at a uniform frequency, making it *seem* quieter. Very smart!
[5:36 PM] Dave: Now a video starting with Jony Ive talking about the new MacBook Pro
[5:36 PM] Dave: 3-stream 802.11n, dual mics (to help, presumably, with background noise).
[5:36 PM] Dave: Thunderbolt->FireWire and Thunderbolt->Gigabit Ethernet adapters available.
[5:35 PM] Dave: MacBook Pro ports
[5:34 PM] Dave: Ports include, SD Card, HDMI, USB2/3, MacSafe 2 (new), Two Thunderbolt Ports
[5:34 PM] Dave: A lot of battery in there!
[5:34 PM] Dave: Up to 7 hours of battery life, 30 days of standby
[5:34 PM] Dave: Up to 768GB of internal Flash Storage (what'll THAT cost? ;)
[5:33 PM] Dave: Quad Core i7, up to 16GB RAM, GeForce GT 650M with Keler graphics.
[5:33 PM] Dave: Schiller: "Isn't the bottom of our computer prettier than anyone else's"?
[5:32 PM] Dave: 3rd parties working on Retina Display, too, including AutoDesk and Diablo 3.
[5:30 PM] Dave: Just think: 1080p video fits into a corner of the screen. ;)
[5:30 PM] Dave: Schiller: "Final Cut Pro X is being updated for [retina display], as well"
[5:30 PM] Dave: Aperture updated for Retina Display, too!
[5:29 PM] Dave: Talking about an update to Mail, iMovie, iPhoto all having retina display capabilities. Hinting at new software shipping?
[5:29 PM] Dave: Retina display MacBook Pro
[5:28 PM] Dave: 2880x1800 pixels! 220 pixels per inch. That's 5,184,000 pixels.
[5:27 PM] Dave: Thin as a the thickest part of a MacBook Air.
[5:27 PM] Dave: New MacBook Pro. 0.71 inches thin.
[5:26 PM] Dave: Schiller promises that specs are coming... ;)
[5:26 PM] Dave: New MacBook Pro is *really* thin.
[5:25 PM] Dave: New MacBook Pro... future-built architecture, new display, embracing the new technologies...
[5:25 PM] Dave: New MacBook Air?
[5:24 PM] Dave: ...something new for the MacBook Air
[5:23 PM] Dave: Summary: new Airs and new Pros faster memory, storage, processors, and more. And the Airs are $100 cheaper than their predecessors.
[5:23 PM] Dave: New MacBook Pro's shipping today, as well!
[5:22 PM] Dave: New MacBook Pro
[5:21 PM] Dave: New Airs start shipping today.
[5:20 PM] Dave: Prices for 11" and 13" air are $100 cheaper than before.
[5:20 PM] Dave: 11" MacBook Air
[5:20 PM] Dave: FaceTime HD, 720p camera.
[5:20 PM] Adam: 30 billion downloads from the App Store
[5:20 PM] Dave: USB 3 and USB 2 in same port.
[5:19 PM] Adam: 225,000 apps made for iPad
[5:19 PM] Dave: Up to 512MB RAM and... USB 3
[5:19 PM] Adam: Just catching up on some photos
[5:18 PM] Dave: Up to 512MB of RAM
[5:18 PM] Dave: New MacBook Air. Ivy Bridge core, 2.0GHz dual-core i7, turbo up to 3.2GHz, up to 8GB 1600MHz memory.
[5:18 PM] Dave: Schiller and the notebooks...
[5:17 PM] Dave: Starting with the MacBook Air
[5:17 PM] Dave: Filling in...
[5:16 PM] Dave: Phil Schiller's on stage.
[5:16 PM] Dave: Today: Changes to notebook lineup, and updates to OS X and iOS 6
[5:16 PM] Dave: Tim Cook is back on stage, thanking the developers. "The Teams at Apple have been hard at work for yiou."
[5:15 PM] Dave: A pensive moment from Tim Cook.
[5:13 PM] Dave: This, folks, is a LONG video.
[5:13 PM] Dave: Now talking about the Toca Boca apps being used to help kids with learning disabilities.
[5:12 PM] Dave: Now showing AirBnB for booking travel and "meeting new friends."
[5:11 PM] Dave: 3D4Medical is the app being shown
[5:10 PM] Dave: Showing iPads teaching children about the human body.
[5:08 PM] Dave: Now a video to show the stories of some customer experiences. First is a blind man walking trails thanks to a GPS app.
[5:07 PM] Dave: Cook: "Our goal has always been to do the best we can do, and to make a difference in other people's lives."
[5:06 PM] Dave: Apps can be sold in 155 countries.
[5:06 PM] Dave: Customers have downloaded 30 Billion apps. Over $5 Billion paid to developers.
[5:05 PM] Dave: 650,000 apps in the App Store.
[5:05 PM] Dave: Tim Cook has clearly honed his speaking skills. Very well-paced, very confident, very clear. Great to see.
[5:04 PM] Dave: We now have over 400 Million Store accounts.
[5:04 PM] Dave: Cook: "We closed Apple for the week" (referring, in jest, to all of the engineers that are here at WWDC).
[5:03 PM] Dave: "Attendees from over 60 countries, representing the vast majority of the world."
[5:03 PM] Dave: Cook: "WWDC is the longest running developer conference we are aware of."
[5:02 PM] Dave: Tim Cook's on stage
[5:02 PM] Dave: Now Siri is serenading us, and wishing us "a great WWDC" ;)
[5:01 PM] Dave: "I'm excited about the new Samsung... not the phone, the refrigerator."
[5:01 PM] Dave: Siri's telling developer jokes. "Looks like Instagram finally accepted Facebook's friend request"
[5:01 PM] Dave: Lights down, announcement and welcome message from ... Siri!
[4:49 PM] Dave: 12 More minutes to go... or so. The attendees are still filling in.
[4:40 PM] Dave: You can check our VMWare Fusion 4 at
[4:39 PM] Dave: As the festivities get started here, I'd like to thank VMWare (and their product, VMWare Fusion 4) for sponsoring our live coverage today!
[4:37 PM] Dave: We're seated, and...
[4:30 PM] Dave: In go the camera crews!
[4:27 PM] Dave: Despite the crowds inside, there's still people wrapped around the outside!
[3:12 PM] Dave: There's the shrouds we've all been looking for.
[3:10 PM] Dave: The view from the top (floor)
[3:06 PM] Dave: ...and it's official...
[3:06 PM] Dave: 2nd floor banners
[2:59 PM] Dave: The question now is: what ELSE will today bring?
[2:57 PM] Dave: The press await.
[2:57 PM] Dave: Up the escalator they go!
[2:52 PM] Dave: And the attendees begin streaming inside (to wait more)
[7:57 AM] Dave: Travels were successful and we're ready for the morning's festivities. This is shaping up to be great, folks. Don't miss it!
[10:29 PM] Adam: Watch this space for live coverage of Apple's WWDC keynote on Monday, June 11th. We'll start posting early Monday morning. See You Then!
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