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[2:43 PM] Bryan: That's it! Stay tuned to TMO for our in-depth coverage of all these announcements, including our Daily Observations podcast, which we're heading to now.
[2:43 PM] Dave: And that’s a wrap!
[2:42 PM] Kelly: Tim Cook: "We couldn't be more proud of the products AND SERVICES we showed you today." (emphasis mine)
[2:41 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook is recapping today's announcements, as in wrapping up.
[2:40 PM] Bryan: Apple Fifth Ave retail store will reopen on September for the iPhone launch. We published a photo gallery for Apple Fifth Ave's Cube just yesterday.
[2:40 PM] Kelly: TMO staff are currently offering bribes to see who gets to cover the Fifth Avenue store re-opening. (:
[2:39 PM] Dave: Apple Trade-In
[2:39 PM] Bryan: Apple will allow you to trade in your iPhones for a new iPhone at Apple retail.
[2:38 PM] Dave: Apple Watch Studio lets you pick your case and band at time of order
[2:38 PM] Bryan: Ms. O'Brien says that customers will be able to personalize their Apple Watch purchases at Apple retail stores. You'll FINALLY be able to get whatever strap you want with your Apple Watch!
[2:37 PM] Kelly: Happy to see the iPhone 8 is still an option for Team Home Button. $449 is a nice price to get into an iPhone.
[2:37 PM] Charlotte: Round of applause for Apple retail staff!
[2:37 PM] Charlotte: A few people starting to leave this event now they've seen the new phones. No doubting what the audience came to see.
[2:37 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook introduced Deirdre O'Brien to talk about Apple retail.
[2:36 PM] Dave: 8AM EDT on Friday. Now we're talking, folks.
[2:36 PM] Dave: iPhones product line and new prices
[2:36 PM] Bryan: iPhone 11 Pro will start at $999, and iPhone 11 Pro Max will start at $1099. They ship on September 20th. Preorder on September 13th.
[2:33 PM] Dave: A13 Bionic
[2:33 PM] Bryan: We have a new Jony Ive video, only without Jony Ive. It's showing the device being constructed and whatnot.
[2:32 PM] Dave: iPhone 11 Pro Features
[2:31 PM] Bryan: FiLMiC Pro looks like a great app. One of the things it does is allow iPhone 11 Pro users to shoot on all four cameras (lenses) on the device at one time.
[2:29 PM] Bryan: Phil Schiller introduced FiLMiC, the makers of the FiLMiC Pro app. This is an app aimed at filmmakers shooting on iPhone.
[2:28 PM] Dave: iPhone 11 Pro camera features
[2:27 PM] Bryan: Phil Schiller said that all three camera (lenses) are calibrated at the factory to work together in terms of color.
[2:26 PM] Bryan: Phil Schiller introduced a video shot and edited on iPhone 11 Pro. It's using different effects, different lighting, and different lenses for what that's worth.
[2:24 PM] Bryan: Deep Fusion on iPhone 11 Pro will use multiple images to take a single image using some massive computational algorithms.
[2:24 PM] Bryan: Phil Schiller is giving us a "sneak peak" of a machine learning feature called Deep Fusion that will be added to iPhone 11 Pro later this fall.
[2:24 PM] Charlotte: I have to say, all the chip architecture stuff and in-depth camera descriptions on the iPhone 11 Pro seems to have lost the audience here in London a bit.
[2:22 PM] Bryan: Not surprisingly, the pro photos Phil Schiller is showing us are amazing photos.
[2:20 PM] Bryan: Phil Schiller showing us 6 shots taken by pro photographers on iPhone 11 Pro.
[2:19 PM] Dave: Wide, Ultra-Wide, Telephoto cameras on Pro iPhones
[2:19 PM] Bryan: iPhone 11 Pro will have Wide Camera and Ultra Wide Camera lenses like iPhone 11. It will also have a Telephoto Camera lens.
[2:18 PM] Bryan: Phil Schiller is moving on to camera in iPhone 11 Pro.
[2:18 PM] Bryan: iPhone 11 Pro will have up to 4 hours more battery life than iPhone XS, and the Mac model will have up to 5 hours more battery life.
[2:17 PM] Bryan: Apple's A13 Bionic processor can use 2, 4, or 8 cores for more efficient power consumption.
[2:16 PM] Dave: 4 Lightweight cores to do most work, at low power
[2:16 PM] Bryan: A13 Bionic is built on a 7nm process. It has 8.5 billion transistors. Come on, that's insane.
[2:15 PM] Bryan: The A13 Bionic CPU will have a Machine Learning Controller for scheduling operations. Apple calls it the best Machine Learning platform in any smartphone.
[2:15 PM] Dave: Let the chip decide who does what!
[2:14 PM] Bryan: A13 Bionic CPU will do 1 trillion operations per second. Zoinks!
[2:14 PM] Bryan: Apple has an engineer on stage to talk about AI and Machine Learning in the A13 Bionic CPU.
[2:13 PM] Bryan: iPhone 11 Pro will also be powered by A13 Bionic processor.
[2:12 PM] Bryan: Appel is naming the iPhone 11 Pro display the Super Retina display.
[2:12 PM] Bryan: iPhone 11 Pro will have 2,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio. It will be an OLED screen.
[2:12 PM] Dave: Here are the successors to the XS and XS Max
[2:11 PM] Bryan: iPhone 11 Pro will come in a green, Space Gray, Silver, and Gold.
[2:10 PM] Bryan: Phil Schiller is on stage to introduce iPhone Pro.
[2:10 PM] Dave: THIS is the successor to the iPhone XS
[2:10 PM] Bryan: iPhone Pro will feature three lenses on the back—as rumored.
[2:09 PM] Bryan: Apple moving on to a pricier iPhone, the iPhone Pro.
[2:09 PM] Kelly: This isn't the "actual" iPhone, that price is a three digit number.
[2:08 PM] Dave: This is the successor to the iPhone XR, folks.
[2:08 PM] Bryan: iPhone 11 will start at $699, a lower starting price. Looks like Apple wants to boost sales after all.
[2:08 PM] Dave: "6.1” Liquid Retina display" — no more OLED folks
[2:08 PM] Charlotte: People enjoyed the video, but the price point went down VERY well here. Audible 'wows' in the crowd.
[2:08 PM] Bryan: This video feels more YouTube than TV Commercial because it labels new features in text. Would be interested to see if they do put it on TV.
[2:07 PM] Dave: 30min of water resistance
[2:07 PM] Bryan: Appel showing us a feature-oriented iPhone 11 video.
[2:07 PM] Kelly: Ad music: Brazooka by NVDES
[2:06 PM] Dave: iPhone 11 will support Wi-Fi 6
[2:05 PM] Dave: Wow.
[2:05 PM] Bryan: iPhone 11 will have one hour more battery life than iPhone XR. Yay!
[2:05 PM] Kelly: Note: First game demo we've seen on an iPhone. (All the Arcade stuff was done on iPad.)
[2:02 PM] Bryan: We're getting a game demo showing some amazing graphics for iPhone 11.
[2:01 PM] Dave: Nice to not have to call the new iPhone some flavor of “ex”
[2:01 PM] Bryan: Apple says the A13 processor in iPhone 11 is the fastest CPU in any smartphone. Same with GPU.
[2:00 PM] Bryan: iPhone 11 will be powered by the A13 Bionic processor.
[2:00 PM] Dave: Slofies = Slo-mo selfie videos on iPhone 11
[1:59 PM] Charlotte: People enjoyed that iPhone slofie ad! Lots of laughing.
[1:59 PM] Bryan: The selfie camera on iPhone 11 will support slow motion video for the first time.
[1:58 PM] Bryan: iPhone 11's camera improvements are solid.
[1:58 PM] Bryan: You'll be able to take a quick video from within the Photo mode by tapping and holding the shutter button.
[1:57 PM] Dave: iPhone 11 video capabilities.
[1:57 PM] Dave: If those salt flats could talk... we would’ve known about the iPhone 11
[1:56 PM] Kelly: Hello there Salt Flats! What a great setting for that video.
[1:56 PM] Bryan: We're being shown a video shot on iPhone 11 with the Wide and Ultra Wide lenses.
[1:55 PM] Dave: Night Mode in iPhone 11 takes advantage of adaptive bracketing.
[1:55 PM] Bryan: iPhone 11 will support "Night Mode" for taking low-light photos.
[1:55 PM] Bryan: Apple is introducing a new Portrait lighting affect with a black and white effect.
[1:54 PM] Kelly: I love the "example" photos that are used during the events. They're always really interesting.
[1:53 PM] Bryan: On iPhone 11, iOS Camera app will show beyond the frame of your actual photo so you can see if you want to take a broader shot. That's interesting.
[1:53 PM] Dave: Camera app shows both lenses
[1:52 PM] Dave: iPhone 11 has wide and ultra-wide cameras
[1:52 PM] Bryan: There's a "Wide Camera" lens and "Ultra Wide Camera" lens, each at 12MP.
[1:51 PM] Bryan: iPhone 11 will support Dolby Atmos sound.
[1:51 PM] Bryan: iPhone 11 will come in six colors, including Product (RED).
[1:50 PM] Bryan: Apple will—as rumored—called its new device the iPhone 11.
[1:50 PM] Dave: IPhone 11 - colors and lenses!
[1:50 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook is having a video introduce new iPhone. As rumored, it will have a square on the back for the new lens array.
[1:49 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook bragged that iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR had 99% customer satisfaction rating.
[1:49 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook says iPhone XR was the most popular iPhone and most popular smart phone in the world.
[1:48 PM] Kelly: New Watch looks cool but as a Series 4 owner I'm very happy with what I have.
[1:48 PM] Dave: This Watch tells time, among other things...
[1:48 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook moving on to iPhone.
[1:48 PM] Bryan: "This Watch Tells Time" is a great video for Apple Watch Series 5.
[1:46 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook is introducing a video for Apple Watch Series 5. It shows a lot of the things you can do with it.
[1:45 PM] Dave: Pre-orders for Apple Watch 5 start today, deliveries begin 9/20
[1:45 PM] Bryan: Apple Watch Series 3 will remain in the lineup starting at $199.
[1:45 PM] Kelly: Called out a price cut on Series 3, but no word on Series 4?
[1:45 PM] Bryan: Apple Watch Series 5 will ship September 20th.
[1:44 PM] Bryan: Apple Watch Series 5 GPS models will start at $399 and $499 with cellular.
[1:44 PM] Dave: New Hermès color block models.
[1:44 PM] Bryan: Apple Watch Series 5 will have a Ceramic model. as well as a Space Black stainless steel finish.
[1:43 PM] Kelly: I'm still distracted by the possibility of Night Sky on my Watch. I had no idea!
[1:43 PM] Bryan: Apple Watch Series 5 will have more finishes. The aluminum models will be made of recycled aluminum. Apple Watch Series 5 will also have a titanium model.
[1:42 PM] Bryan: Apple Watch Series 5 will have international emergency calling (for cellular models).
[1:42 PM] Dave: Wikiloc, GoSUP, and Night Sky (and more) can use the new compass
[1:41 PM] Bryan: Apple Watch Series 5 will feature a built-in Compass. There will be a Compass app and a Compass complication.
[1:41 PM] Andrew: Wonder if Compass uses the new R1 chip?
[1:40 PM] Bryan: Apple Watch Series 5 will still have all-day battery life (which suggests it won't be extended).
[1:40 PM] Dave: New sensors and software maintain all-day battery life
[1:40 PM] Bryan: Apple is using an LTPO display for Apple Watch Series 5. It uses a new power management circuit, a new sensor, and other new features.
[1:39 PM] Dave: New Always-on Retina Display with Apple Watch 5
[1:39 PM] Bryan: Apple Watch Series 5 will feature "innovative new display that is always on." The Watch Face will always be available.
[1:38 PM] Kelly: Why isn't Jeff Williams doing the Apple Watch intro? Are we saving him for later?
[1:38 PM] Bryan: Apple is showing us a video for the next Apple Watch. We're still awaiting the name.
[1:37 PM] Kelly: I love the science piece because collecting data (with consent) on this scale can only help research.
[1:37 PM] Dave: Look for the new Apple Research app later this year.
[1:36 PM] Bryan: Apple launching a second Health research study for Women's Health. Third is "Apple Heart & Movement Study."
[1:36 PM] Dave: Stoked to see Apple doing a long(er) term hearing study using Apple Watch. W00t!
[1:36 PM] Kelly: A women's health study! Because women have health too. Who knew?
[1:35 PM] Bryan: Apple is announcing three new Health research studies, starting with the Apple Hearing Study.
[1:35 PM] Dave: Interesting to see Apple spending SO much time on Apple Watch (before even announcing any new hardware/features), especially during a "huge" morning.
[1:34 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook is back on stage talking about Health research and Apple Watch.
[1:34 PM] Kelly: My eyeballs are suddenly sweaty. These are amazing stories.
[1:32 PM] Dave: ...his watch sends him a notification.
[1:32 PM] Bryan: This is a looooong video of Apple Watch testimonials...
[1:30 PM] Dave: New IPad’s case is 100% recycled aluminum (say it like Jony)
[1:30 PM] Bryan: We're getting a video of testimonials from Apple Watch owners.
[1:29 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook back on stage moving on to Apple Watch.
[1:29 PM] Kelly: No side view or exact weights given, maybe it's not the thinnest lightest ever? Which is fine, just notable because we hear it each time.
[1:28 PM] Bryan: Apple's entry-level iPad will start at $329, and $299 for education.
[1:28 PM] Bryan: I should specify that Apple's entry-level iPad will support Apple Pencil.
[1:27 PM] Kelly: A lot is happening in the "sidebar" in iPadOS which will make it even more convenient for people who do lots on iPad.
[1:27 PM] Bryan: Apple Pencil will allow you to swipe up from the bottom corner to take a screenshot. That's pretty cool.
[1:26 PM] Bryan: iPadOS will support multiple Spaces. It will also support a floating keyboard for quick typing.
[1:25 PM] Bryan: New entry-level iPad will feature A10 Fusion chip. It will also feature the smart connector that supports Apple's keyboard.
[1:24 PM] Bryan: Apple is making entry-level iPad a 10.2-inch display.
[1:23 PM] Bryan: Greg Joswiak is on stage to talk about iPad, starting with the base 9.7-inch iPad model.
[1:23 PM] Kelly: "To tell you about the newest iPad..." Did he mean iPad OS or actual new hardware?
[1:21 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook moving on to iPad and iPadOS.
[1:21 PM] Bryan: Starting today, you'll get one year of Apple TV+ for free with the purchase of a new iPhone or iPad.
[1:21 PM] Dave: One year of Apple TV+ included for free with an iPhone is nice... do you think maybe they could cut loose with a few extra dozen GB of iCloud storage, too?
[1:20 PM] Charlotte: Bit of surprise, and a lot of buzz, at the competitive pricing for Apple TV+ here.
[1:20 PM] Bryan: Related, I owe John Martellaro dinner because I thought Apple TV+ would be as much as $19.99.
[1:20 PM] Dave: Odd that this culture of sightless people are so well kept, and well-accessorized.
[1:20 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook says the first shows on Apple TV+ will be available on November 1st in more than 100 markets for $4.99 for the whole family.
[1:19 PM] Bryan: Crowd in the Steve Jobs Theater reacted enthusiastically to "See" trailer.
[1:18 PM] Bryan: The premise of "See" is that children have been born who can see again. Drama ensues. It's an interesting premise.
[1:17 PM] Bryan: Apple's "See" is set hundreds of years in the future in a world where humans have lost the ability to see. It's a primitive world, essentially post-apocalyptic.
[1:16 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook is introducing a new Apple original TV show for "See," a show starring Jason Momoa.
[1:16 PM] Dave: Apple Arcade partners, starting launch 9/19.
[1:15 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook says its Apple TV+ original TV show trailers have been viewed more than 100 million times this summer (in aggregate).
[1:14 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook back on stage for a look at Apple TV+.
[1:14 PM] Bryan: I figured Arcade would be $9.99. This is a pleasant surprise.
[1:14 PM] Bryan: Apple Arcade will launch with a 1-month free trial.
[1:13 PM] Bryan: Apple Arcade will be available starting September 19th in more than 150 countries around the world. It will be priced at $4.99 per month for the whole family.
[1:13 PM] Kelly: September 19 AND in 150 countries at rollout is notable.
[1:13 PM] Charlotte: That $4.99 price point went down pretty well here in the Apple Store!
[1:12 PM] Kelly: Annapurna games (on stage now) is the studio behind Florence. They do a lot of of interesting games that aren't standard shooters/puzzlers/etc.
[1:12 PM] Andrew: Vaporwave hearts!
[1:12 PM] Dave: Annapurna's "Playable Music Video" speaks to a very different audience... interesting to see music be such a part of a game, yet not Guitar Hero or Rock Band.
[1:12 PM] Bryan: Annapurna Interactive gets the next Arcade game demo. It's a music/rhythm/tapping game.
[1:10 PM] Bryan: Capcom said it recorded sounds effects underwater. It looks great.
[1:10 PM] Charlotte: I think it is quite telling that this event is starting with a focus on software/services. All part of Apple's bid to show it is more than iPhones, in my opinion.
[1:09 PM] Bryan: Capcom gets the next Arcade demo with an underwater explorer game. It also looks amazing. Terrific graphics.
[1:08 PM] Bryan: This Frogger update looks great. A very modern take on such a classic game.
[1:07 PM] Dave: Interesting seeing Frogger being the first highlighted game for Apple Arcade. That speaks to young *and* old gamers. Smart.
[1:06 PM] Bryan: First game being demoed is from developer Konami. It's a Frogger game.
[1:05 PM] Bryan: Starting off with the App Store, more specifically Arcade, Apple's subscription gaming service.
[1:04 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook promises a "huge" morning, and said he's skipping his normal Apple recap part of the keynote.
[1:04 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook making the case that Apple's products are for the betterment of humanity.
[1:03 PM] Bryan: Tim Cook is waving his way onto stage.
[1:03 PM] Dave: Nice, subtle evolution of Apple's products shown in the intro video.
[1:02 PM] Bryan: Starting off with an animated video looking at Apple's product line over the years.
[1:01 PM] Bryan: Judging by the "Are You Ready?" song being played, I'm thinking it's about to start!
[12:57 PM] Dave: The colors... they’re different!
[12:56 PM] Charlotte: Hi! I'm here at London's flagship Apple Store where the event is being streamed live. It's busy - standing room only now!
[12:22 PM] Dave: Join us at 1pm EDT for our coverage of–and reactions to–today's Apple Event!
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