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Apple 'See and Touch' Event Live Blog on March 7th, 2012

[1:44 PM] Dave: 2012. Should be interesting.
[7:24 PM] Dave: Thanks again, everyone, for watching. Thanks, Marware, for sponsoring. And thanks, Bob, for the coverage!
[7:23 PM] Bob: and that concludes the presentation.
[7:22 PM] Bob: Tagline: "The stunning Retina Display on the New iPad."
[7:22 PM] Bob: new iPad ad...
[7:21 PM] Bob: Tim is back with a recap...
[7:21 PM] Bob: The official name appears to be "The New iPad."
[7:20 PM] Bob: Phil is back. One last thing: iPad 2 still going to be available priced starting at $399,
[7:19 PM] Bob: Movie is still playing...
[7:14 PM] Bob: Apple feel-good video about iPad now playing.
[7:13 PM] Bob: iPhoto universal app works on iPhone, too. $4.99 available today.
[7:13 PM] Bob: new sharing options for sharing photos to iCloud.
[7:08 PM] Bob: very nice, easy to use interface with swipe to adjust features. Nice!
[7:07 PM] Dave: From Bob: Ubillos still demoing iPhoto.
[7:07 PM] Bob: New tools and auto-enhance button.
[7:02 PM] Bob: Now here's Randy Ubillos demoing iPhoto for iPad.
[7:00 PM] Bob: now with Trailers (like Mac version of iMovie).
[6:57 PM] Bob: iMovie updated too.
[6:56 PM] Bob: iLife updated too. GarageBand with new features like Smart Strings, Note Editor, iCloud, and new sharing options. Plus "Jam Session" where...
[6:54 PM] Bob: iWork updated for new Retina display. Free updates available today.
[6:54 PM] Bob: Phil is back. Talking about iWork.
[6:52 PM] Bob: as gorgeous as Infinity Blade 2 is, Dungeons is even prettier.
[6:50 PM] Bob: Introducing new Infinity Blade title: Dungeons.
[6:50 PM] Bob: Epic Games demo (I am a big Infinity Blade 2 fan).
[6:48 PM] Bob: Autodesk demo of Sketchbook Ink, new app...
[6:46 PM] Bob: Demo of Namco's flying sim. Sweet smooth and pretty nice.
[6:45 PM] Bob: 3 demos of what app developers can do with new Retina display and graphics processing.
[6:40 PM] Bob: same pricing as before; available Mar 16 in US, CA, and other countries.
[6:40 PM] Bob: available in black or white...
[6:39 PM] Bob: All with same 10 hour battery (9 hour on 4G). Thin & light as before.
[6:37 PM] Bob: most bands of wireless of any device ever shipped.
[6:37 PM] Bob: Personal hotspot built in.
[6:37 PM] Bob: different SKUs for AT&T and Verizon.
[6:36 PM] Bob: AT&T and Verizon in US...
[6:36 PM] Dave: The new iPad
[6:35 PM] Bob: Phil is demoing new high speed 4G LTE - video starts playing immediately vs. old iPad buffering for a while before vid begins.
[6:34 PM] Bob: HSPA+ (21 Mbps), 4G LTE
[6:33 PM] Dave: Retina Display comparison.
[6:33 PM] Bob: 5: Next-generation wireless.
[6:32 PM] Bob: photo.JPG
[6:32 PM] Dave: Again, we'd like to thank Marware for sponsoring your live coverage from TMO today.
[6:32 PM] Bob: 4: Voice-to-text.
[6:31 PM] Dave: Retina Display. Schiller. Yup.
[6:31 PM] Bob: Image stabilization
[6:30 PM] Bob: 3: Full HD video recording.
[6:30 PM] Bob: auto focus & exposure lock. pix are impressive.
[6:29 PM] Bob: 2: New auto exposure camera. Auto focus. Auto face detect.
[6:28 PM] Bob: 4x performance. "The best mobile display ever."
[6:27 PM] Dave: Tim Cook showing PC units shipped (and the iPad ahead of them)
[6:27 PM] Bob: A5X chip with quad-core graphics.
[6:26 PM] Bob: 44% greater saturation than iPad 2.
[6:25 PM] Bob: 3.1 million pixels. iPad has more pixels than HD TV.1 million more pixels. 264 pixels per inch.
[6:24 PM] Bob: The iPad has more pixels than the giant projector screen behind Phil.
[6:23 PM] Bob: no other mobile device has it. Now on iPad.
[6:23 PM] Bob: 1: Retina Display
[6:23 PM] Bob: Introducing the new iPad. Here's Phil Schiller is here to show it to us.
[6:21 PM] Dave: And Mr. Cook discussing the App Store.
[6:20 PM] Bob: Another shot of the new Apple TV UI.
[6:20 PM] Dave: Tim Cook reflecting on Siri (we're catching up with pix and bandwidth now ;)
[6:20 PM] Bob: Store & new Apple TV UI.
[6:20 PM] Bob: Incredible apps for iPad; not so much for other (Android) tablets.
[6:19 PM] Bob: Survey of iPad users reveals that their favorite device for mail, web, reading ebooks, gaming...and more is the iPad.
[6:17 PM] Bob: Set out to create a new category. Make it the best device for doing some things like checking email.
[6:16 PM] Bob: 15.4 million in 4th QTR
[6:16 PM] Bob: "That brings us to iPad..."
[6:15 PM] Bob: Same price $99 available next week.
[6:12 PM] Bob: new interface. easier to get to third party content. PhotoStream looks great.
[6:12 PM] Bob: Now Eddie Cue is going to demo the new Apple TV. New photos in screen saver from National Geo.
[6:11 PM] Bob: New Apple TV supports 1080p.
[6:10 PM] Bob: 1080p for TV shows and movies. And...
[6:10 PM] Bob: Now Tim is talking about iCloud and how it just works. 100 million customers Now iCloud supports MOVIES!
[6:09 PM] Bob: 25-billion apps downloaded as of last week.
[6:09 PM] Bob: A sea of MacBooks
[6:08 PM] Bob: Now the App Store... 585,000 apps
[6:08 PM] Bob: part of iOS 5.1 available TODAY!
[6:07 PM] Bob: Siri is now available in Japan.
[6:07 PM] Bob: Aussie and French SIRI! And German
[6:06 PM] Bob: Now talking Siri...
[6:05 PM] Bob: Tim's back.
[6:04 PM] Bob: now showing a video of opening of NY Grand Central store
[6:04 PM] Bob: 362 Apple stores worldwide
[6:02 PM] Dave: A right-side-up spin of Bob's hall pic, for those of you who always wanted to see the TMO logo upside-down. ;)
[6:02 PM] Bob: Retail stores - best buying experience for iPad, iPhone -- or other post-PC device.
[6:01 PM] Bob: He's talking about past successes.... iPhone, iPad, etc. Sold 172 million "post-pc" devices.
[5:59 PM] Bob: The hall.
[5:58 PM] Bob: Tim Cook has taken the stage.
[5:58 PM] Bob: Music is playing. The lights are dimming. Slightly.
[5:58 PM] Dave: Photo posted by Dave.
[5:57 PM] Dave: The trucks outside.
[5:51 PM] Bob: Every seat is full... and every seat holder appears to have a MacBook of some sort...
[5:47 PM] Bob: Adele's big hit is playing softly as we wait for the show to begin.
[5:40 PM] Bob: Just sat down. The place is packed.
[5:20 PM] Bob: More of the crowd.
[5:19 PM] Bob: We are in the holding pen outside the venue.
[4:44 PM] Bob: Just walking up to the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
[1:15 PM] Dave: We'd also like to thank Marware (that's @marware on Twitter) for sponsoring your live coverage today from TMO. So... thanks, Marware! :)
[1:13 PM] Dave: Good morning, everyone! While the event starts at 1pm ET, Bob LeVitus is on-site and will begin posting updates and pictures starting about 12pm. Just stay tuned here and you'll get it all.
[6:40 PM] Adam: Thanks for checking in. We're getting ready, but come back Wednesday morning for pre-show and our live coverage.
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