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The Daily Announcement on February 2nd, 2011

[4:49 PM] Jeff: Photo posted by Jeff.
[4:49 PM] Dave: And it's over. Thanks for following along!
[4:49 PM] Dave: Expectation is that it eventually will be 50/50 revenue split between ad dollars and subscriptions.
[4:48 PM] Dave: Murdoch says advertisers would pay a much lower rate if the news were available for free. Says the app is better for advertisers *because* people will be paying customers.
[4:47 PM] Jeff: Photo posted by Jeff.
[4:46 PM] Jeff: Photo posted by Jeff.
[4:45 PM] Dave: Clearly this product will be simultaneously supported by subscription revenue AND advertising.
[4:44 PM] Dave: Q: Will The Daily be free online? A: No, we don't expect that. However, "shared articles" will be available for free, you just can't go to and get that for free.
[4:44 PM] Jeff: Photo posted by Jeff.
[4:43 PM] Dave: Q: Will The Daily be available on the web? A: Yes, most of the content will be mirrored on the web, but a feature that's centered around touch-interactivity won't make sense on the web. But anything that is sharable on the web (text, pictures) those pages will be available on the web.
[4:41 PM] Jeff: Photo posted by Jeff.
[4:41 PM] Dave: Q to Murdoch about Steve Jobs involvement. Murdoch says Jobs called him last week and said he thought the app was terrific.
[4:39 PM] Jeff: Photo posted by Jeff.
[4:39 PM] Dave: Q: How long will The Daily be exclusive to iPad vs. other tablets? Murdoch says "we've been quite honest with Apple [that] as other tablets come online we expect to be on all major tablets." "We expect that this year and next year we'll be on iPad, but that's just a mark of judgment" (appears it's not contractually exclusive).
[4:36 PM] Dave: Q about "political tone of The Daily". Murdoch says the editorial position will be in the hands of the editor. Mr. Angelo says "we want a new brand and a new voice", "we're patriotic, we love America" -- in other words, no real answer.
[4:36 PM] Jeff: Photo posted by Jeff.
[4:35 PM] Dave: Q about breaking news. Twitter feeds can be used, tickers can be run along the bottom of the app. Pages can be changed at any time during the day, at their discretion. Jessie Angelo says he doesn't want an every-5-minute change.
[4:34 PM] Jeff: Photo posted by Jeff.
[4:33 PM] Dave: John Marshall: "You have to think that you're competing with Angry Birds at some level." Pointing out that news not only competes with news, but everything else that can occupy an iPad-user's mind/time.
[4:32 PM] Dave: WSJ: Asks about in-App-purchase-gate. Eddy Cue says, "I don't want to talk about the announcement yet, but you'll hear from us soon." Cue reiterated that publishers are important to them, and they want to ensure their customers continue to have access to all this great content.
[4:32 PM] Jeff: Photo posted by Jeff.
[4:31 PM] Dave: Murdoch: When we're selling in the millions! Says they've spent $30MM on the project. But once running it runs at less than $500k/week. Costs are "low".
[4:30 PM] Dave: Q to Murdoch: What is the success metric?
[4:29 PM] Dave: Eddy Cue: We have a great relationship with publications, and we think subscriptions will help get more customers. Expect an announcement for other publishers to come soon.
[4:29 PM] Dave: NYT: When does Apple plan to allow this model to new publishers?
[4:28 PM] Dave: A: right now it's linked from the web or "Saved articles"
[4:28 PM] Dave: CNET asks: how are back-issues handled, and is there cloud storage or is it stored on device?
[4:27 PM] Dave: A delay while they set up some chairs prepping for a Q&A session
[4:26 PM] Dave: And now... a photo op. with everyone on stage.
[4:25 PM] Dave: Weekly at $0.99 or yearly at $39.99 -- customer's choice.
[4:24 PM] Dave: iPad customers are, according to Mr. Cue, huge consumers of news
[4:23 PM] Dave: Now on stage, Eddy Cue
[4:22 PM] Dave: The Daily will be going live at noon, you can download after the event.
[4:22 PM] Dave: First two weeks are free, courtesy of Verizon
[4:21 PM] Dave: You can pull up customizable Sports news based on your favorite teams, schedules, tweets, etc.
[4:21 PM] Dave: Showing the Sports section. All sorts of different views, completely contextual.
[4:20 PM] Dave: One content section is Apps & Games, with direct links to the App(le) store.
[4:20 PM] Dave: They've built components to bring Twitter feeds into the app -- when writing about a star or company or hashtag, they can pull that right in easily.
[4:19 PM] Dave: Hyperlinks in text and "hotspots" on pages will allow them to link out to related (3rd party) web sites.
[4:19 PM] Dave: Story sharing built in -- post to Facebook, Twitter, Email, post text AND audio comments.
[4:18 PM] Dave: Video anchor specific to The Daily -- clearly they're going for a whole new model here and are committing huge resources to this.
[4:17 PM] Dave: Moving to weather (but will that demand the app crash every minute? ;)
[4:16 PM] Dave: 3D, panoramic pictures. Now showing HD video of Angola prison story.
[4:16 PM] Dave: Based on the demo, they have clearly spent a lot of time on the UI. Scrolling not necessarily page-based. Totally changes based on context.
[4:15 PM] Dave: While Mr. Angelo is talking, a live video of a hand on the iPad is swiping through the story.
[4:14 PM] Dave: Jessie Angelo thanked everyone for coming out in miserable weather. Miserable, indeed!
[4:13 PM] Dave: "John, Jessie, and Greg will unveil first edition of The Daily."
[4:12 PM] Dave: The Daily is not a legacy brand moving from the print to the digital world. We have license to experiment and innovate.
[4:11 PM] Dave: Our target audience is the expected 50MM Americans who are expected to own tablets within the next year
[4:11 PM] Dave: Readers will enjoy the design of a professionally-edited magazine, the immediacy of the web, stunning photography, and high-defintion video.
[4:11 PM] Dave: The Daily will be just $0.14 (yes, 14 cents) per day
[4:10 PM] Dave: The Daily is under the leadership of editor Jessie Angelo and publisher Greg Clemens
[4:09 PM] Dave: "The magic of newspapers and good blogs relies on their serendipity and surprise... and good editing"
[4:09 PM] Dave: Acknowledging that there's a sizable population who do not follow traditional media but do want news... on their time, on their schedule, at their locations
[4:08 PM] Dave: "The iPad requires that we completely redefine our craft."
[4:08 PM] Dave: Murdoch says 360 degree photographs, graphics that respond to the touch. Things that are unthinkable in newspaper or television
[4:07 PM] Dave: Murdoch thanks "the Amazing Steve Jobs... a man who has single-handedly changed the world of technology and media"
[4:06 PM] Dave: Rupert Murdoch is on stage with an iPad containing a full screen The Daily logo
[4:06 PM] Dave: Here we go. Lights and volume levels changing
[4:04 PM] Dave: Close to time now, folks.
[3:59 PM] Dave: Time ticks... we wait...
[3:39 PM] Dave: We're getting set up to -- technology-permitting -- live blog the announcement of The Daily
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